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Thursday, Oct 1

hey guys here’s my monthly recap post for my september monthly favorites 2020 –

I decided to make a monthly favorites/recap series to document my life for ya’ll. This series started in January 2019. You can read my very first post here: Kiki’s Monthly favorites | January (new blog series)

Enjoy these moments from September! ♡


September Monthly Favorites 2020 


september monthly favorites 2020 - food movies memories shows vegan food mukbang and more



The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Posts of September

I made a lot of posts this month only because it was my bday month so don’t expect that to be a regular thing lol


Blogger posts of September

New Section! The following section is where I share my fav posts that I read this month!

I’ve been really into the Fall Bucket List posts and actually plan on making one in October lol thanks to ya’ll!


  The following are my favorite moments from the month.

moments from September

The 3rd: my fav virgos’ bdays

this day, 3 people i know had celebrated their bday.

two are famous and one is an instagram mutual of mine!

can you guess which ones are famous? 

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The famous ones are JOY from Red Velvet DUH and the other is Hana from Terrace House, she is a wrestler who passed away. She actually committed suicide and that really made me so upset because it was all really due to cyber bullying. At least she left a lot of us with many awesome memories.

Also, she has inspired me to become a more positive person!

I mention more about her in this post: Terrace House: my fav female members, May monthly favs



The 6th: my dads bday

isn’t it crazy i have so many virgos in my life? I always say I don’t know many virgos but I actually do!

Anyways, I obviously didn’t celebrate since he lives pretty far away now but I sent him messages!


bday celebrations: bday mukbang and eating out!

so for my bday i had a lot of fun and i was going through a lot mentally!

i journaled a lot and enjoyed some vegan foods and played video games.

for that weekend I also went out and ate some vegan food.


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👋 i went to ikea this weekend and got some goods since its my bday month 🤭 and i manifested this vegan food from @grainlab lol why manifest? bc it was the closest vegan spot from where we were and it was actually good. — fui a ikea este fin de semana y compre unas cositas por mi mes de cumpleaños 🤭 y manifesté esta comida vegana de @grainlab lol ¿Por qué manifestar? porque era el lugar vegano más cercano a donde estábamos y era realmente bueno el lugar y la comida. – i don’t really like sweet potato but these are honestly the best fries i can remember ever having!!! as a vege i loved fries, but when i went vegan i got really bored of all types of them. I can honestly say these are the type you wanna get whenever u can, and the sauce … omg… my grandma and mom in law really loved it too. 🙃 so, now i see i can manifest really good food without doing much research or regretting it later 🥳 How was ur weekend?? Any places you think i should try because i still don’t know where to order from this week 🤔 𝙨𝙤𝙮𝙫𝙞𝙧𝙜𝙤𝙨@𝙤𝙪𝙩𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙠.𝙘𝙤𝙢 𝘵𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 @𝘪𝘵𝘴𝘬𝘪𝘬𝘪𝘵𝘢 ♡ 𝘴𝘰𝘺𝘷𝘪𝘳𝘨𝘰.𝘤𝘰𝘮 . . . . #veganfoodlover #veganbloggers #veganblog #lovelycatlovers #veganfood #veganburgers #veganfoodblogger #vegansunite #ethicalvegan #fasterwaytofatloss #sweetpotatofries #veganburger #burgersandfries #discoverunder500 #veganblogger #veganfoodies #bloggerslife #grainlab #veganas #caliveganfood #veganmexican #veganintermittentfasting #californiavegan #chicagovegan

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I think we went to ikea and since it was such a busy day in Ikea then I was really hungry and my stomach always hurts when I go on rides. I get car sick actually!

But it’s okay I did my best to get through it.

Do you also get car sick sometimes? IDKY I think it’s just when I don’t eat enough and then go out on rides especially if I happen to sit in the backseat!

well anyways here’s my super weird and random vegan bday mukbang I was doing on my bday night. then afterwards I just started playing video games hehe it was really fun to me but i wish i could have done more for that special day lol i mean you only turn 25 once right? I must warn you, I can be weird and random and my editing is like, so awful and i used an app to edit it.


please comment and subscribe to me if you haven’t, thank you babes!!

what kind of content do you personally watch when you do go on youtube? maybe i can share more of what i blog about in video format 🙂


September monthly favorites 2020: FOOD FOOD FOOD


So this month I had a lot of fun!

I ate some good foods lately. All that’s pictured is vegan. I mostly ate a bunch of tacos and sandwiches, but wow were they good! 

I usually always show what I eat on IG stories. 


  • white castle bean burger sliders (last time buying these i swear)
  • tempeh tacos
  • delicious ham and cheese sandwich
  • spaghetti (with oil, my mom in law cooks with oil so sometimes I eat what she makes)
  • my bday burger lol
  • delicious french toast, no oils or added sugar!
  • my noodles with tofu omg so good!



