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Virgencitas and Company (VRGNCTAS) is based in Chicago, Illinois. The items are inspired by anime, 90’s, and girls who like to help the earth and fellow earthlings.

The goal of this brand is to stop throwing out unwanted clothes, thus making more land waste. Why not make what’s old new again? By reworking used or unwanted articles of clothing and making it unique enough for: anime lovers, weirdos, thrift shoppers and of course Virgencitas, to wear, we will help reduce waste and fast fashion!
By sewing together articles of clothing and selling them within a reasonable price, we can help babes get renewed fits to look cute and unique just like their personality.

– watch “the true cost” so you can understand why it’s a good idea to buy from local stores and stores with items made in the U.S.A. Also why it is a god idea to help reduce waste.

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I have recently made my pixel blog more active. I will start to make art for users for free. You can always donate to me if you please.

I have always had this girl in my head and I started to draw her when I was about 15 or so. I never liked my drawings and I always thought they would never be appreciated. But, who the heck cares, as long as I like them! Here is my art blog. My art is tagged under /tagged/soyvirgo. Enjoy!

Here are the other services I offer:

  • Revising and editing your essay: Up to 2 pages, up to college level.
  • English and Spanish translating
  • Social Media: I can make accounts for you, set them up, promote you and more!
  • Editing your theme/layout: I can edit on your tumblr, or blog.
  • More information can be found here.

Services go from $0 to $50. If you need more attention or help, we will need to chat about pricing. Just send a message on my socials or leave a message below! You can also schedule a chat with me for these services over at my calendly. We can do skype or google hangouts.


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When you need some advice on where to go next, what to take with you, what places to visit; check out my blog and I’ll try to answer those questions for you!
I have traveled to Mexico and California by plane. I road tripped to Texas with sibling and his partner. My current trip to Mexico is my favorite so far. I’m alone here and I have met my cousin and aunt for the first time in my life. I went to the ocean, which I’ve never been to other than seeing it in my trip to California. This time, I actually swam in it. It was salty and amazing and scary since fish were flying in my hair. I saw whales, I went on a small boat trip and got sea sick but made it out without making an embarrassment of myself, and I’m super proud of that! I brought my cat with me along my trip to Mexico which was even more memorable and fun.
That’s enough of me boasting, but I want you guys to know my blog will consist of traveling from time to time and if you’re interested in that topic, keep posted!

WHO DOESN’T LOVE MUSIC? don’t tell them about me!

Music makes me sad, happy, excited, worried, heartbroken. Can you agree?
I’ll be talking a lot about what I love about music, possibly share sites I use that are music related. I’ll talk about music to share and to keep track of what are artists and for what reason. Also I just want to share what I listen to. I might share about my experiences going to concerts and small venues. What audiences are like and all that jazz.

I’ve started liking music when I was maybe 8 years old. That’s when I started to grow fond of physical copies of Cd’s. My first was lil mama and that awful guy’s cd who I won’t mention. I then was introduced to rock by my best friend Joe. She got me into Green Day, MCR, and a local Chicago radio station that played so many good artists. Q101, and I don’t think they exist anymore, but thanks for everything!I was also listening to a lot of hip hop and RnB, even today.

Since 2016, after my cousin reintroduced me to Kpop, I started to grow more fond of pop, except for American pop lol. I especially love K-pop and Jpop. I don’t understand it so much yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there. I still love hip hop and have even started liking KRnB or even Chinese hip hop. I’m pretty much open to anything as long as it’s good and NOT country.

There’s no worse feeling than not being able to remember a song’s name title or lyrics but only remember the beat. There’s an even worse feeling when you can’t relate to anyone when it comes to music. Let’s try to communicate through it! Here’s my spotify!


Your health is all you need to be happy, isn’t it?

