Why you need to give Matcha a chance.

I’m on my way to a Cathedral with my grandma and aunt to see, I believe, the Virgen maria statue, but I just had a thought about earlier last month when I ordered my favorite drink. I bought a matcha frap from Starbucks here in Mexico, yes Mexico has Starbucks. I honestly didn’t think they’d have one, or a Burger King or Subway, but they do. It might be interesting to know that there’s no Mcdonald’s but there is a Carls Jr. I just want to say that…

My grandma was grossed out by the color. I understand her though, you first look and say what the heck is that grown up doing drinking a kid’s drink? It’s what I say when some people buy those unicorn drinks, or cake flavored drinks. I think it’s so gross, but, whatever suits your taste buds!
I love matcha and it might not look like a healthy drink at first sight but it’s actually crushed green tea leaves made into a powder and green tea is so incredibly healthy for you. I’ve also heard that most things that are green like avocados, lettuce and green tea, are healthy for you! Try some matcha drinks as soon as you get the chance to. There’s many different recipes for match beverages and foods. I will give you my own recipe and then pictures and links of others below.
My own simple recipe thanks to one of my lovely friends who worked at Teavana hehe :
Items needed:

  1. Teavana Matcha Powder (or any other matcha powder, also I think Teavana is out of business lol)
  2. Almond Milk (that’s what I used and I thought it was delicious, plus, why would you need puss filled cows milk?)
  3. A Blender
  4. 6 or 7 ice cubes
  5. Water

Optional :

  1. Vanilla Extract

Soyvirgo’s simple refreshing sugarless matcha drink:

Step 1:
Blend it all together!
Maybe start with almond milk, water, ice, and the powder last. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but that’s how I did it. I didn’t use a blender but a magic bullet and I think that was better in making smoothies/drinks.
Please let me know if you make this at home!
Some of these pictures I hate because I can’t have matcha right now. I miss it so much lol.

©: pinterest
I recommend a Japanese or Korean restaurant that serves mochi. I love the Matcha mochi at Ajummahs Apron in Chicago’s Chinatown.

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Thanks for reading! My featured image is from pinterest. Edited by me.

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