The 12th: Meeting my best views ever goal AGAIN

I met this goal two times in august and right away at the start of September again.. ahh im just so incredibly happy about all the accomplishments I’ve made within these past two months alone!


my cali bedroom makeover: ikea stuff and cute room stuff!

so we have been going to ikea a lot and well we got some cute af stuff there to decorate our room. I’m working on a youtube video to show my before and after of what the room looked like and what it ended up looking like after a minor makeover!

I will probably just make a seperate blog post showing the whole makeover.

laptop fan noise: cleaning out my own laptop? wtf!

My laptop has been making a weird noise that comes and goes… I ended up putting my laptop up for sale because I haven’t been liking it for a while. It cost a ton and that mouse pad is the WORST.


I also don’t use ANY of it’s features like the touchscreen and 360 foldable fancy looking thing, like it’s perfect for an artist. Now I just use it to blog so it’s really not meant for me! There’s not really any place to buy this laptop new, at least I can’t find it anywhere, but Target has some similar styles!


cute hp x360 pavilion gold laptop touchscreen reversible convertible


So I decided to take it apart and try to fix it before I sell it!

First of all, it’s a great and pretty laptop. That’s why I bought it. Second it’s perfect for… college students? It’s not perfect for me because I don’t treat my laptops well. Well anyways.. I decided to make a video on all of this and show how to fix it, going by the youtube videos I saw myself! Well at least, I might try to make a video of me fixing it, otherwise I will be selling it for $500 lol



so i have been redecorating my room and that means selling stuff i don’t use anymore and getting rid of clutter to be able to make way for things i do want and need in my room lol honestly this is why i haven’t been TOO active online. I have just been busy organizing my junk.

selling clothes on depop used and new items for sale please shop with me uwu! september monthly favorites 2020

here are some of the items i am getting rid of on depop. i will soon upload these items and try to take professional pictures so i can put them on my sites shop. that way i wont have to give 10% of sales to depop or any other app!

let me know if you want anything!

depop clothes for sale at - used and new items juicy couture belt pink bralette

Giveaway winners: BDAY GIVEAWAY 

So I ended up doing my giveaway and since it was not international this time, it mostly got a few entries, but that’s okay as long as I got some lol  

I will be choosing the winner soon but if you are in the u.s and want to maybe win $20 and preloved clothes, check out my giveaway post! It’s also avail on instagram!


things i bought:

new section so i remember what i spent money on lol…

so this month i actually spent money.. shocking!

  • ahappymush jewelry
  • nuest vlive unboxing
  • nuest new japanese album Drive
  • $200 worth of clothes from a used online thrift shop!


I bought myself cute jewelry from A HAPPY MUSH. I’m mutuals with the owner on instagram and I just wanted to get myself something cute for my bday month.

I absolutely love them! Might be buying more soon hehe

hewo this is for my september monthly favorites post hehe ahappymush on instagram - barbaragoeswear - small business buys |

nuest vlive+ unboxing:

so i ended up buying this vlive thing. if you are into kpop, then you might be aware of what this is! I can’t share anything because its for people who bought it only LOL but some smarty pants know how to save content that’s restricted so if you look it up, you might be able to find the content from it!

nuest drive album:

i bought this japanese album! 

as you know, it is very hard to listen and stream japanese music in america. japan hates us, and that’s very understandable. makes me wish i could live in mexico with my grandma since mexico and japan are cool lol 

well im just waiting for this album to arrive to me and i will update you next month most likely with my purchase and maybe even an unboxing video on youtube! so exciting!!


cute clothes (finally):

so i finally bought myself clothes! i haven’t in.. idk maybe a year!

i did buy a few things here and there, but most were taken back or i resold them.

now i spent over $200 for these clothes. maybe i will also do a haul video and blog post on it lol

i bought myself clothes because like i said many times, im gonna go home to work and i wanna look and feel like a boss binch, so i gotta look the part!


life goals and accomplishments:

New section! Life goals is like blog goals, but lifestyle related (this section was inspired by Weird Louise’s monthly wrap up posts!


  • make more shop sales
    • I did not meet this goal LOL but i honestly didn’t work much on my shop at all! I have been really busy with trying to sell my stuff on depop/instagram. if you’re interested in some stuff check out my ig highlight mostly for clothes. I will end up uploading my stuff on my shop here because i think it would be better to also sell on my own site instead of apps and have them take out 10%!
  • better sleep
    • So I did get better sleep asap! im so happy about this because not only am i getting great sleep, i am also sleeping early AND waking up around 10am now!
  • yoga/meditate/or movement
    • NOPE
  • digital de-clutter
    • I actually had to do some of this on my laptop at least because i had to clean out the fan and all that stuff, so i had to delete files and put them in a cloud in case i messed up my laptop. i don’t want to lose my precious pics!

