Healthy replacements for vegetarian + vegan wannabes

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Healthy alternatives for vegan and vegetarian to-be’s

I will use diagrams for this post and graphic images as well. This post will be helpful for people who don’t eat meat and who eat meat, especially those who are trying to stop eating poorly. Hope you can find something new to try out!

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Instead of Cow’s Milk try Almond Milk

Cow milk it contains pus (i type this as I just finish my sandwich with cheese and eat cheese and other dairy products daily). Humans are the only species drinking another species milk… isn’t that all you need to convince you? “Well then, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?”, you ask? The answer is ALMOND MILK. Soy milk is okay but soy isn’t the best for women. Too much dairy makes me gassy and almond milk just tastes good and is a nut so why not. If you’re not into nuts, try flaxmilk or hempmilk.

Instead of Canola oil try Avocado oil

This oil is a genetically modified product and mostly anything genetically modified means you need to run for the hills or else you will put your health or the environment in danger. My solution is coconut and/or avocado oil. I’ve mostly used coconut and avocado oil and it works the same as any other oil and is healthier.

Most cooking oils

White bread needs to end

Not sure why things that taste so good are usually really bad for you. White foods like flour, sugar salt are bad for us and that means bleached (enriched) bread is too. Just try to keep more greens in your systems and stay away from this white stuff! I never ate white bread as much because my mom knew it was bad, but so is every other bread. If you still need your toast, try whole Wheat bread, Keto bread,

DONUTS and other fried foods.

Sorry to you donut lovers but this is cancerous shit to be completely honest. Don’t think I’m out here trying to convince you to go on a plant-based diet (although we all should in these genetically modified economy) but there are other options! Try baking your foods babes. Or simply cut that fried stuff out. Too much, is too much. Maybe have one funnel cake every once or twice a year at those amazing fairs. I know I have to have at least one when I see them.

CREAMY salad dressings  (mayo, ranch)

I might be the only one here, but coleslaw is so good, but so bad for you. It and other “creamy” textured foods have high sugars and white sugar and high fat salt. Stay away from that please! Instead, try some vinegar or vinaigrette dressing. Instead of mayo, use vegan yogurt (yum!) , I know it sounds weird but it actually tastes like sour cream. Mayo is really gross if you think about it (I love it so much but I can easily take it out of my diet just looking at the texture of it.) Also, you can just spread Avocado all over your bread instead of mayo. Honestly I don’t know the difference between vinegar or vinaigrette because I don’t use dressing or even eat many salads. All I know is oil based dressings are better. OREGANO ROSEMARY OIL is another great option, but there are many home made recipes online. Check them out!

Processed Meats

aka, genetically modified ones can cause cancer. Example, hotdogs. I know hotdogs are amazing, especially that mexican style one when you wrap it in bacon, but that’s a horrible past love of mine, and the past stays in the past. These meats have no place for 2018 and the future. Leave that stuff alone! Okay, just think about what you eat and put in your mouth on the regular. Hotdogs are literally a bunch of meat mixed with other types of meat from gosh knows where, shaped into a stick. You put bread between it, another man made invention to make you fat and unhealthy.

Not sure what else to say about processed meats because I haven’t eaten meat in a long time, but from watching my mom eat meat in different restaurants I can tell you that there has been one too many times where she left her plate full because the meat didn’t taste good.

My dad also had a stroke about 2 years ago and was told to stop eating so much meat. Just look up meat pictures and that alone is enough to creep you out and sicken you. A bunch of guts of animals fixed up to look neat and tidy but think about what went on behind closed doors. Screaming animals and blood and guts falling out of bodies. You normally don’t enjoy watching those kind of things if it’s done to dogs and cats. What’s the difference if it’s done to pigs and cows? Just what you’ve seen on TV.

**Warning: Tasty Images**


Meat Replacements

Instead of eating cancerous meats, try portabella mushrooms, tofu, and even meat alternative brands like Quorn and Beyond Meat. For my chorizo loving readers, I have a solution for you. One time I mixed hot sauce and lemon (because I read you should eat lemons with every meal) into my eggs and it smelled and tasted like chorizo. Make sure to use avocado oil because I tried making those eggs here with my grandma but they only have canola oil and it didn’t come out right.

Sugar is a joke

A real serious joke that’s not even funny. We all know it’s bad. Give RAW CANE SUGAR a try. (take those packets from Starbucks if you can’t find any)


Another white colored food that has no business being in your system. Although it tastes super amazing and I love sushi so much and putting it in my curry, white rice has NO nutritional value. You are eating empty calories. Why not give brown rice a try. Go be a better healthier you this 2018 and give black rice a try.

Canned foods

are weird! Many are linked to cancer. Also plastic bottles, and many canned parts so just just avoid that if you can. And please don’t give your pets spoiled canned foods. Instead, just make fresh foods. If you go to a food pantry and all they give is canned foods that’s okay, just make sure you throw out spoiled ones or just don’t accept them at all.


Soda is full of sugar. It has no nutritional value for your mind and body. If you need to, just drink sparkling water. It tastes amazing and is healthy for ya mind and body! Also, stop buying bottled water or any plastic drinks. Just save up for a filter that attaches to your sink and use tap water every single day. I notice my grandparents are addicted to coke and so was my mom, and apparently it’s a serious problems for Mexicans. My moms teeth are pretty stained because of her coka cola consumption over the years but it’s never too late to start a new habit!


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I’m updating this post on September 5th 2018, and I’m happy to say I went vegan a few months back.


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    • yeah, everytime I start to listen to vegans I get scared. I was eating a sandwich with cheese on it, and I started to get images in my head lol.
      That’s great! I’m glad this makes you wanna take note <3

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