watch with me | what i’ve been watching lately!

watch with me | what i’ve been watching lately


mennoi yorizori (youtube)

meenoi is singer, youtuber, and that’s all i know.

i just randomly found her video one day and i fell in love with it!

I clicked it because recently i’ve been interesting in this new show Street Woman Fighter where korean dancers battle each other. Lot of dancers got more well known and I saw one of my fav people on there which is Monika and LipJ?

I loved how Meenoi was acting, im sure she’s mean for the show but she’s actually nice. She’s just so cute.

This is my favorite episode so far

future diary season 1 (netflix)

this show is so adorable and i think me and bae both cried!

i never would have thought i would fall for this couple! it is definitely scripted but i think it’s what makes it cute! you get a script and have to play it out, this show is almost like this other japanese show i watched called falling in love like a romantic drama. it’s like a script given to actors but you end up falling for the person you’re working with. it’s the same but this show kind of makes conflict on purpose to see the reactions of the other person. you just have to watch it to get it (i suck at explaining lol)

do you guys want a spoiler?


the spoiler is that… im pretty sure they are still together!

backstreet rookie (netflix


everyone says it’s a bad show but i find it so funny and random and i guess i like the ridiculousness of it. I only started it because I LOVE Kim Yoo Jung. She’s one of those people i just love watching because of how cute they are


the batman (watched twice in theaters lol) (now on hbo max)

i really liked it i thought some parts were pretty epic and i loved how dark it was it’s really my kind of movie.



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alchemy of souls on netflix

this show is pretty good. it has 8 stars on mydramalist so far. i’m only watching it because minhyun from nuest is acting in it. (aka my only fav male kpop group disbanded and now i have to support their individual schedules lol)

it’s a sci-fi period show about mages and it’s action, romance, kind of funny sometimes, what else can you ask for. it really isn’t my cup of tea but some parts are interesting for sure.

candyman movie on prime

so i saw it again…lol it was really good the second time too. just so scary, i find movies scarier when they seem real, like so much pain can create a monster/demon? am i thinking about animes too much?

undone on prime

this show is really one of my favs. it is too crazy and i usually watch it when i’ve had a gummy. It’s like i understand it more lol i have kind of been obsessed with the main actress since i saw her in parenthood, she was literally on it for maybe 2 episodes but that’s how cool i thought she was. and yes i have seen alita battle angel! i want to see her more!

change days netflix

damn this show needs its own seperate post… the DRAMA

another romance show i have been checking out include:

  • future diary! omg season one is so cute i wanted to cry
  • married at first sight season 11, literally wtf is up with christina, and woody and amani are the cutest couple! they always put a smile on my face!

my liberation notes on netflix

so this show was recommended by my cousin. it was SO boring the first few eps but i fell in love with it. it’s so real to me like finally a kdrama that isn’t just about being rich and fancy cars, well it is about that, but it shows characters that ARENT rich, that’s what i meant by that. i really loved the couples they were interesting since it seemed less like a drama more like believable, like a real story. the ended was kind of not my cup of tea, idk what did yall think?

kimi on hbomax

well i love my girl zoe kravits so i wanted to check this movie out. i really feel like it’s a scary situation, like this could be one of my dreams but also a reality not too unheard of. so it’s scary to see what i should maybe do if it happens to me lol



Let me tell you, I have Netflix, Prime (from family), Tubi, Disney(from fam), AND other free apps on my tv so that’s why i watch so many shows and have many on pause.

shameless (netflix) watch on netflix

love on the spectrum season two on netflix

totally spies video essay on youtube (here)







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  • Alchemy of souls has been on my watchlist for a while.. also haven’t heard of change days and i love me some reality romance shows lol

    And I loved candyman! Jordan Peele is literally unstoppable rn.

    • i heard mixed reviews, lots of people love it but im not the type to really love shows like it, truly i am just watching for my man minhyun and the main girl..
      change days is so much drama and kinda toxic but honestly i love it. can’t wait for it to finally end lol idk how they made the show where the people live together for 2 weeks and its been running episodes for like 2 months!! how did they get so much content from those 2 weeks?!

      im glad somebody likes it! i heard people say they didnt like it because it was nothing like the first one? like duh its like a modern version.. i really liked it and think its as good as the michael myers story.. i hope it keeps going n going just like the halloween series.

  • I’ve seen the new Candyman, and The Batman, what else is good is Everything Everywhere All At Once (sooo good), and of course I’m crushing on Stranger Things Season 4, I’ve alredy re-watched it twice plus Seasons 1-3 one more time.

  • I watched Kimi recently and loved it. It’s such a simple plot but so realistic that it’s terrifying. And the actors all did a fantastic job.

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