Make more shop sales

i will work on this more in october, hopefully! i also just want to figure out what there really is i can sell. not much since im a minimalist lol

organize my life!

so i have planned to organize my life.

im actually planning on going back home to HELP my mom with the biz again and she NEEDS help because she does all the filing, bookkeeping, payroll etc all on her own, she also goes to the restaurant to basically supervise lol

i know how bad i get when i have to do a lot at once, so i feel like i need to go back home and help her. So first, i MUST organize myself.

That means:

  • making time for journaling/gratitude journal
  • self care time for me!
  • making time for SOYVIRGO.COM (including social media, networking, seo, blog posts, planning and my SHOP)
  • decluttering my life which means selling/donating what im not using and don’t need so i don’t have more stuff to worry about
  • making routines like a before bed routine, morning routine, eating, hygiene, and routines for doing my online work/trying to do my biz and also preparing to help my mom with out actual biz.
  • and finally, organizing my day to day and making TO DO LISTS that include things we must get done to keep our businesses afloat, without forgetting to care for ourselves and each other and also my cat! she has been so neglected lately since my mom is busy.. so im also going home for that reason!

Work on my bod / yoga / etc

im going to try this again since i did not accomplish this last month! i want to do yoga because even though i have lost a lot of weight, i am not fit or strong or anything. yoga will help my back problems a ton! Im always sitting on my computer or playing video games/streaming on youtube or twitch. So yoga will help me keep my body happy, or at least just moving aroung a bit is enough.

Digital De-cluttering

i want to work more on digital decluttering which will ALSO help me be more ORGANIZED.  


September Favorites 2020 | music:

naughty – red velvet

this song is not my type at all but the dance is crazy!

see it for yourself. never expected miss bae to pull this off lol… 





So I’ve only seen these two because they went viral on youtube but I never dare to click anything from youtube because I usually don’t like whatever is trending. I finally clicked on this video that was trending from the VMAs and it was this video:


Let me just start off by saying, they KILLED it. Like, is that really their voice? is it actually live singing… idk but they are so good.


I never really cared for 9muses but I love this edit! It’s really catchy and cute. I want to sing along to it even if I don’t know the words lol


Here’s the original if you want to hear the differences!



September Monthly Favorites 2020 | shows:


POSE (finished)

HOW COME NOONE TOLD ME TO WATCH THIS? jk, I know its because i have no friends lol But now… I actually binge watched this and finished it probably in a week or less?? It was so good!

I usually hate musicals but this one did not have many singing scenes so im grateful for that. I love being able to learn about the trans community and what they go through. I knew it wasn’t easy for trans women, but I didn’t know it is THAT hard for them to just be alive.

 elektra abundance actress pose netflix quotes | monthly favorites


I really love Elektra, she is my fav character that I have seen in a long time. I have a feeling she was a real person, considering they were leaving quotes at the end of episodes from real people. I didn’t do any research on this so I don’t know anything about the show or who made it, but I just really love the people in it!

The actress is actually really inspiring. I am honestly going through what she explains in this video below. I’m learning to accept myself, my past, and not caring what others think of me. That’s something you must do growing up. I mean, I finally made a YouTube video (shown above) showing myself eating lol. Something I never thought to do, ever. My skin condition made me pretty embarrassed to show myself, but I honestly don’t care much anymore. 

She is a great actress not just because she has dealt with a lot, but she’s honestly just a great person! She is an advocate and I love actors/actresses who do what they think is right for fellow BEINGS. I think it’s sad that people don’t like trans people because of IDEAS of them. I mean, have you ever met one, talked to a trans person? Why have ideas of someone just from what you have learned ONLINE? We must stop judging each other from ideas or thoughts.

I hate how people will say lgbtq+ people = pedophiles. Oh no, if you say that in front of me I will clock you because the person who abused me as a child was a STRAIGHT MALE. Just because there’s a straight man out there are they automatically a pedo? No! So I don’t understand at all how people will assume all lgbtq+ people are pedophiles.

Anyways I just try not to have bad ideas or thoughts about anyone because I know what that can feel like. 

Here is just one of her many iconic scenes from the show:  

Will you be watching this show anytime soon? I just decided to watch it on a whim, maybe something drew me to it because I’m not usually into “musicals”. I’m really shocked how I ended up watching this show. Maybe I manifested it since it has great messages?


