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Mon, Sept 28

Hello my friends and fairies…

Is that too cheesy? yes it probably is..

This is my September Bujo 2020 inspo post! I just wanted to share my own bujo for this month, my plans, my goals and affirmations I did that eventually ended up working.

I know im posting this super late, but I decided that’s okay because I will just share what I was trying to achieve and what I have accomplished this month instead of just showing an empty bujo. I just think it’s more like me to post that way, since my spreads aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to be showing them all empty anyways lol 

September Bujo 2020


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september bujo 2020 | main spread

here is my basic af spread for this september bujo 2020.

I tried to do my best with the cursive, but let’s just ignore all that!

I made a goals section and to do section and a section for things I want to work on.




september bujo 2020 | goals

these are my goals to work on for September. 

  • learn other languages
  • start income for rent
  • reach 10m pinterest views a month
  • fix skincare
  • dentist + doctor
  • bday giveaway
  • reach online community to 1k+

these are big goals of mine and also small goals.

learning other languages

learning other languages means that I will be able to take in more content, like watch kdramas and listen to kpop and anime and understand more without BEGGING for english subs to everything!

monthly rent income

my income for rent goal means to start a monthly income that will help me pay rent for my new apartment i will get this year. right now the bills i have are phone bills, im working on finally moving alone so i need some higher income goals!

i can see myself already making about $2k this a month, soon! so i will actually rent out a place for $600 thanks to my moms current landlord, she is kind of a family friend now. 

10mill on pinterest

my goal was not met in september, but I will mention later about how pinterest stabbed me in the back this month lol that post will come on the weekend.

fixing my skincare

my skin has been bad lately. the air here in cali is so bad, our neighbors are smokes, we live right behind a busy main road and the people in cali LOVE to collect old busted cars and the old men in their driveways are always running those busted cars. it’s so bad for my skin. the only thing i can do is work on my skin so these people don’t keep ruining it for me lol

it’s difficult when you only buy vegan and cruelty free items :/ still hunting tho! 

dentist and doc visit

i haven’t seen either in a while! i need to get a check up and i still need to get my wisdom teeth removed! thank goodness california gave me insurance asap. so i must do that before i move back home!

bday giveaway

i did a bday giveaway of used items! i have been wanting to do a giveaway for a while and decided to try and get rid of these clothes and items i no longer want or use. im glad i accomplished this in september

reach 1k online community

well, i have been meaning to reach this community since the start of my blog. i think it is getting there. i would like to reach 1k follows on wordpress, but that might take a few more years.

i think i met it a bit though! im not gonna beat myself up.

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Not sure what to write about? Here’s my Journal Ideas Blogpost!

september bujo 2020 | HOW I WILL REACH THOSE GOALS

since i did not reach all my goals in september, im going to work on that for october too.

i will work on manifesting these goals and accomplishing more. in september, i was really in my feelings many times so i didn’t work on myself too much. it was for about a week though, so i was still able to do a lot nonetheless!

i think writing it down actually worked so much! 

im going to do it again in october, i love doing it… im a huge procrastinator and well, why else wasn’t I fixing anything? it’s because I DID NOT WANT TO DO THE WORK.


september bujo 2020 | accomplishments!


MORE AT SOYVIRGO.COM! ettaarlene.com affirmations!


so there’s been 2 new moons I think there was one on the second and 18th of this month. I will make another post talking about this later on!

New moons and rituals work for about two weeks I believe, so when a new moon comes and you set your intentions and all that, you should see results and emotions and a bunch of things within the next two weeks from that date. 

So, I’m still seeing the results of my new moon affirmations later and I will possibly keep seeing new things every day from now on that relate to the intentions i set out earlier in September. Hope that makes sense!

tiny accomplishments in sept.

  • working on what i want to work on (projects and collabs with businesses)
  • health accomplishments (i’ve been keeping healthy, yes i don’t move much, but im eating OK)
  • i became kinder to myself and people around me
  • i stopped letting people hurt me / get to me so now i don’t wallow in things others say or think of me and i honestly want to work on myself and not care what others think anymore!
  • im not scared to do things and get myself out there! meaning, im not scared of becoming the manager of my fams restaurant!
  • i manifested many good things including money, opportunities, good news, and gifts from people online! 

the affirmations you see above are what helped me achieve a lot this month! im so grateful i found them. someone you should follow right now is ettaarlene. their affirmations and quotes help me so much. it’s always good guidance for me whenever i see one of their posts on ig.


september bujo 2020 | manifesting new routines.

these are some new routines i am working on to always do for the rest of my life. i like manifesting order in my life. im a virgo, what can you expect!

  • get natural sunlight 
  • make bed, stretch
  • gratitude journaling
  • chug water
  • breakfast
  • do daily to-dos
thank you for reading soyvirgo.com text graphic


thank you for reading soyvirgo.com text graphic

Thanks for reading september bujo 2020

i havent done a bujo post like this in forever but i think it’s perfect timing because my bday passed and i wanted to share some cute stuff that i have been accomplishing hehe im just shocked that writing out my goals really helped me out this month, im really going to try and do that every month now!


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