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updated january 2022

Hello, my fellow vegan, non-vegans and vegetarians. (pescatarian’s too?)

I’ve been wanting to make this post since November! It’s perfect timing to finally upload this post since it’s Veganuary! Luckily, there’s this new challenge where you try veganism all throughout January. Pretty self-explanatory.

Let me quickly mention why I’m featuring Vegans of Color, since it might be confusing. This amazing list of Vegans are inspiring to not only those trying to go Vegan, but people from different backgrounds with different cultures. I’ve read up on so many articles about the best Vegan Bloggers in the world, but most mentioned 2 or 3 brown vegans (umm, do brown vegans like myself not exist? no, of course they do!). Basically this is about representation!

Many of these amazing people listed below helped me commit to being vegan and still help me today. I grew up in a Mexican area and not many Mexicans in my town are Vegan. How do I know, well I checked google reviews of the restaurants around my area and there was only one girl who complained about getting sour cream in her tortas. Anyway…

This Veganuary, I want to share some vegans I find cool and helpful, who are making businesses, sharing resources or helping their followers see the bad sides of the meat and dairy industries without being a huge pain in the neck (or straight up ignoring cultures).

How can you guys go vegan all by yourself? You’re gonna need to check out these vegans of color to follow!

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Vegans of Color to follow (directory)



Sarah at Spoiled Soymilk + Ojala Vegan


Sarah is the first person I started following when I went vegan last year. They’re a chef who shares delicious recipes for their pop up shop! I love following Sarah because they have the absolute best vegan fast food hacks. You have to follow them on twitter to find out more.
Sarah also owns Ojala Vegan, which is an Arab and Salvadorean food service in LA. Try them out it you’re in the area. Even though I’m in Cali right now, I’m still too far from them :/

Sarah’s Links: Instagram, TwitterOjala Instagram

Meli at Brown Bunny Meli


Brown Bunny Meli is a vegan and cruelty free beauty blogger! There are not too many vegan and brown beauty bloggers, so I’m happy I was able to find her somehow. Amazing how the internet just connects you with people, right? Check out her links!

Meli’s Links: instagramyoutubetwitter

Ruby at Vegana x Mexicana


I love Ruby’s recipes she shares on IG. Recently I saw how a Tahini brand I used was recalled for salmonella thanks to her IG story. You need to follow lifesavers like her! She also makes traditional Mexican foods vegan! Conchas, Gansitos, Champurrado, you name it 🙂

Ruby’s links: instagram


Char at Simply Char


I somehow found Charmaine on twitter (probably from her food pics, they usually go viral within the Vegan Community). Char is a vegan chef who shares the tastiest vegan creations on her social media, from soul food, to the Vegan version of the Crunch Wrap Supreme. (Why aren’t you following her yet?). Check out her site to find amazing recipe books!

Char’s links: SimplyChar.cominstagramtwitter

Ivonne at Vegana Xicana

veganaxicana on ig - vegans of color by

Ivonne is a vegan blogger who shares delicious traditional Mexican recipes with a vegan twist. Check out her blog to get some ideas on what to cook!

Ivonne’s Links: bloginstagram


Jen at Jen Rivera Bell

 VEGANS OF COLOR TO FOLLOW SOYVIRGO.COM ft jenriverabell on instagram

Jen is a blogger, vegan mother and more! I would like to have a baby once I’m a little older, so I’m really looking forward to following Jen’s videos for the best vegan mommy practices.

Jen’s links: instagram, blogyoutube

Denisse at Eco Friendly Vegan

 VEGANS OF COLOR SOYVIRGO.COM ft. ecofreindly_vegan on ig

Denisse shares ways to be vegan while being eco friendly. When I first started going vegan last year, I didn’t really notice how much plastic I was using and honestly didn’t try to stop using a lot of it. Thankfully Denisse is there to help with all my problematic vegan ways 🙂

Denisse’s Links: instagram

Charlie at The Fine Vegan

 vegans of color | thefinevegan on instagram

Charlie shares the best plant-based whole food pics on her IG. I really love all the colors on her plates, it makes me feel like I can be healthy but still eat GOOD. Check out Charlie’s personal page too for a colorful feed!

Charlie’s links: personal igfood instagram

Starr at Black Feminist Vegan


Starr puts the ism in Veganism… does that make sense? They make sure to educate their community about veganism and oppression. It’s important to go vegan, but it’s also important to educate and connect your community. Check out their blog for more info!

Starr’s Links: instagram | blog

Amy at Im Secretly A Cat vegans to follow ft imsecretlyacat on instagram

Amy is the founder of Veggie Mijas. Veggie Mijas is a community of Vegans who share recipes and helpful resources to people who want to learn more about veganism. Find out more about Amy and Veggie Mijas below!

Amy’s Links: instagram


Pooja at Life’s Fine Whine / Herbivore on a Journey


Pooja is a blogger here on wordpress (so you can easily follow her *wink*) and vegan sharing her recipes and favorite vegan products on the gram! Check out her links below!

Pooja’s Links: blog, instagram


If you want to be featured on this list, just DM me on instagram or twitter


Vegan Recipe Bloggers

Surviving VeganInstagram

VeggieKins – Instagram

Vegan Bre – Instagram

Veggie JevaInstagram

Vegan Mexican Food (Food Empowerment Project)

Ruchi’s Veg Kitchen

One Arab Vegan  – Instagram

Vegan Richa

The Viet Vegan

Business’s & Communities:

Veganism IS for everyone

Here’s a great post to check out, Dismantling White Veganism by Vegan Voices of Color. Also, read this post by Thrillist about white veganism and how it isn’t a trend that was founded by white people.

I urge you to look into veganism and stop thinking it’s not meant for you just because you grew up around meat eaters who traditionally eat meat in every meal. I was raised in a mexican household and I’m always asked “what do you eat then?” Well, if ya haven’t noticed, there’s rice and beans, tortillas, jackfruit, a bunch of other fruits, mushrooms and the list goes on!

Stop using the excuse that Jesus killed animals to survive (my brother’s excuse LOL) so we must continue to eat animals too. Today, meat is being made in factories and animals aren’t fed naturally. They’re even fed PLASTIC. Just look up that tik tok video of the guy showing you exactly what the factories feed their pigs. Plastic, straight up plastic!

There’s a movement going on and everyone is invited, even my brother lol

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image from livekindly

Being Mexican + Vegan

Quick story about how I didn’t feel “included” in the vegan community when starting out. In 2017, I tried to go vegan, but I was too scared to commit because of all the hate towards meat eaters and even vegetarians like myself at the time.

Lots of the vegans on twitter would scare you into going vegan or make you feel guilty for eating certain foods. I’m sure you’ve seen twitter attacking someone vegan for eating a snickers once, LOL, like isn’t there anything better to do than bully someone for eating a snickers?

Anyways, I wasn’t learning anything from what some mainstream Vegans were saying, but they did make me feel like crap.

From “I think the public scared me from being vegan,” – Waka Flaka.

I was looking for nicer vegans who would actually share why it’s helpful to go vegan, and how veganism is a positive for everyone even Mexicans.

Now that you have this list of vegans, I hope you’re able to find someone to help you easily transition. I can definitely be one of them! 🙂

This post was inspired by Ruby at VeganaxMexicana on IG.



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Thanks for reading vegans of color to follow

Do you guys know any vegans you think I will love? What is stopping you from going vegan other than how tasty meat is? Also, is there anything you want me to talk about on here to enlighten you more about veganism?
Let me know! Nothing is off limits on this site in 2019 lol

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