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best movies i watched in 2023

this post will be about the movies i thought were amazing, old and new, that i watched this year. there will be a mix of japanese, korean and american movies so you can find something you like although i recommend to watch all of them because they’re that great! i know some people can’t handle watching movies with subtitles but it’s worth giving them a try especially when you’ve run out of things to watch

before you read, just know i will spoil some of the movies so if you don’t like that, take note of the synopsis i typed out and look it up on your own! 

enjoy reading the best movies i watched in 2023!

godzilla minus one (2023)

In postwar Japan, a new terror rises. Will the devastated people be able to survive… let alone fight back?

this movie was one of my top favs i watched this year. I went to see it thanks to my husband or else I wouldn’t have even heard about it. best movies i watched in 2023 godzilla minus one i decided to do a mini movie review post of this one because… well im not sure why but i felt i needed to? Maybe it’s because i liked it so much! I feel like reviewing the movies and shows i really like in separate posts if i have a bit more to say about it because i want to remember the feelings i had when i watched them, so stay tuned for that!  

be with you (2004)

When two souls find one another, nothing can tear them apart. Widower Takumi lives with his six-year-old son Yuji after the loss of wife and mother Mio. Yuji remembers her promise to him: “I’ll be with you again in a year’s time, when the rainy season comes.” On the first anniversary of her passing, Takumi and Yuji are taking a walk in the woods when they come across a woman sheltering from a monsoon downpour.

this movie made me cry so much not only is the movie pretty amazing and not like others i’ve seen before, but it breaks my heart to know the actress actually died by suicide in 2020. it’s a really sweet movie about family and i don’t have children of my own but i hope that when i do, we become a sweet family like them. (although i think my small family of 2 cats, me and my husband is sweet enough!)

haru (1996)

A young Tokyo businessman joins an online movie forum and develops a special bond with one of its members through back and forth e-mails.

this movie was perfect for a long distance couple like my husband and i. it’s very slow and can be boring but it’s worth the watch if you enjoy slow romances that actually doesn’t even have much romance. i really loved the music (like the song below)! there’s one thing about it where im just like “wow, small world! only this would happen in a movie” but that’s movies sometimes! also spoiler but… i kind of hate movies that end where the couple is finally together so you won’t see anything after the fact. it’s great to see movies like this too of course and not just movies where the couple’s together the whole time so i still enjoyed that about it, since it makes you want to see them together that much more.

p.s you can literally watch the whole movie on youtube!

the whale (2022)

A reclusive English teacher suffering from severe obesity attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter for one last chance at redemption.

i just think brendan is a great actor! who else cried?

we made a beautiful bouquet (2021)

“Two people meet each other after missing the last train home, leading to a beautiful relationship over five years.” 

this one was fun i loved watching it with my husband, but i did not like the ending. i love this movie sooo much but i really didn’t like the ending… spoiler here— but i believe they should have stayed together or stayed friends because why is the beginning of the movie actually them in the future, but with new partners… why?! they’re so in sync and you don’t see that with couples usually. but i get it, it can be the reality of love and relationships, not just a happy ending kind of movie.

the last 10 years (2022)

Takabayashi Matsuri learns that she only has 10 years to live due to an incurable disease. She decides to not dwell on her life and not to fall in love, but she meets Manabe Kazuto at a school reunion.

this movie is so sad and i started to cry at the ending because i didn’t know it was a true story! i enjoy movies like this because (i hate myself?) such heavy topics need to be talked about. you don’t really come across someone who is dying or at least, maybe you won’t even learn about that unless you get close to them, or they let YOU get close. movies like this remind me to be grateful for my life and everyone in it. Story pin image

honorable mentions

  • the little mermaid 2023: i love halle’s voice i just loved it so much from the outfits and most of the songs (wtf was awkwafina still doing in movies i thought we were over her?). my cousin and her friend and i were talking about this movie in mexico this year and i was really pissed when her friend said “my little mermaid is white” i laughed in her face and said “okay trump 2024” and she laughed and tried to defend herself but honestly i don’t know what her point was from saying that. if you want to watch little mermaid exactly how it is (a white woman and white man) then go watch the original version and never be open to another little mermaid being made. i really think it’s because they want their little mermaid to just not be black and it’s really ignorant and close minded thinking. i can’t think of anyone else being the little mermaid other than halle and if anyone else played her, the acting might have been off OR the singing would have been horrible. im a huge beauty and the beast fan and i wasn’t a huge fan of emma watson being belle for the live action and it’s not because i wanted a brown skinned girl to play her, i just wanted an actual singer to play the part. anyways… i watched the movie in theaters with my cousin and then again with my husband AND AGAIN at home with my husband (he loved it too and even said we should watch it again LOL).

i literally get chills when she sings. the theater was SILENT when she sang part of your world.



  • your eyes tell 2020: “Kaori lost her eyesight and family in an accident. While trying to enjoy the small things in her life, Kaori struggles to live happily. Kaori mistakes Rui for someone else and begins to talk to him. Rui was once a promising kickboxer, but something happened in his past to cause him to disassociate himself from everyone. Kaori’s smile brings out a change in Rui. The two people begin to have feelings for each other, but Rui learns about Kaori’s past accident and his connection. Rui decides to take part in an underground fight to pay for Kaori’s eye surgery.”
your eyes tell 2020
  • john wick chapter 4: sometimes this one is ridiculous but let’s be fr, the action is some of the best action i’ve seen ever!
  • super mario bros: i didn’t expect to like this movie so much!
  • barbie: i watched it twice in theaters and it got all the moms crying!
  • mulholland drive 2001: “AN ACTRESS LONGING TO BE A STAR. A WOMAN SEARCHING FOR HERSELF. BOTH WORLDS WILL COLLIDE… ON MULHOLLAND DRIVE.” be warned, this one had a lot of nudity/ just lesbian action which i don’t really enjoy when watching movies lol but wow this was definitely something! it’s a one and done type of movie but it’s pretty crazy. i would consider it a thriller and almost horror. if you put yourself in the main actresses shoes, it’s more like a horror movie.
  • minari 2020: this movie is pretty amazing and won an oscar so there’s that!
  • spiderman across the spiderverse: i saw this in theaters 3 times, well once i had to leave the theater early and i’ll talk about why in a future post about my highlights of 2023, then i saw again with a friend but we were laughing so much we barely paid attention, then one last time with my husband and it was really amazing! my fav character is def Hobie.


thanks for reading the best movies i watched in 2023

hope you enjoyed this list! let me know the best movies you saw this year i want to watch more!

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  • I also remember watching The Little Mermaid in the theater and it gave me goosebumps! It brings back so many childhood memories. Halle did an amazing job portraying Ariel, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it better than her. 😉 This long weekend, I’ll check out some of your recommended movies. Your Eyes Tell seems quite promising!

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