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 the scariest horror movies i watched in 2023

hello friends! im sharing with you the scariest horror movies i watched in 2023 and recommend! i ended up watching a lot of movies in september, honestly that’s kind of all i have been up to this half of the year. you might see another list of movies i’ve watched recently and recommend because i’ve just been watching so many that i feel the need to share them. Hope you enjoy this little list of the scariest horror movies i watched in 2023!

my house walkthrough (2016)

This is not horror video. This video was created simply by filming inside my house.

this isn’t a movie, but it’s still SOOO creepy. it’s a short youtube video and you can watch it here!

saw x (2023)

so my cousin really wanted to watch this, (actually i saw this with my husband first and then suddenly i remembered my cousin wanted to watch this with me ever since the trailer came out but i was almost done with the movie when i finally screamed OMG i was going to watch this with my cousin! and me and my husband now have another secret together.)

and we watched it a little while after it came out! the theater was EMPTY which i really liked, me and my cousin enjoyed it! I watched almost all the saw movies and this is definitely one of the best ones. it seems to be the second movie if you go in chronological events which is cool. I really loved it lets be honest, it had the suspense, but why oh why did they have to — SPOILER AHEAD —

kill Gabriella? The B*stards really just wanted her dead, well maybe to hate the rich white lady more i suppose. So im guessing the saw movies are not finished there. — SPOILER END —

Anyways if you saw it, what did you think?


when evil lurks (2023)

this Argentinian movie really had my jaw ON THE FLOOR and it’s rare for me to get like that when i watch horror. I’m not the type to enjoy let alone sit through horror that has to do with anything too traumatic, like anything to do with hurting women children and animals, just for the sake of ooh wow look what i can do, make you traumatized evil laugh i have that power as a director or whatever lol i just find that cheap.

but this movie i believe did it very well where it’s not the usual, or you at least dont expect to happen what is going to happen, you are completely looking one way, when something EVIL is lurking, and suddenly bam, your jaw hits the floor!


the grudge / ju-on: the curse part 1 and 2 (2000)

i have watched a lot of horror/scary movies and this one honestly takes the cake for me.

In a jealous rage, a man kills his wife and son in their home, and everyone who visits falls prey to a terrible curse.

this movie was hard to find i could really only find it in its entirety on youtube. there are i believe two other parts of the film that you can only find on youtube, that’s where i watched it in its entirety. There are also prequels or short films called “4444..” you can learn more about it here and “katasumi”. They are great short films to watch if you enjoy creepy old videos! I think it’s fun to watch those short films first, THEN watch the movies. It’s just more fun to get yourself ready for whats to come!

This contains: horror the grudge takashi shimizu

Please be prepared to watch scenes of abuse / domestic violence, drowning or animal abuse. It’s very light and not so bad so don’t be too worried about those scenes, just be aware.

horror movies i watched in 2023

What really scared me about this movie was how a monster or demon can create such chaos because of what happened to them before they became a monster, and this grudge just grows and grows! To me it’s almost like something that can happen in real life so thats what spooks me about it.

There are other movies and shows about the grudge but part 1 and 2 have been the scariest out of all of them. I even watched the Ju-on origins on netflix way before i saw Ju-on the curse, and I thought it was the scariest thing ever. After watching Ju-on the curse, i decided origins has got nothing on the original. Guess what, I even watched Ring, and the prequel, Ring 0: Birthday and Ju-on still scares me more!

last shift (2014)

this one really annoyed me and kinda pissed me off because of how spooky it was but like if i were the main character, i would do things differently. (i would just gtfo)

talk to me (2022)

horror movies i watched in 2023

i’m sure you’ve heard about this movie a lot but it was actually really good and entertaining for something that came out recently and kind of sort of involves social media. not many movies that has a little something to do with social media gets me spooked but this one did, it wasn’t the main point but still it has to do with parties and get togethers with teens and what not and it actually managed to scare me!

huesera the bone woman (2022)

this movie is one of the scariest i saw this year, yes all of these are scary, but this one legitimately made me scream to the point my cat jumped off my lap and ran around the room! it’s also one of my favorite movies i saw this year, so that tells ya it was pretty good!

malignant (2021)

this one really surprised me. i think i tried to watch it and didn’t like it, but later on tried to watch it again with patience and soon realized what i missed out on! me and my husband both loved it tbh

beau is afraid (2023)

this movie is one of those one and done, never watch more than once type of movies. It’s a watch once type of movie, but you kind of want to watch it over and over again or NEED to watch it over and over because it’s too crazy to dissect in one sitting!

I’ll be honest, i don’t really GET it but i guess that’s kind of part of the movie maybe. It’s just like WTF type of endings ya know, but it really takes you on a crazy goose chase hunt destination type of thing, but its unsettling. I imagine that this movie is what it feels like if i take a gummy and HAVE to get out of the house and go to work or a meeting? Idk… something important.

horror movies i watched in 2023

OTHER less scary movies I WATCHED THIS YEAR

bottoms (2023) comedy mostly but i enjoyed it okay!

silent hill (2006) this movie wasn’t scary really just kind of crazy and sad, but cool at the same time? i guess that’s because it’s from a video game.

sick (2022) about covid, pretty interesting twist but i like how the girls really tried to fight off people

three extremes(2004) gross! be warned… but its very scary because i just found out… the second movie can kind of maybe be true to happen. yes the world is fn crazy!



Thanks for reading the scariest horror movies i watched in 2023

i know i have been a bit inactive but i was really just working and in a rut! Thanks for your patience guys. Hope you all are having a good end of the year!

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    • i know i saw that first!.. well first i saw the grudge when i was young, pretty scary, then more recent saw the netflix show i was soooo scared then i saw the OG and i feel like that whole thing topped them all

  • I love, love, love horror movies. I saw Talk to Me recently for our 31 Days of Horror Movies. I have seen the Grudge (both versions) but it’s been a while. If your looking for any other horror movies to add to the list check out Host. That was scary. I’ll have to check out some of the other movies in your list as well. Oh wait I have seen Malignant but it was a while ago so I can’t remember it fully.

    • okay so I was very interested in X because i saw pearl and suspiria and so far i like mia goths acting, but because it had to do with porn i was like hmmm idk if its for me… do u think its worth the watch?
      and totally killer was also on my list but not like urgent need to watch
      yes the grudge and sawx really were something else!

      • Yeah, X does have some stuff about porn since the main characters work in the porn industry. I’d avoid it if that makes you uncomfortable.
        Totally Killer is so good, I was surprised by how much I liked it. It has a very unique plot. You’ll like it when you watch it.

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