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Hello in February I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! I have been nominated by the lovely and amazing Nzinga Ain!!! Her post here! I’ve never been nominated for this so I’m excited to finally be able to share some info about myself.  

7 facts about me The Versatile Blogger Award



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Award Rules

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7 Facts About Me

Facts #1

I love rock music (not really rock, but mostly sub categories of rock?) and I used to go to live shows probably once a month throughout high school. I stopped going because I was saving money, my friends got busy and also I got scared of going alone cause the last show I went to I was groped twice by disgusting men, obviously.

The reason I started going to these concerts and shows was because of my long time friend Joe. They introduced me to Green Day Janes Addiction and my fav, My Chemical Romance, so I honestly got into rock because of this childhood friend.

After that I ended up seeing smaller artists usually by myself and it wasn’t at festivals it was just small venues around chicago.

You can checkout my music taste on!

I have no pictures because back then all I had was a camera which I lost during one festival called Lalapalooza (i think)… and because those moshers were going crazy and rightfully so, we were watching RISE AGAINST play lol so me and Joe had to crowd surf out of there lol. Here’s one old picture from when me and a group of friends saw some artists I liked (idk where the pic went), yes only one of the girls with us actually liked the same music as me. Not sure why we didn’t communicate more and aren’t friends today.  

Facts #2

I used to like dogs more than cats! In fact, I was a bit scared of cats. Now, after getting a cat to randomly care for when I was like 15, I started to fall for them and since then I’ve had a cat in my life lol

Read: Cats and why you Need them in your life!


Facts #3

I have 2 older brothers. Another interesting fact is they both have middle names and I don’t because my mom thought having 1 first name is more American. I don’t know why she wanted me to be more American, I love the idea of having 2 names (or 4 or 5 like most latines do lol)!  

Facts #4

I was almost kicked out of school for ditching too much.  

What made it worse was that I had friends who were so happy to ditch with me. We even went to my old house which was up for rent and I used my old key to get us in. We were eating chips and just hanging around until the landlord came and we had to run away before he could tell who we were. I’m glad I made those kind of memories and not just sad ones, cause usually high school is painful for most kids I know lol Luckily I graduated!


Facts #5

I’ve been married since September 2015!

Read more about that here if ya want!

brown couple and I - versatile blogger award lol

These are old photos so don’t judge my makeup thanks!

Facts #6

I graduated with an Associate in Science. Not sure if that degree is gonna go anywhere since I plan to be my own boss lol  

Facts #7

We had a family bunny  and we named him Mr. Conehito! (Mr. Bunny).

cute bunny eating strawberry gif - versatile blogger award

No pictures cause it was before my fam and I had phones or internet :/   My oldest brother brought him home from school because his high school was gonna throw the bunny out in the street. Yeah, our town was and still is crap and treats the kitties and baby animals like poop. Anyways I remember it so clearly because he took the bunny out of his duffle bag and put him on my moms shoulder and she screamed because she has trauma with animals! (She only likes birds, and my cats cause they’re too cute to not pet once in a while) Anyways, we had him for about 4 months and he passed away.

I got out of my shower and went to check up on him. He rolled his eyes back and rested. I was really sad but wasn’t sure about the feelings because I guess I was too young.

I told my mom and she said to my brother and she was laughing cause she knew my brother would cry (my mom is weird sometimes!). both brothers did as we were burying him in in the backyard in a Jordans shoe box. OMG we were so young burying him in a shoe box ahhh. It was raining and both my brothers were crying and I was just like, okay so this is what grieving is I guess. Not sure why it wasn’t that sad for me. I did love Mr. Conehito. As I think back on it, it definitely makes me so sad and I miss a lot of things about his cute butt!

thanks for reading 7 facts about me the versatile blogger award

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  • Thank you so much for the nomination! Having this post planned for soon 😘 I love learning new things about you!! I wanted a bunny when I was younger but I never did, I’m really sorry to hear what happened to yours… 🙁

  • Congratulations on being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! It is cool that you went to some live shows. You know you’re growing up when you’re willing to cut some things out to save money. Oh man, I can relate to the ditching part. It is good that you didn’t get kicked out! Aww, I am sorry to hear about the bunny. At least he lived with love. Thanks for sharing these facts about yourself!

    Nancy ♥

  • I read this days ago but I forgot to comment cause I was sidetracked HAHA my bad!! Congrats on your first award Kiki!! I loved learning more about you. I was the opposite at school – I was the miss goody two shoes at school I guess you could say haha, skipping didn’t even cross my mind … not even when I had a certtain amount of days of unexcused absences to use LOL. Also, my mom would have really gotten mad if I did and there was just no way I could feel good about lying to her about that haha. I loove MCR! I like to listen to their old classics like Helena, The Ghost of You, I’m Not Okay, etc. 🙂 I feel like I’ve always been a dog person my whole life but I also love cats, though I’ve never owned one! My bf and I will most likely get a cat though if we were to agree to have a pet in the house. And those pics are too cute! 😉 Congrats again!! xx

  • I ditched so badly during my senior year that I had nearly 80 absences in one class! But because my mom always wrote me excuse notes, it didn’t matter lol. I was still able to graduate! Unfortunately my GPA definitely suffered, and in one class I didn’t even pass the second semester but it didn’t matter since that semester didn’t count towards our final graduation. It was all a little weird, ha. All the same — it’s fine now!

    Thanks for sharing these facts with us. They were really neat!

  • Congrats on the award! I alwahs love getting to know things about people that you wouldn’t necessarily find out unless they do a post like this – this was so interesting! X

  • I always love posts like these! All these facts were super interesting! It’s funny because I used to like cats more than dogs but now I think I like dogs more than cats. I’m like the opposite of you! Great post!

  • I don’t think my parents knew about middle names until after they had my older sister & me because we don’t have middle names either but all of our little bros do & I also almost failed school for ditching so much! 😂 It was fun reading these facts about you. ♡

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