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I sell new and used items from my closet to depop (@6irl9) and poshmark (@bb9).

I sell my clothing brand items on depop as well (@virgencitas) and on Instagram (@vrgnctas). (not so active anymore, but there’s still stuff for sale)


Virgencitas and Company (VRGNCTAS) is based in Chicago. The items are inspired by anime, 90’s, and girls who like to help the earth and fellow earthlings.

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my favorites

Here is a guide for my favorites that I recommend to all you babes. From beauty, to foods and blogging equipment, I’ll share all that here!
All vegan + cruelty free + sustainable 🙂

Home – Garden


My boyfriend makes this for me and it is one of my favorite drinks beside matcha. I will post his recipe for ya’ll because apparently it’s disgusting to amazon reviewers lol



The only mask I use and need. I do this mask once or twice a month. A little mix of water and Apple Cider Vinegar, leave it on for 15 minutes and shower.

If you leave it on for more than 20, your face will get red! Don’t make my mistakes lol

I bought this toner about 2 years ago and I felt like it’s the one thing that helped my skin clear up. I currently don’t use it anymore as of 2018 because I learned that I can just use basic aloe vera (savila) and my skin is really amazing still. Also I’m not sure if this is cruelty free and vegan.


 Shop for modern, global beauty products


Adorned By Chi – – Use this code at checkout: SOYVIRGO

 Free Adorned By Chi Comic – Chi Chi’s Guide to Self Care


Adorable Chi Chi Plush – $25 + plush shipping


Mimikyu pajamas you can just buy at hot topic. these are so cute and comfy I had to link it. I recommend sizing down!


Blogging Equipment +

I wouldn’t be able to blog without these babies, make sure you have these to make blogging a breeze!


Current theme: Get it here Now for $4!

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uploading to ig: planoly and plann app



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