september memories (my bday month)

september memories

Hewo again!

Another month has flew by! I’m starting to feel as though I have no life, my job is my life now lol. As long as I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy my September Highlights and Favorites! โ™ก

 september monthly favorites and highlights



Monthly favorites + adventures from September

The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Blog Posts from September

The following are my favorite moments from the month.

Favorite Moments

The 6th: meeting my pal again

i think last month I wrote that i met up with my friend but it was actually in september that I met up with them?? HMM, oh yes now I remember. I was finishing my August post late so the dates kind of overlapped. Anyways, I had a date with her on this day.


 september monthly favorites

The photo above shows a girl and thats my buddy with her cute looking hair aghhh

Also the food is so amazing rice and potato mole. So delicious, but I’m trying not to eat food like that because it’s too oily. My husband says he stopped having oils and he feels much better!

The 9th: my bdayy

I’m a virgo baby of course. My bday was on a monday. I went to get a facial and it felt amazing. I had a break from work which made me even more happy, naturally. The day before my work buddies got me cute gifts. Just balloons and a cake. I was so happy because I never got gifts like that before, not even in high school. I love my coworker friend! She’s the one who pretty much initiated this wee lil plan to get me gifts on the down low hehe

If you wanna know, I’m 24!

Wow almost 25, now I really don’t feel like a baby ๐Ÿ™ But I will always feel like a baby to my husband hehehe eww



 september monthly favorites

My cute a** ballooons that are still floating in my room hehehe

and that pic is of me from my snap chat yes I called myself a hoe lol


The 28th: Meeting up with my buddy again!!

My friend and I decided to meet up and go shopping to catch up again and talk about school and my working and my work dramas lol

We ended up shopping (mostly me) and I got a ton of cute things!! No, I didn’t take pictures because, I lost my brain probably!

I also decided that I would be Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service this Halloween. I’m making a big deal about this because I want to look cute for work since I never go out during Halloween and I might as well try something. Your girl hasn’t gotten dressed for halloween since maybe 2015? yup, SAD!


The 29th: More Work drama (mostly boy drama)

So I have a really close friend at work, well I feel like she see’s me as a close friend too because she tells me everything about her life and I feel the same about her.

Anyways, recently she started liking someone at work, more like obsessing over him lol So we came up with a lil scheme.

I ended up giving her crush her number, because she can’t stop talking about him and they keep flirting with each other. Later on after he got the note, he texted. We were working together all day so it was just a crazy night waiting for his text to see what he says to her.

Well, it was exciting, because her crush texted her! They exchanged some texts, but turns out he has a girlfriend and a daughter. She just said, “sorry for bothering I thought you were single”, and he responded with: “it’s okay, but my relationship with my gf is going downhill”.

All she could say is: “I hope it gets better for you.” And all he responded with was “I Like Your SMile”

Since my friend doesn’t want to bother someone who is already in a relationship, she left it at that. I can understand her because if someone were texting my husband I would feel like crap knowing he says our relationship is going downhill and also telling another girl he likes her smile.

Well anyways, she called me later that night telling me the guys number called, but it was the girlfriend! She said to never text the number again or she will talk to our manager (lol).

We were both upset because first off, how are we supposed to know her man is single, second, why would she talk to our manager. She needs to talk to her boyfriend and keep those problems at home.

But anyways yeah, I will never be messing with giving out my coworkers numbers because maybe they will have a crazy girlfriend who will try to get us fired! I’m not ready to get fired again!

Songs I loved this month:

Feel Special – Twice

twice just keeps coming up with bops

but this song made me cry!!! omg, mina’s part wow. her lil smile makes me happy. and chaeyoung smiling at her..

Hot Girl Summer – Megan Thee Stallion

I like this song okay…


Tempo – Lizzo

This song is super cuteeee and catchy and fun hehe




Yes that’s all!!

I didn’t listen to anything new really, this month has been reallly busy agh!! October will be busy too because I have my wisdom toooth removal and I’m nervous!!

Don’t tell my boss but I might lie and take an extra day off once I recover lol

Favorite Shows:

Gossip Girl

I finally finished!!! OMG I kind of loved the ending… I wont say anything because spoilers!!! BUT I really like B and D together lol

Queer Eye

Yes I am still watching hehe and I’m in love with Jonathan ugh he’s so funny.

Terrace House

I need friends who love this show like meee It’s so much fun to watch!!

How have you all been??? Who else had a bday this month? I noticed a lot of people had their bdays this month who I never knew were virgo babies?? Kinda weird. Also… people have been getting sick so much around me, what is this sign…

Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites of September! Hope you enjoyed!

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