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Xmas in Mexico: Part 1

Today my aunt brought a tree to decorate and ornaments from home. 🌲 I decorated the tree myself and I think it looks as good as I could make it with what we had hehe. I used colorful lights to put around my window because, who doesn’t love putting lights in their room? I just hope…

A guide to prettier skin

I wanna spread some knowledge on what helped me get a prettier face after having dealt with horrible blackheads and a bumpy red for head all through out my teen years. I wouldn’t say I was ugly, but I didn’t take time out of my day to help my skin be the healthiest it could…

  • Heelo frends Tbh ive been overworking myself! like dam how
  • I forget to tell u guys i have a new
  • It may look like me but I edited this photo
  • I know ive posted this outfit so many times but
  • Me sitting in a little sunflower patch thing in the