What to wear to work tomorrow

Check out this list if you work in an office job, or somewhere that allows you to wear office attire. These are some of my favorite styles for an office setting. Ahh good times.
Blouse and Jeans

A simple blouse and jeans are a go to for work.

I love to wear jeans because jeans look good with anything. The color of the jeans pictured above look great with the mustard colored top. I would recommend jeans from American Eagle Outfitters, Nordstrom and Levi’s.

Basic top, gray cardi and denim pencil

Denim pencil skirts and black loafers will always look cute for work!

What I like about this look is the cardigan. Cardigans are so perfect for an office setting because you never know when it’ll get too cold at work. Personally, I’m not into pencil skirts anymore since they look so uncomfortable, but this look really makes it look worth wearing.

A cute warm top with plaid trousers will never go out of style. From LARME Mag.

You can get a top like this in many thrift stores. I have one just like it and I got it from someone on depop. Just look up “fluffy pink sweatshirt”!
Flared pants and basic top

Everyone needs comfy pants if you work 5 hours or more.

I love work pants because they are perfect for days when you have your period since they’re not as tight, they let everything flow. Sneakers and work pants always fit so well.

This is an elegant, work casual look.

If you’re not into looking so elegant, I recommend sneakers instead of heels for this look. It won’t butcher up the whole outfit because the ripped jean style suits sneakers well. You can get ripped jeans anywhere on the internet these days, or just save money and DIY!

cute work fits

An adorable, timeless vintage look!

Sometimes I wish I had an office job again just so I can wear stuff like this. But alas, I just wear pajamas all day since I have hardly any friends to go out with lol

I always loved collars and mustard colored tops.

This is a really preppy look that I always fall for. It has some artsy vibes too. I don’t see many sweater vests, they might have gone out of style so I recommend thrifting!

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