Greetings, from Mexico!
I’ve been on vacation for more than 2 months now and it’s one of the best places I’ve ever been to. True, I’ve only gone out of the country once in my life and out of my state maybe 3 times, but there will be more stories to come. Being here has made me change my views on traveling. I used to hate the idea of moving around, spending time looking for tickets, actually spending your money on said tickets, and everything else that comes with travelling. Now that I’m here, I finally understand those “inspiring” Tumblr posts saying, “ now! Do it before you’re too old and before it’s too late”. I agree with them, of course, only do it if you really have the chance, the money and whatnot. It really changes you, especially if you do it alone.
I remember Mr. Nedza, my humanities teacher, saying just that. If there’s one thing I got out of art appreciation, it’s him telling us to get out of town, even to get out of the city and to travel far away. The college experience was great, but nothing beats an inspirational quote from your instructor, who you’re sure is much more cool than what they make themselves out to be in class.
Anyways, I’m here after my first breakup. Yes, from my first boyfriend, first kiss, first love, all that at 21! It feels like it never really happened, but at night around 8 pm to 2 in the morning is when I miss it the most. “It” being the fun and the feeling of sharing almost everything with just one person.
In high-school, I kept romantic relationships at bay, not letting any guy get me.. oh except for one oops (luckily I think my mom found out and told my brother and they scared him away lol). Looking at my friends  going through boyfriend after boyfriend, having distractions and going through heartbreak after another, I knew that a relationship like that wasn’t for me. I had other problems, like, trying to graduate after almost being kicked out for good. (HaHEeHEe)  I’m older now and my thought on relationships are still the same. It can be a total waste of time depending on who you are. In the end, communication is key. You must be completely honest with someone no matter what. The thought of someone being too out of your league is ridiculous. Hiding something about yourself that you hope to later reveal is probably a bad idea. I think the best way to start off a relationship is by being friends. I probably watch too many romantic movies but that’s kind of how they all start off, the successful romantic relationships at least.
Well, my point is, you should travel if you can’t get over a break up. I can get over this one, but I think getting out of not only my town, but out of the country is what really sped up the process. I’m excited for new adventures new friends and that’s all I can think of. My success and my projects which are coming into fruition is my main focus. Everything and anything in between is all coming together.


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