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Hello all. It’s been a while since i’ve updated my site so here’s a short and sweet video i made for youtube!

enjoy reading and watching what i eat in a week as a vegan!

What I eat in a week as a vegan

What I eat in a week as a vegan:

  • pasta with tofu (and other spices for flavoring)
  • vegan nuggets of any kind (but i love beyond and impossible brands)
  • basic tofu sandwich
  • noodles with tofu
  • dunkin donuts tea (which is def just regular green tea)
  • frozen foods from trader joes sometimes, they can be hit or miss
  • falafel of usually any brand most taste so good im not that picky
  • cold noodles from costco
  • little egg sandwiches
  • breakfast sausages
  • soul vegan ready to eat lunches
  • chips of any kind as long as they’re not boring plain potato chips (check that they dont have milk!)
  • tasty chicken sandwiches thanks to costco brand bakery breads

Thanks for reading what i eat in a week as a vegan

thanks for watching! im new to being a youtuber for money and not just for uploading for myself lol

it will be a fun journey just sharing in video form my life and what not, let me know what you want to see more of in the comments babes i don’t care if you’re anonymous either!

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