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3 ways to set long term goals

Updated Aug 18, 2021

If you don’t have any goals set as of today, I’m here to tell you that’s okay! Goals are always coming and going, being accomplished, edited or even thrown away! I started making goals when I was a junior in high school, and those goals are still relevant, but they have been heavily updated. This post will help you focus on what you want in life! Many of us have felt that the path we are on isn’t the right one, but we worked so much to get to where we are now that there’s no point in changing the course. That feeling is horrible, but it’s not something to put all your energy on. You need to change that course yourself, or else you might end up somewhere you may not want to be in the future. Don’t beat yourself up now for what you’ve missed out on. Start focusing on what matters to help you get to where you want to be for the rest of your life.

If you need help, here are my 3 ways to set long term goals:

3 ways to set long term goals | soyvirgo.com
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#1 way to set long term goals: MAKE A VISION BOARD

A vision board consists of words, pictures, and any cute art or items you want to add on. The key point is to make it something positive and motivational for yourself. They can come in big, small or pocket sizes. You should also fill them up with things you want to see in your future. Just a tip.  

2018 VISION BOARD by me!

how to decide what to put on your vision board

First, ask yourself what you’ve always wanted:

Incorporate the kind of partner you always wanted or family you want. That includes number of kids, pets, etc. Add images of a house, apartment or small studio and even your ideal weight and body type if that’s what you’re interested in working on. As you can see above, I including a girl in a field holding someone’s hand. That’s what I wanna do with my boyfriend one day. Since we are long distance, we can’t always do that.

Next, think about what career you want.

Astronaut, Vet, a famous chef, a shoe maker, the next Rihanna… However big that career goal of yours is, include it in your board. Make it something you’re really working for. Don’t forget to add in materialistic things. I included some clothes and makeup I think are really cute. Add whatever you want to see in your future. That $20 purse from f21 that you want to save up for, the cute shoes, the coffee dates with friends, include it all. Just make it part of your goals, and not part of your dreams. I have a virtual vision board which consists of cute décor in all the rooms of my future home, clothing, cat furniture  and tons more. If you’re not the creative type and have no time to make a physical board, just like I haven’t, I really recommend starting on Pinterest like I did.

Check out my virtual board! (aka pinterest)



#2: Do Some Research

I didn’t exactly do any research, but I made a Pinterest account, and after being on tumblr since 2012, I kind of got a crystal clear idea of what I want in my life. I started making boards on Pinterest of hairstyles I wanted to try out, outfits I wanted to wear, and stuff I wanted to do in the future. Nowadays I just stumble upon popular people on Instagram and make collections on there too. I used to subscribe to youtubers and I was intrigued with their lifestyles. I grew more fond of Marzia Bisognin. Her house has always had the kind of style I wanted to go for, as well as her outfits. See what you like and what you don’t. Examine and observe famous people and determine weather you want to be famous youtuber rich, or just have a quiet, simple, but happy life with no financial worries. You have to do some research to find which goals will get you to where.  

#3: Write what’s important to you

I have been writing in journals for a long time. But starting in 2015 was when I wrote things that weren’t just diary entries. I wrote lists on what I should improve on, what to do during different seasons and essentially what my goals are. I recommend starting in a journal because goals should be a bit private at first. They should be something only you know about and nurture. If anyone asks, you will know what to say because you have them written down! I agree that sharing your goals and plans isn’t such a good idea when starting out. I used to do that and it seemed more like I was boasting to my friends. There’s also no necessity in doing so because you just have them in your head, but you’re not yet making moves to accomplish them.

journal entries soyvirgo.com
lists for summer 2016 and 2017!
spring 2018 goals soyvirgo.com
my goals for spring and changes that need to be made to be a better me this year!

                                  The reason why writing down what’s important to you will work in setting long term goals is because that way you can see the type of person you are. Are you a homebody, are you interested in parties and impressing others? Are you more interested in helping yourself and making yourself successful before finding love? There’s a lot of ways to start writing but I just really recommend writing down small goals. You can see what you want to get better at and what you want to work on. Thus, figuring out what long term goals are most important to achieve.


#1: Make a Vision Board, #2: Do some Research, #3: Write what’s important to you

These are the 3 ways to set long term goals and they’re what I use to help myself in setting my goals.


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Thanks for reading 3 ways to set long term goals!

Thank you for reading! I hope everything was explained well enough so you can use this as a guide to set your goals! I think you need goals big and small. They’re helpful when you have no idea what you’re doing. Focus on now and write down what your goals are so you don’t forget them!

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