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Tuesday, April 15

Hello my friends on the net!

I want to be more positive during these harsh indoor days. Well, it’s great for hobbit’s like myself, but not everyone loves being stuck inside or away from others. We aren’t on a huge lock-down, you can still go out but it’s best to wear masks. I’ve heard of people being arrested, actually mostly just the homeless… which is sad to me, but there isn’t much I can do.

Well, let’s try to lift ourselves up!

Take this extra time out from quarantine to focus on yourself! We all know everyone needs to focus on self love, because it sure is a battle.

Here’s some ideas on how to take advantage of this quarantine!

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A great way to be happy during a quarantine is to take a long shower or bath. Hone into your inner Blair Waldorf and bring out some candles, Epson salt and music. Read a book while you shower or eat an ice-cream while face-timing friends.

You can also clean your room, do a face mask, do your nails, write in your gratitude journal… the possibilities are endless.

What does your self care routine look like during these times?

I’m started to journal and keep a habit tracker. I did a facial recently which felt really good. Also I picked up stuff around my room so that when cleaning day comes, it’s not so much work.


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Read something new, or learn something during this pandemic. The best way to keep your mind growing is to learn more. Try out a new skill. Make something you have always been trying to make. Start a new hobby or side hustle that you have been too scared to try out.

One of the main things I’m learning is how to be the woman I’ve been trying to become. It’s just someone who is kind of an adult, knows how to talk to others and genuinely be there for others and also be present.

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Why should you take a walk when its supposed to be a quarantine? Well some people really can’t handle staying indoors. This is especially true for those suffering from any kind of abuse, disorders, or something similar. Some people need to go out, walk their dog or just simply enjoy nature.

Make sure to walk during the day maybe before 6pm, I think you can get in trouble if your state issued a ban.


Plan outfits for when you go out or when the quarantine is over. I personally like using apps like Combyne and what used to be Polyvore.

I also just like to check out instagram or pinterest for some outfit inspo.

Need some inspiration quick? Check out my posts: what to wear to an outing, lovely outfits for sneaker lovers.


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What a perfect time to take photos and even start to maybe, perhaps, love yourself more?

Personally, I’m just not a fan of selfies. I prefer to take photos of everything around me, but lately, I’ve been wanting to be more of a confident girl who likes her face and likes to take pictures of herself.

Here’s some selfie ideas to try out:

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This is pretty self explanatory. If you’re here you most likely are on instagram too and like to showcase a few thangs. Why not take advantage and do those tumblr-esque photos you’ve always wanted to do.

OR is that just me?

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Stay in bed, watch a movie, do whatever you think you need to do to get through the quarantine. Some people actually do need you to stay home and not get sick, like elders and people who can get the virus easily.

Staying home and playing video games for 5+ hours is now totally okay! Note to self 🙂


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Make some amazing foods you’ve never tried before. I have some recipes I’ve shared, my favorites being this vegan baked lasagna my husband and I came up with, and these oil free vegan meals.

If you want to, you can try my 7 day vegan challenge!

Are you guys vegan? If not, would you ever try some vegan meals? I remember not drinking milk, but eating cheese because, how can you not love cheese?

Fast forward to today, I literally could care less about cheese lol! Of course I loved cheese, but it always ended up hurting my tummy. Now I don’t really care about vegan cheese either, but I do love Nutritional Yeast which is an AMAZING cheese replacement.

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Photo Credit: @alexemichaud



Don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting to get more creative these days.

You can have a photo-shoot in your house, do your makeup and take pictures of your looks, make music or doodle!

I’ve been inspired to actually make music! If I do make any, I will most likely upload it to soundcloud and/or my youtube. Also take more photos for my instagram page.


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Photo Credit: @babymeia



Game? Yes game! This is definitely my main way to be happy during quarantine.

I know some of you love Animal Crossing, so yes you are gaming sweetie! Lately I’ve been playing Apex and yes I’m about to plug my twitch in here for a minute and also my youtube for anyone interested in seeing my gameplay and hear me be annoying and annoyed at the same time!

What games are you guys playing if you are playing any? What kind of content do you normally watch on youtube during quarantine?



What are some ways to be happy during quarantine? Do you do some of these already? What do you think about quarantine? Have you been following your states rules, or making your own?

Thanks for being here guys!

You just read 10 ways to be happy during a quarantine

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  • Aww, I love this post Kiki! And all your ideas are really uplifting and fun too. There are ups and downs with this quarantine situation. Some days I feel down, but I’m grateful to be safe working at home and that my family is healthy. I’m thinking of making the vegan baked lasagna that you shared for dinner this week. Sounds so good! Thank you so much for sharing all these ideas! 💗

  • Ohh, that orange kitty reminds me of my mom’s cat. I have my own which makes me happy! But I miss her’s because he’s fat and squeezable 🤗

  • I love that you are sharing ways to still keep your spirits up during the pandemic. It is important that we take care of ourselves more than ever during this time. This is a perfect time to plan for things and even learn! Even more for homemade goods hehe. Thanks for sharing all of these options!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  • Hii! Great tips 💗 I’ve mostly been reading and doing self portraits sense I can’t have models right now for my photography. But it’s been challenging and really fun! I plan on making a post about it actually. Awesome post, girl!

  • I know during this time we are in it is so hard to get into the right headspace for writing and art but I’m taking it slowly and not worrying about if it doesn’t happen, I have been playing my old DS lite and I binged two new shows so that’s something lol. 🙂

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