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These 10 things to do before bed for a better tomorrow will help you guys wake up ready to take on work or school with a smile, maybe, no guarantees. I sometimes wake up really nervous for work and it would always happen in high school, it’s annoying. I try to work on it though. Here’s a few things I like to do, if I ever remember to do them. Enjoy!


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10 things to do before bed for a better tomorrow

1. Sleep yoga and stretches

This is very helpful if you’re body feels achy all the time and if you make any slight movement your bones crack, don’t worry, my doctor said it’s normal. We just have to move more! Of course, it’s supposed to be nighttime so only do these simple stretches 🙂

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I know it’s hard to want to get up and move around, but once you do it, you feel really surprisingly amazing!!! Have you moved around enough today? If not get up and do some quick movements and get your heart racing. It’s better to do this than to end up at the doctor and them saying, you have high cholesterol or .. you can get heart problems if you don’t move more. That’s what happened to someone I know okay, so just try your best if you can!


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2. Clean your space

Quickly and calmly clean up your area. Don’t forget to clean up any dishes lying around, bag your book bag for work or school, and pick up after the mess you made. Get tomorrow’s outfit ready and whatever else you need. I like to sleep as long as I can and not need to wake up early to choose an outfit and clean up my mess from the night before, so do it all before you go to bed!

3. Write in your journal

Write down any reminders or notes and tasks/goals for tomorrow. I used to have a clipboard of notes with my to-do list for the next day but now I have it for work if anyone wants to sign up for a one on one appointment lol These days I just use my phones reminders app. Still though, make sure to jot down some gratitude notes for the day in a journal!


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4. Make a drink

Have some bedtime tea before bed, some water or something light. Coffee and even matcha is best for mornings, not night!

5. Eat a light snack

A better thing to do is try intermittent fasting. When I used to do it, I would start eating at 1pm and eat anything (have some self control though) until 8pm. So that’s 7 hours of eating. Afterwards, I would not feel hungry to eat something past 8pm. If you do feel hungry, have some popcorn! Avoid large meals or snacks too close to bedtime!

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6. Make your room a sanctuary

Most of us sleep best in a colder environment– and make your room as dark as possible. I like to open my curtain because I need the light to shine on my face so I can get up. If my room is too dark, I will definitely avoid my alarm.

Remember to get some fluffy blankets, pillows and a mattress. I recenlty bought these bamboo pillows from costco, 2 for $13! I gave one to my mom and she gave me her Ralph Lauren one because it’s just too hard. These ones are super fluffy!

7. Leave tech an hour before bed

Light from mobile devices or TV can ruin your need to sleep and also, makes you practice procrastination and how to be distracted, I mean that’s what I’ve felt: Leave your phone face down and away from your bed so notifications don’t wake you.

Also try setting an alarm for one hour before you’d like to be settled in bed. This is a reminder to start winding down. sparoom oil diffuser fan operated  10 things to do before bed for a better tomorrow morning

8. Oil Diffuser

I recently got this diffuser from SpaRoom. It’s a bit cheaper at Target It’s amazing and it’s fan operated which I believe is better than the water ones I kept trying out. They never smelled as much as my fan one that my husband got me which you can buy here for cheap! Also you should try a lavender spritz on your pillow and linen and see how amazing you will feel in bed.

I like to sleep with binaural beats from youtube for amazing deep dreaming too.

9. Read a book

Reading in bed is a great way to relax and slow the mind.

10. Create a nightly routine

This allows your body to regulate and normalize your sleep pattern and behaviors. When you get into the routine that you like create a ritual of those steps in a notebook so your body and mind is already feeling prepared. I mean, I like being consistent and sometimes your body likes it too!

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10 things to do before bed for a better tomorrow!

Do you guys have a routine you do? What’s something you recommend doing for a better morning?


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    • I want the same!!! My tip is to tell yourself that you need to turn off the phone and tech so you can dream good dreams. sounds cheesy but i like to dream really amazing dreams so that makes me wanna go to bed faster without the tech lol Hope it works out for you!

  • These are some really good tips! I always try and set these little goals for myself before I sleep but never end up doing them (I have no willpower and get way too easily distracted)! xx

  • Stretching is such a good way to rest up and be relaxed before bed! I really really struggle with not having my phone on me right until I fall asleep 😦 It’s so bad LOL. I have an oil diffuser that I absolutely love but I don’t always have it on until I sleep. I should do it more often hehe. Thanks for all these great tips Kiki! ❤

    Geraldine |

  • I’ve never heard of sleep yoga, but I’ve never done any yoga either, but I would have never thought of doing something like that. Cleaning is something that I should probably do better, because I always wait until the next day lol. Eating something small and a hot drink like tea is something that helps me sleep along with reading. I loved all the suggestions they are super helpful.

  • I love these activities you can do before sleeping! It is so important that we have a clean space – it makes us feel better and a bit decluttered. YESSS on writing in a journal. This is another way to declutter from the brain. I’ve heard a lot of things about using an oil diffuser – I need to look into it. I’ve seen a lot of affordable options out there. Having a routine where you prepare for the morning after is important as well. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas!

    Nancy ♥

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