Xmas in Mexico : Part 2

I went to a cathedral here in La Paz for dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe. I thought it was weird how her photo was below Jesus. I mean, it’s a Church named for her and for worshiping her yet Jesus dude is still there above her. She birthed that boy, didn’t she? Anyway not my business cause I’m not religious. I still am smart enough to know to keep crosses in my house. I’ve seen enough scary movies to still have some faith lol

I bought churros and street corn from the vendors outside the cathedral. The street corn in my area is so awful just so you know. It’s more white than yellow corn and I hate it. It’s just not the same street corn I have from home like, any street corn in Chicago is amazing, and any area around chicago. Sometimes they charge too much for a small cup but el torito on 16th street gives you the best corn. It really makes me want to fly back just to have some. This is a reminder to myself never to buy another one, even if I’m tempted to.

Oops I just remembered I didn’t take a picture of the corn cause it was so bad. But the churros were huge, and you get so many! I asked for no sugar cause I’m trying to lose 20lbs but it didn’t taste as good, as expected.

This was outside the cathedral. Later in the day there was supposed to be a big celebration. Not sure why my aunt didn’t take me lol but I still enjoyed seeing… nothing… cause I hate big crowds of people.

Just a random picture I took outside a landscaping company.
Well, that was my second day outside celebrating something in Mexico during the holidays. I literally never go out but I wanna document the times I do hehe

Thank you for reading! If you have any suggestions of street food to try, please let me know!

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