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Are you interested in working with me, a small blogger? You’re in the right place! You can send a quick email with prices to!

If you’re an individual/blogger that doesn’t want to pay anything, check out this page for collabs or email me at SOYVIRGOS@OUTLOOK.COM (Please do not spam me, I’ve been spammed enough lol).


My main interests are: lifestyle, fashion, veganism, minimalism, cruelty free beauty, anime, gaming kpop, jdrama and cats! 


Here are advertising options for you!

  • Sponsored posts
  • Blog post footer options
  • Weekly or monthly sidebar ad in my “Brands I Love” section
  • Instagram photo mention + story mention
  • Pinterest posts/pins
  • and more


Pricing + Packages Ideas

here are just some ideas of what I can offer you and the prices

Package 1: $250 one time only

  • Mention in a blog post (includes: short paragraph, 1-3 images and link-backs) example post
  • You can also write a blog post with images, 1,000+ words and links to your site. I will publish it!

Package 2: $250-400 | per month

  • 125×125 sidebar banner with link-back
  • link in the footer!
  • optional: one time mention in a blog post, full post or short paragraph, includes links and images you want me to share, and we can talk about more in email.

Package 3: $850 | per month

  • 250×250 sidebar banner + footer link or graphic ad
  • 1 time promo on any site (blog, fb, ig, twitter, etc.)
  • optional: Full Sponsored Post or a mention in my blog posts.
  • a lot more, we just have to communicate!

I will only do business with companies I like and want to mention to my lovely readers 🙂


Individual / Blogger Packages

This is for individuals / small business owners ♡


  • mention your brand on my ig stories and feed
  • a link to your brand at the bottom of my blog posts
  • short bio of your brand at the bottom of my blog posts


  • 5 RT’s a week (i’ll rt you or tweet a link to your brand)
  • 3 Follow Friday mentions
  • a mention in my twitter bio


  • a possible follow from me
  • blog post mention (I’ll leave a link promoting you at the end of a blog posts)
  • link back in my “Loves” tab
  • sidebar ad linking to your site or social media
  • any other ideas, just let me know!

Product Reviews and Sponsored Posts Info

 SOYVIRGO offers Product Reviews and Sponsored Posts!

My reviews usually include pictures of the product/service and site if possible. Ratings, unboxing video’s and more. We can discuss further through email or DM’s.
 – I will give 100% honesty to whatever it is I review.

I review:

cruelty free + vegan only beauty products, services (eg. restaurants, salons, spas), foods, media, apps, art, tech, household products, video games and more.
I prefer sustainable products that don’t have much wasteful packaging. You can send me something to review for free and not pay me, just fill out the form. (I love free things lol)

Here are my Product Review and Sponsored posts including the cost for if you want something similar.

Company – Date Reviewed – Type Cost
Healthlabs – 08.24.18 – Sponsored $200+
more  to come…

*All sponsored posts and PRs will be labeled with a disclaimer in each post. Reviews will be based on my opinions so be aware of negativity if your product/service does not meet my standards. Reviews will be posted when I feel I have experienced the product(s)/service(s) adequately enough to provide an honest review. We can also negotiate a set date if you want your review or post to be posted sooner. 


You can contact me through whichever platform is best for you –
Email me for a quick response @ or fill out the form below!

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Please fill in the form below with this info:
1) Your name (personal and/or business)
2) Contact information (email, with website if available)
3) Info about the job you’re offering, including what you’re willing to pay and what you want to see in a post.

Please be as detailed as possible.

Let’s work together!♡  

If you want to contribute / guest post / collab, click here!

Thank you for reading and considering working with me!