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so i decided to do a simple and fun post for you, no im not being lazy, I just wanted to update my site with something I’m thinking about, really quickly and short.

This october aesthetic 2020 guide is gonna be a bit helpful for anyone like me trying to achieve this type of look for the rest of the year, until December comes, of course.

It turns out that this is the first October I will be spending in Chicago in over like 2 years? The last October/Fall season I spent at home was I think in 2016! 

This is a really special time for me because I love the fall season only when it’s at home. I have spent so many fall days in California, and why? My life just aligned with California for too long so anytime fall came around, I just felt I had to go away from home.

Finally, I will spend it at home where my sweater weather loving heart was meant to be, all along!


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 october aesthetic 2020 | DRESS THE PART


For some people, it’s not really sweater weather during October. I feel so sorry for you 🙁

Anyone who gets to wear sweaters during this time, well this is for ya! It’s time to get rid of sweaters that smell like storage and that have been with you since high school. Its time to donate and / or sell!

I’ve been getting rid of coats for a long time! Many of the coats I still wore until recently were worn by me in high school. Some things I feel like I can still style nicely but now I feel there are other things that shouldn’t stay with me at 25 years old. For instance, the Kiki’s Delivery Service JIJI hot topic pajamas I’m wearing as I write this…

Anyways, here’s some fall / October aesthetic outfits to try.


by luanna on ig


karierte Hose Rollkragenpullover Fashion Hose karierte plaid pants Rollkragenpul

@mari_malibu on ig


by @franziskaelea on ig


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the october aesthetic 2020 | PLAYLISTS

time to make those playlists if ya haven’t already! If you’re clueless as to what to add in your playlist, don’t worry, I’ll be making a post that should go live this week. of course there’s gonna be a lot of kpop in it, but they’re worth it if you’re into halloween music!

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Something I like to do is play music that fits my mood when I’m either home alone doing nothing or when I’m driving.

I made myself a playlist for when it’s raining, for when I wake up, for when I’m sleeping, for when I want to go down memory lane, for when I wanna cry, for when I want to manifest, etc. 

My playlists are available to listen on my spotify if you’re interested!

My October ones aren’t that long since I never really listen to much Halloween music, but I love to listen to certain songs that just give me a halloween feel. 

 october aesthetic 2020 guide | soyvirgo.com october 2020 playlist to listen to

Ugly pinterest post, but I just whipped this thing up lmfao! I’ll be making a blog post of songs I’m gonna be listening to PROBABLY. 

By the time I get home, Halloween will basically be over. 



LETS DO SOME INNER WORK! Wouldn’t it make so much sense to do a new moon or full moon ritual during October?

You should be in a quiet area like your room, or just anywhere you feel safe and positive energy. It could even be outside under the moon.

What I will and have been doing this October is writing down my plans and intentions for the rest of 2020.


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  1. Begin meditating or doing some slow breathing and don’t think about trivial things.
  2. Think about where you are in life to help you decide what you most wish to receive/ manifest
  3. Write out a short list of intentions, dreams, wishes and desires with clear details. Write your intention with a positive focus.
  4. Say the intentions/desires out loud to the moon if you like.
  5. Visualize your intentions being complete. How does it feel to have completed them? Write the feeling out.
  6. Give thanks to the Universe/God/Goddess/ whatever you are dedicated to. Give thanks to yourself!


Keep reading your list every night and visualize already having completed them.

Do this until the full moon arrives. (Usually around the end of the month) Then you can burn your paper or get rid of it somehow and let the Universe take care of the rest for you.

Need help choosing your intentions? Just go by these phrases:

I am ready to receive ______ into my life for my greatest good and well being. I will manifest this new  ______  that I’ve been wanting and I deserve.

You can choose to receive anything your heart desires. Here’s a few:

  • Love
  • New Car
  • Money
  • Health
  • world peace (reach for the stars bb!)
  • better relationships
  • new job
  • friendships
  • opportunities

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 october aesthetic 2020 guide | soyvirgo.com


october aesthetic 2020 | DECORATE

Surround yourself with fairy lights, calm music, candles, spider webs, calabasas or all of the above.

You don’t have to go crazy and wild with spending money for Halloween! There’s tons of people trying to get rid of last years costumes and holiday decor.

Go on apps like depop, offerup, or 5miles and find some halloween decor. I just recommend doing local pick ups so you don’t have to spend on shipping fees!


You’ll be so close to achieving the October Aesthetic with these tips! I will probably show off what I did to my apartment when I upload my October Monthly Favorites post.

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artist unknown!

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Thanks for reading october aesthetic 2020

just an update! I’m going to try and schedule these posts and just respond and comment on blog posts. So this post and hopefully the rest of these october posts will be scheduled.

I’m officially moving back home October 25, so I won’t have much time to have fun and celebrate Halloween once I get home, but I want to try to!

Maybe I can do something? We will see in my October Monthly favs post!

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  • This just makes me wish that Florida had colder weather so that I could wear sweaters, but even when It gets cold I am not always ready for sweaters because I’m always hot lol.

  • I am in love with this entire post, lol. Your October aesthetics are gorgeous. Unfortunately I live in Texas where we don’t get any weather other than hot, and well, windy and hot. Occasionally we get a few “fall” days here, but not frequently. I’ll be very very glad when I financially can get the heck out of this awful lack of seasons.
    Seeing blog posts like this at least lets me live vicariously through another for a few moments xD This was exactly what I needed today for real!

    By the way, I LOVE your blog. Very very glad I stopped by, and will continue to do so 🙂
    Have a blessed day!

  • Your October aesthetics are so lovely and gave me the dreamiest of feelings! So serene and cosy. Your first picture reminded me of New York City.. Central Park as the leaves change and the air becomes fresh and clean. The general hustle and bustle, the people sitting, reading, playing and eating. I imagine sitting on a bench surrounded by plants and flowers with a chai latte and croissant in hand! x

  • Your post gave me good vibes today. I’ve been bogged down lately … looking for a house, dealing with agents and mortgage people, and I just so happened to check my email (because I wasn’t) and hear it was. Thank you for the inspiration. — Wye

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