The Girl in My Dream…

I keep having this dream of a girl, and the girl is me lol. Not really, it’s just a young mexican girl who has my name. It feels like it’s me sometimes but she is much cuter than when I was her age. She’s so funny and fun to be with, I’m always so happy walking around with her calling her my little sister instead of just my friend. She doesn’t have parents, she’s just a random girl I keep seeing here in my trip to Mexico. I dreamed of her once and then again 2 nights ago and I didn’t want to forget it so I’m writing about it.
I thought she was gone and I was super worried about her. I was asking everywhere for her. I saw my brother and dad. My dad said some hurtful things but I didn’t care, I just kept looking for the little me lol Someone uncovered her and another kid sleeping from under a blanket in the back of a van. Not a creepy white van, it was those cute tumblr vans, the ones you see in those photography pictures where people are traveling hehe
I hugged her tightly and we laughed. Hopefully that’s my future daughter. If I could feel that way over a small girl in a dream, imagine once I’m a mom. Wow… baby fever is real I was just laughing at the term, but it is so honestly real lol
I can’t wait to have a kid of my own like that. Well, I will definitely wait because I still need to buy myself all those cute things I never had the chance to. I’m 22 and I love Rilakkuma bears, pink and fluffy stuff, so I clearly can’t have babies now lol
image edit by me, art by Vicki!

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