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why you should blog on wordpress in 2022

I’ve had blogs on tumblr since 2012. Bouncing from tumblr to bloggspot, squarespace and now I have settling with WordPress, I know I have made the BEST choice. Your website’s functionality has a lot to do with the platform you use. Not only is wordpress a good platform, but the perfect hosting service that goes with it is siteground and I’ll explain why you should blog on wordpress in this post.


why you should blog on wordpress

why you should blog on wordpress in 2022 | blog on wordpress siteground blogging is dead


before I talk about the benefits of blogging on WordPress, let me share the hosting service of my dreams and why I love it (so far).

siteground is perfect for bloggers who want to sell items on their blog

I have been blessed with having a very easy blogger life and i thank wordpress and siteground for that. have you noticed I have a shop on my site? I can easily upload items from my phone using the wordpress app as well. I integrated WooCommerce into my site to do that.

this is a great way to start a small business and I’m glad i was able to do it without much knowledge in the matter. i haven’t had many problems at all with my site and shop.

siteground makes it easy to set up your site

siteground is a great hosting site where you can buy a domain name, an email address and not have to deal with much work after you set up the service. I was easily able to migrate my old site to self-hosted.

did you know you can email me at and Yeah, I have two working emails with my domain name in them, and I really never expected to have that in my siteground purchase! it’s the little things that make everything count.

It’s the absolute best way to look legit to protentional brands to collab with. I think you can get away with having a regular email from gmail or yahoo, but i personally think it’s more professional looking and it’s just nice to share your email with your brand name/ site name on it.


siteground is affordable

With plans ranging from $4 to $11 per month for websites, we can agree that siteground is one of the best hosting options. I wouldn’t really recommend any other hosting services right now (I haven’t done my research on ALL of them yet). I truly believe you get a good service with siteground and two emails (or more i’m not sure how many I get) is great for the price also it’s great for a small blogger like myself as a starting hosting site. I don’t think I will change my hosting service, maybe in the future if my site grows bigger? For now, I’m great! There is a catch!

siteground hosting and why i love blogging on wordpress blog on wordpress in 2022

I’ve seen that siteground prices shoot up year after year. I will make an updated siteground review soon so I can show you how much the price has increased and if I have decided to switch services!

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siteground takes care of everything

with siteground, you don’t have to worry about, oh, i dont know… accidently shutting down your site because you were editing the code. Nope, they do all the fixer upper work behind the scenes to redo whatever you did to shut down your site. This is helpful for new website owners that don’t know what they’re doing like myself!

now let’s get to the reasons why you should blog on wordpress…

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why you should blog on wordpress:

It’s very easy to set up

this step will literally only take you a minute, it’s like setting up any other account on any site!

you don’t have to be a programmer to make your site shine!

You don’t have to be a coding expert to run a WordPress blog. Publishing a blog post is as easy as posting to instagram. It wouldn’t hurt to have some myspace theme editing knowledge because that’s all you really need especially if you want your site to look cute!

wordpress has a very simple and easy theme customizer. don’t worry about how your site will look, with the wordpress theme customizer you will be able to see the edits before you hit save. let me also mention, once you go self hosted, you will be able to get any type of theme you want and i really recommend checking out creative market because that’s where i got my theme for $2! The theme is now $29 but that shows you that the site is filled with amazing deals. My theme has everything I would ever need!

Here are some themes I love!

Loading Preview…

Powered by Creative Market

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Powered by Creative Market

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Powered by Creative Market

my theme

Powered by Creative Market
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Powered by Creative Market
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Powered by Creative Market
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Powered by Creative Market


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it’s 100% free:

Yes, WordPress is free to use. You will have to pay for your hosting if you buy your own domain for it but I can show you how you can get free hosting in this blog post!

The 1000s of free WP themes available:

There are approximately 10,000 themes you can choose from on WordPress. Some are free and some you should pay for. Let’s be honest if you’re going to be a blogger as a business then you will need to spend on yourself in some ways. I decided to spend on my theme and my hosting. you just have to decide where it is you’re willing to spend on for your business. 


Plugins give you even more power to fully customize your site with how it looks and how easy it is for visitors to venture can’t go too far with adding plugins as they will slow down your site and some might mesh great with others. That was a lesson learned the hard way for me. the one plugin i really recommend for all is the YOAST SEO plugin. 

the reader:

the wordpress reader is my favorite part about using wordpress. I can easily see my posts and see other bloggers posts on the reader. I can comment and share and more! It’s very easy to use and tons better to follow sites compared to using blogspot. I have a blogspot site that I use secretly and i hate having to find the reader, everything on there is just so outdated it drives me nuts!

I’m glad I chose wordpress because the reader is really one of the best parts.

thanks to these sites:
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Is SiteGround a good option for WordPress in 2021? (



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Thanks for reading my why you should blog on wordpress in 2022

what platform are you using now? I think the most popular is wordpress, squarespace and blogspot! which do you recommend

let me know below!

P.s do you want to know how to get free hosting? Well all you have to do is refer your readers to your hosting service and the more people you can refer the more you will get and not have to spend out of your own pocket to renew your hosting! I haven’t gotten to that point yet but siteground has paid me before for making sales. Good luck!


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