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Soyvirgo’s Travel Log 2018

I never wanted to travel because I hated planes, planning and everything else that comes with traveling. After visiting Mexico in 2017, I realized I need to travel to meet new people and to experience new things. I won’t be able to find many friends just from traveling within my state, so if you think I need to visit you and your hometown one day, leave a comment below!

Travel entries I’ve shared on my blog:

Fort Worth, Texas (Road-tripped)

Ventura, California (Plane ride alone? I don’t even remember it was like a dream)

Los Angeles, CA (Metra)

La Paz, B.C.S Mexico (14 hours by plane, with a cat!)

MAY 24, 2018 :

Chicago to St. Louis Missouri (amtrak)

May 25 2018 :

MO to MD (by car)


MD to California

California to Chicago :/

Want to visit

  • La Jolla California

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