Why be the wealthiest person on earth only to be bedridden? That’s definitely not the way I want to live. Please take some time to focus on yourself, on your body which is what you have responsibility for, and your mind! I mean, fine with me if you don’t care, it’s your body…

But!… I will talk a lot about my workout routines and what I do to stay in shape while still enjoying my favorite foods! I’m a pretty petite girl, but I happen to eat pretty badly and have cravings for the worst things like pizza, cheetos, pasta, and anything fried. The problem with this is that being short means you need to be in shape, or else, like me, your back will start to crack with any movement you make, you won’t be able to bend easily, walk normally, sit comfortably, you’ll have to spend much more on jeans ($50+, umm thanks but no thanks Torrid!), you will also have a hard time finding anything you actually like since brands only make clothes for skinny and tall girls. It’s just a huge hassle on your wallet, your health and overall happiness.

I will talk to you about my life as a vegetarian, or rather a pescatarian and what works for me in terms of health. I will also talk about mental health and what helps me cope with stress, worry and maybe even depression. I have not been diagnosed with it, but I have gone through some symptoms in the past, I’m sure most people have too!

As of April 2018, I started to transition into a happy healthy vegan and waste-free person, and I did this by incorporating the law of attraction in my life. If you are on a journey to be the best you, you don’t have to struggle alone!

Let’s work together and chat about the difficult journey of life and health!



You already are aware of how precious and valuable this space is. What are you doing to protect it? How long do you expect us to last on here. Be mindful, respectful and appreciative of the earth. The world has limits too.
I used to not care about the future, since I won’t be here for more than 100 years most likely, but my children will be! I do plan on having kids, or at least adopting. There’s going to inevitably be more cats and children and other living species around after we’re dead. I want them to have a happy future, with fresh and clean water, butterflies, bees, 4 seasons, natural crops, less pollution. I want them to experience more, and you should want that too.
I will be blogging about the environment, great apps and sites that help donate to great causes and other ways to help. I will share my ideas and thoughts on what I love about the environment and inform you about things we can do to get “the big guys” to stop harming our planet!
Please keep watch!


I will be growing as we all do. Either alone, with our favorite pets, our loved ones our kids and more. We are expected to take our real first steps by 18, some of ya’ll have to start younger which is a huge challenge. I’d like to talk about things that make me happy and excited about adulthood and my life as a LONER (lol). I’m a shy introverted person, but that’s just my personality and it can be hard for other people to accept that. It’s ok, because there’s many shy introverted people just like me. I hope you guys are reading this now! I have a boyfriend whom I love and adore, but sometimes I want a girls night in/out and I can’t do everything with my boyfriend. I can and will, but sometimes I miss having girls in my life.
I’ll talk about what I do for fun, what apps are great for procrastination and whatever else can correlate to having fun in this crazy negative world, a world where you either are alone all your life or you have everyone you could have ever asked for to be with you. Some are lucky and some are not.
Being alone, friendless boyfriend/girlfriend-less, isn’t too bad and I’ll help show you why.
I hope to be a page where you can go to get some ideas on what to do next, with your siblings, girlfriend, partner, mom, pets or even just by yourself!



It’s definitely something everyone has thought about once (or a million times) in their life.
We either don’t want to let go of it, need more of it, want less of it but hate when it’s gone, or we wait years for it. It’s something I’ve dealt with and would like to talk about with you. It’s a weird topic, confusing and annoying too, but it’s so interesting and it drives us into insanity or it can make us more complete.
What else can I say…

its love

What it does to us is awful, beautiful, heartbreaking, and/or life changing. Let’s not make it a taboo. People need to communicate more about this. To themselves or to each other. If we don’t, we are basically wasting our time on earth. The best feeling is when someone reciprocates those feelings of love. Just say it out loud. Be honest with your feelings because you don’t want to regret it. Everyone wants to know they’re loved, and they want to feel love…
whether from a friend, or parent, baby, highschool crush, husband, brother or animal, we want to feel the love.

I’ll share my story of love in regards to friendships, family, romance, and more.

Ima share my stories of love with cats and my boyfriend a lot just so you know!

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