How to go Vegan: Using the law of attraction to transition from Vegetarian to Vegan (Easy steps if you are willing to change!)

Hey bbs.

I’m finally going vegan! It’s funny because I wrote down in my to do list/goals list: “go vegan”, but the due date was in 2020.

I actually turned vegan about a month or two after writing it down as a goal, so I’m super happy about that!


Im just gonna go straight in on this post, and don’t say it’s BS because I’m proof! It all started with the Law of Attraction.

TBH, I’m not sure how I did it but all these videos I’ve been watching recently about LOA have said once you’re getting to your “higher self” you can start to feel less interested in what doesn’t make you happy. In my case, I was eating eggs and cheese even though I’ve been wanting to go vegan and these foods hurt my stomach every time I ate it.

I was vegetarian for a long time and only eating fish every once in a while, so it was a bit easier to go vegan this way.

Here’s the video I saw by Aaron Doughty where he mentions losing interest in foods that “no longer serve you”. (skip to 3 minutes) I know it’s gonna sound like BS to some so that’s why I wanna get that out of the way.

It’s amazing how quickly everything began falling into place after I started being more positive a.k.a raising my vibrations! Spread those posi vibes ya’ll, it’s really THAT easy.

Read My Spiritual Awakening Story where I list steps I used to get closer to happiness.


I have been vegetarian for a long time, since maybe 2012. I decided to change when I realized cheese and eggs hurt my stomach way too much! I’ve eaten cheese a ton because I loved it, but now I’m a bit grossed out by it. It’s so strange because I would crave pizza so much, make quesadillas every day and I would eat eggs every morning as a vegetarian.

Call me crazy, but I think after I started getting into Law of Attraction, I began to feel differently when I ate pizza, and my chips and even veggie burgers from BK. Anything that wasn’t vegan would make me feel guilty or dissatisfied after eating.

Are you a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan? What’s your thoughts on Veganism and/or LOA and raising your vibes? If you’re interested in more videos on these topics, start with the video I linked above, this video by Ralph Smart/ Infinite Waters, and Leeor Alexandra‘s videos. These 3 people have helped me the most so far. Lastly, here’s my youtube playlist of videos that helped me with LOA.

This is all I’m gonna talk about for now since this was more of an update on my life.

What have you all been up to lately? My next “big move” is to make youtube videos because I don’t feel I’m saying what I want to say through writing. Not sure, maybe I am? Am I not satisfied? Am I starting to get more confidence um hello I’ve been behind a screen my entire life, why the sudden change?!

Anyway, I have a recipe that will be going up for you later on because I’m feeling like posting twice today. I also decided to change my schedule to Fridays now! Bye, gonna watch some Japanese dramas and chill xoxo


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P.s sorry, no art today but I will make sure to introduce new artists every time I have a chance to get in contact with some! Love ya have a great mothers day weekend!

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