Related Reads: Netflix shows I’ve been watching

Everything will be okay (currently watching)

 its okay to not be okay, gifs |

I started watching this the end of this month and I think its so great so far. Let me be frank, I LOVE kdramas for their fashion and the decor. That’s also why I am watching this show! The outfits really attracted me. The kfashion gives me inspiration since I’m soon going to work as a manager. I want to look GOOD!


It talks about mental health a bit, it has an eerie vibe, the beginning was like Coraline. 

It’s funny and the woman is so freaking cute. It’s great to watch when you’ve just watched something sad so I recommend it. I mean yeah it’s pretty sad sometimes, but it’s Kdrama, that’s how it’s gonna be.


the social dilemma (finished)

i skipped a lot. I like the message where we are not communicating as humans. there’s a lot of confusion and HATE in the world rn. people that don’t believe in science and believe in harmful things, kids trying to be pretty and if they aren’t flawless enough they feel like just ending their lives, adults too.

i mean, its happening ya’ll. just wake up, stop using your social media in ways that HARM YOU, like, are your relationships in real life going well?

i used to think it wasn’t a big deal, but now as an adult, i feel much different about it all. i mean, when i got tik tok i was scrolling on it for 5 hours non-stop. no breaks! i save a lot of content about looking fit and skinny and pretty. I can only be me. unless i want to get surgery, and I don’t! all i want is straight teeht lol!

so yes, it’s important to put more value in your life, not likes and validation from others especially complete strangers!


September Monthly Favorites 2020 | blog goals:

This is where I will share my goals related to my site/ working


I’m almost at 400! the giveaway post really helped me reach a bit more followers this month. also, somehow, not being active on IG really helped me lol

Todays Stats: 397

Goals for Sep: find more blogger friends and make sales through here!


i have not used twitter like at all this month and i also went private lol so yup, not much growth. also I do not mind it because like I mentioned earlier, i watch the social dilemma and got into it lol im thinking i need to focus much more on blog content and growth

Today’s Stats: 255 followers Goals: 500 followers


My numbers went DOWN and I really have no clue why, but I’m so glad they are back up!

Last month I was at 7k and 7mill!

It didn’t go up much but I actually was not on much, I didn’t do a lot of blog related things I’m gonna be honest!

Today’s Stats: 7.5k+ follows, 7.5 million views

Goals: 10 million monthly views by the end of Oct-Nov and 10k follows?..can I do it? I will try! 



Since pinterest views went down for me this month, that meant BLOG views also went down! For like a few days it was all down for me which was sad, but it’s not the end of the world!

Last month I surpassed my 5k monthly views goal and this month I met that goal again! I didn’t really surpass last month and I accept that. I did get 6k views this month so.. yes im shocked again…

I have been getting emails for promo posts that i barely checked so let’s hope I can make a collab with a company soon and get paid for all this work or at least get free stuff to review lol.

Also my main goals for the end of the year is getting 10k monthly views like I’m really excited!

Today’s Stats: 200+ daily views, 6k+ monthly views

Goals: 250+ daily views, 10k monthly views, 300+ followers. 

I accept guest writers and regular authors! If you want to write articles here, just click my collab link!


thank you for reading text graphic

Thanks for reading september monthly favorites 2020!

well this month was much more exciting for me. I’m glad I worked more on myself this month and realized some great things for myself. What I hope for october is to work more on finances and make more income streams, and also build my confidence!

Last post: new moon affirmations coming true!

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  • Thanks for featuring one of my post. The burger and fries look so good. I haven’t had a burger since June. I plan on trying to make a vegan version of the Travis Scott meal from Mcdonalds soon. I’ve never been to an IKEA. I plan on going after I move for organization stuff. When I drive past it on the highway it looks huge. Like you could get lost in there. I hope you have a lovely October and good luck with your goals.

  • I just bought a new laptop (after finally retiring my 10-year-old laptop that I’ve been using since high school lol)! I don’t use the fancy features like touchscreen and 360 degree folding too which is why I looked for one that’s just a standard laptop that I can also use for digital art stuff and games. Your September sounded so so fun! Here’s to October hopefully be even better!!

  • I haven’t been to IKEA in ages. I love the Burbank one – it is HUGE! I can relate with getting carsick. For some reason, this is only the case in standard cars and when I am in the back seat. Sitting in the back of a luxury car doesn’t give me motion sickness because the ride is much smoother. Maybe food for thought. It is great that you had a great September overall! Glad you’ve been taking steps to be more organized with your life!

    Nancy ✨

    • That’s the one we went to! It honestly didn’t seem huge because of covid they had it really closed off and it was just odd, you know. I never go to ikea at home so it was a lot of fun going to this one!
      Hmm i don’t really ride in the back seat anyways but yeah this car we used is not luxury 🤣

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