WordPress social share buttons + comment section label customization

Hello all. I’m here to help you with those lil’ blog details.

How to customize your Share Buttons

The WordPress social share buttons are very useful for not just you, but readers who need to save your post for later.

The editor is located on the left sidebar towards the bottom.

Click on Sharing, and then click Sharing Buttons.

Scroll down a bit to where you see the preview which is pictured above. This is where you can start editing the sharing label, the buttons and add a “More” section if you wanted to.

Now anyone can share your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other sites.

Edit your comment section label

If you check out my blog, my comment section says “Leave a Note” instead of the default, “Share this:”.

I’ll show ya where to go to make this label say something different!

This time around, you’re searching for the Settings tab. Within the settings tab, click on Discussion.

Not only can you edit the comment section label here, but you can allow people to subscribe to a certain posts comment section, you can blacklist users, make every comment go through you before it gets published and more.

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