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If you don’t have any goals set as of today, I’m here to tell you that’s okay!

Goals are always coming and going, being accomplished, edited or even thrown away!!!! I started making goals when I was a junior in high school, and those goals are still relevant, but they have been heavily updated.

What you’re doing is fine, but this is a post to help you focus on what you want in life! Everyone has felt what they’re doing is not enough, or they may be on a wrong path, yet they have worked so much to get to where they are now that they don’t want to change.

That feeling where you wish you had done something when you were younger is horrible, but it’s not something to put all your energy on. Sure, I could have learned how to program when I was a wee one instead of spending hours just looking at memes on tumbr… BUT, I didn’t have enough resources to figure out what the heck programming was in the first place! So don’t beat yourself up now for what you DIDN’T do in the past or what your’re NOT doing now. Just start focusing on what matters to help you get to where you want to be in the future.

Want goals? You got’em! If you need help to find and set them, here’s my 3 suggestions:

soyvirgo goals

1. Make yourself a vision board.


mood board soyvirgo
I have more of a mood board than a vision board.

A vision board consists of words, pictures, and any cute art or items you want to add on. The key point is to make it something positive and motivational for yourself. They can come in big, small or pocket sizes. You may have already made one back in elementary school. If you have no idea what they are, here are just a few examples for you, including one I just made for myself over at polyvore hehe:

from domino.com


Office pin board
from theglitterguide


soyvirgo goals



Kenzo flatform espadrille sandals
$310 – coggles.com

Typography wallpaper
$15 – very.co.uk


How to decide what goes on your board:

First, ask yourself what you’ve always wanted || Incorporate the kind of partner you always wanted, the car, amount of kids, what pets you want, whether you want a house, apartment or small studio and even your ideal weight and body type. As you can see above, I including a girl in a field doing that cheesy hand holding things couples do. That’s what I wanna do with my boyfriend, though, so I’m gonna include that lol. I also added a girl in a cute outfit, the “ideal” kind of look I want to have eventually and post on my instagram.

Next, think about what career you want || I want to be astronaut, I want to be a vet, a famous chef, a shoe maker, the next Rihanna… However big that career goal of yours is, include it in your board. Make it something you’re really striving for.

Don’t forget to add in the materialistic things || I included some clothes and makeup I think are really cute. I don’t think I’ll ever buy myself a Tom Ford lipstick, but it’s nice to look at it. Add whatever cute things you want on your vision board. That $20 purse from f21 that you want to save up for, the cute shoes the coffee dates with friends and lovers, include it all. Just make it part of your goals, and not part of your dreams.

I have a virtual vision board which consists of cute decor i want in all the rooms of my future home, clothing, what cat furniture I want, car interior ideas inspirational quotes and tons more. If you’re not the creative type and have no time to make a physical board, just like I haven’t, I really recommend starting on Pinterest and on Polyvore.

Check out my virtual board! My Polyvore

2. Do some research

I didn’t exactly do any research, but I made a Pinterest account, and after being on tumblr since 2012, I kind of got a crystal clear idea of what I want in my life.

I made my pinterest for fun and to have something to do while I worked as a student aide. I started making boards of hairstyles I wanted to try out, outfits I wanted to wear, and stuff I wanted to do in the future. Nowadays I just stumble upon popular people on instagram and note down what I like that they do and would want to try out for myself.

I used to subscribe to youtubers like pewdiepie and I was intrigued with their lifestyles. He just played games and that was his full time job that he loved doing. It was inspiring for me, but it definitely wasn’t a goal of mine. I then started to grow more fond of Marzia, who happens to be his girlfriend. Her house has always had the kind of style I wanted to go for, as well as her outfits. They truly give me the ideal house and style goals I’m going for lol

Although, it’s not a good thing, I used to obsess and talk about their relationship to my boyfriend and say things like how I want to be like them. I’m glad I grew out of that and realize we are completely different people with different lifestyles. Some things Marzia does are not what I would like to do. But this is what I mean when I say do your research! You can get ideas by people from the internet so easily. Luckily I had Marzia to help me get an idea of what I liked and what I was interested in.

See what you like and what you don’t. Examine and observe famous people and determine weather you want to be Elon Musk rich, or just have a quiet, simple, but happy life with no financial worries. You have to determine which goals will get you to where.

Bullet Journaling notebooks

3. Write about what is important to you

I have been writing in journals for a long time. But starting in 2015 was when I wrote things that weren’t just diary entries. I wrote lists on what I should improve on, what to do during different seasons and essentially what my goals are.

journal entries soyvirgo.com
lists for summer 2016 and 2017!

I recommend starting in a journal because goals should be a bit private at first. They should be something only you know about and nurture. If anyone asks, you will know what to say because you have them written down!

I agree that sharing your goals and plans isn’t such a good idea when starting out. I used to do that and it seemed more like I was boasting to my friends. There’s also no necessity in doing so because you just have them in your head, but you’re not yet making moves to accomplish them.

Be proud of your future goals, but work on them first. Don’t just talk the talk!

spring 2018 goals soyvirgo.com
my goals for spring and changes that need to be made to be a better me this year!

I hope these have given you an idea of how to find and tackle your goals! I think you need goals big and small. They’re helpful when you have no idea what you’re doing.

I would have been a more organized gal if I were writing more when I was extra busy in college, but that’s all in the past!

Focus on now and write down what your goals are so you don’t forget them bbs!

I hope you guys had a great Easter. I don’t celebrate it, I’m honestly not too sure what the holiday is about, but I love bunnies so I guess it’s a cute holiday. I was trying to order some falafel but they closed randomly while ordering on door dash. I ended up buying some amazing chinese food. It got here so quickly and I’m so blessed.

Have you ever noticed how big the portions are for Indian, Chinese and Mexican food? I’m so thankful I actually love all three or else I would be sad (but pleased) with a Vege burger from BK lol

Before I go, I want to leave these two wallpapers I have as my home and Lock Screen. They’re so cute and they’re pretty useless since phones all comes with the date and time, but it makes me remember to check my to do lists every time I want to open my phone.

Hope you like them ya’ll. Have a great week!

april calender
from sarahhearts.com


Love K.

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