Recipe | Vegan Chorizo Stir-Fry with Jackfruit

vegan soy chorizo recipe

Here’s a quick Vegan Soy Chorizo and Jackfruit recipe for you. It was so delicious so I wanted to share it for you busy gals who need a quick and easy to make meal. Keep in mind, I’m awful at cooking, so you might hate this. Also, I took really bad pictures because I just wanted to hurry up and eat!

If you make it, let me know how you like it!

Vegan Soy Chorizo and Jackfruit Recipe



Soy Chorizo (brand I used: Reynoldo's soy Chorizo)
Jackfruit (brand I used: The Jackfruit Co )
Tofu (I used firm tofu)
Red Peppers 
Miso Paste (optional)
Lemon for taste!


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Step 1:

First thing to do is place some soy chorizo into the pan! Start to heat that baby up. TBH I don’t use oil because the chorizo has enough, well, it depends on the pan!

Step 2:

Add in the red peppers after. Once you see it get less watery, and squishy, you can add in the Jackfruit.

You can also put in a tiny bit of my fav Miso from Cold mountain Miso for taste. IDKY, but that thing is so good in anything. There’s many different flavors but I use any one I have.


 soy chorizo and jackfruit recipe


Step 3:

When everything becomes more like a scramble and less like mush, you can add in the Kale at the very end, because those shrink so quickly.

You can add lemon just cause lemon in most food like this tastes amazing and is healthy!

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This is pretty short and bad but that’s okay, you really can’t go wrong with this recipe. It’s very easy and simple and quick to make for breakfast.



Thank you for reading vegan soy chorizo and jackfruit recipe!

Have you ever tried Jackfruit? I first ate it while living with bae in Cali, I was really shocked that it was fruit and not meat. Hope this recipe works you for you guys!


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