Self care | when you can’t get your mind off one bad thing

boost your mood with this 3 step self care to do list -

self care to do list | 3 simple steps to get over a bad thought

we’ve all been there before. someone cuts you off in traffic, someone said something to you behind their breath and you just can’t get rid of the bad thoughts!

 here’s my self care to do list of 3 simple steps to get over a bad thought!

Step 1. Write down your troubles, let it out on paper Step 2. Let go of those troubles, they’re no longer yours! Step 3. Write steps down to become better.

1. Writing it down

Write down what the problem is. It could be the how you procrastinate too much, how unmotivated you are, your constant self hate, or a random lady ruining your whole day.
my cute notebook i got specifically for self care stuff lol

How one lady ruined my day and how I wasn’t able to get over it.

I’ve had many people ruin my day before, like recently there was a walmart who was rude to me, a photographer lady at the DMV… why are they all old cranky ladies? Beats me. Anyways, this woman who was probably a few years older than me opened her door too hard so it hit my car. She got mad at me and even told me to learn how to park. I was so shocked and disgusted, I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. She actually wanted to fight me for hitting my car lol I felt so embarrassed since she was older, it just felt like I was in high school again. I know high schoolers aren’t that childish, but the people in this area are like that. Completely hot-headed people who are ready to “box”, and it’s always in the parking lots of Target. Thinking back, I should have wrote about that incident in my journal. It was bothering me so much that I couldn’t focus on anything else. I told some friends about it, just in hopes that I could feel better, but there was really no point in sharing. All my friends could say was “wow, she’s crazy.” That did nothing for me. Writing things down calms me and helps me realize the past is in the past. It’s like you’re your own therapist lol
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Letting it finally go

How do you let it go? Something that you can’t help but focus on is really hard to get out of your mind. I might sound annoying, but you just need to let the “universe” take care of it. Or God – whatever it is you believe in. It’s something that’s not your problem anymore because there’s no point in thinking about it so much. Nothing is changing just from thinking about it, so let it go. Maybe it’s a thought that’s giving you anxiety and negative feelings. If so, it’s not a thought that’s serving you.

Having a hard time letting go;

When it’s hard, I recommend watching shows that deal with the kind of trouble you’re facing. It helps to feel like you’re not alone and these shows can sometimes demonstrate how you can get through it. Shows like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, and lately the show that’s been helping me is My Id is Gangnam Beauty. These dramas show that no matter who you are, you’re likely to deal with bullies, or people who will do their best to ruin someone’s day. For my problem, all I had to think about was how easily you can tell the lady who wanted to fight me had serious issues. Everyone is going through something so lashing out won’t help the situation in my case. I hope you can find a way to let it go, whatever it is you’re dealing with too. Isn’t it ridiculous that even after high school, you’re bound to run into someone wanting trouble? Life is so strange sometimes.

Writing down what you can do to be better

Yes I know sometimes its not you who has the bettering to do, like in my case, but we all can work on ourselves all the time! You have to always be the better person and try your best to not get into any trouble. Who knows, if I did fight with that lady, they could have blamed everything on me since I was by myself and she was with two other women.

When the problem is you

If you’re having troubles with yourself, this should be a bit easier. You can give yourself tough love right away to get rid of these bad thoughts. It all depends on what the problem is. You have to pinpoint what it is that you know you need work on and write down simple + easy tasks to make yourself better. Baby steps, guys! Imagine someone is treating your cat, your brother or best friend the way you’re treating yourself. This initially is what helped me to stop calling myself ugly because I would hate it if my boyfriend said those things to himself. Now we both treat ourselves better and it makes us both so happy.  

thanks for reading 3 simple steps to get over a bad thought

how do you deal with those bad thoughts that wont go away?

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    • Aw, I think everyone does that to themselves at least once in their life :/ hopefully the tips can help you out with that! Thanks for reading Caroline <3

  • I’m a very sensitive person, so anything I deem negative tends to occupy my mind for a while. I never thought of writing it down because I thought that since it will be on paper, I’ll never be able to get it out of my head – so I would often just ignore it like it was part of life. But I forgot to realize how cathartic of an experience writing is, so I never really though of writing my problems down. Thanks for the post, Kiki!


    • I could honestly say I’m a sensitive person too! That’s why I love journaling, it helps me get rid of my bad thoughts. Lately, though I don’t write much about bad incidences, I’m kinda learning to not let ppl get to me. Hope writing your problems can help you too, Nicole!
      Thanks for reading <3

  • Oh my god Kiki, this post. I. Loved. It. Especially because I have had the worst couple of days with rude people. Submiting papers for financial aid and all that is so stressful and when the people who are suposed to help you treat you like shit, doesn’t help AT ALL. That day, I don’t know why -maybe it was the ‘final blow’- I had a panic attack on my way home, so I was crying in the train and couldn’t contain/control myself. (plus the feeling of loneliness I’ve had since forever. Of having noone to talk to/run to) I couldn’t stop thinking about all these days. I’ll definitely try out your method, cause since blogging helps me with my thoughts, I am sure it will help to let go. “nothing is changing just from thinking about it, so let it go” so. true. something I’ll keep in mind evey time something’s bothering me. Oh and about imagine treating someone dear to you like you treat yourself. wow. that hit me, cause nobody has treated as bad as I treat myself. So seeing it like that, just hit me.
    I love how you included an example and then explaining it with your methods.

    • Tbh, I got so nervous when I heard my brother wanted to apply for fafsa and start school. I know how it is in the financial aid office, and pretty much any office in schools. The staff can be so incredibly rude, like it’s fun for them or something. I understand what you mean!

      Also, I know the feeling! I would always cry from stress/frustration from school/life. It was so hard for me and when i had to be in groups in classes, ugh, the worst! I was always alone and trying not to seem like I was bothered about being the loner. It’s tough! I hope this lil method can help you be happier at being alone as well and not care about others words/actions towards you. That’s something I need to work on letting go too.

      Girl, you can always message me if you need to talk to someone and just let things out!

      Also yeah, I was always the only one bullying myself. it’s shocking how bad it was!
      I like being alone, but yes it can get like, too lonely sometimes lol sometimes writing to yourself is the way to go!
      Thanks for reading and sharing with me, Anny! 🙂

  • True that. Thanks for sharing this! I think being the bigger person is always the best way because not only does it help in letting things go but also makes one more empathetic which is a quality we can all use today! (:

    • Yes, I started to learn that later on in life. I honestly was just like that woman, always getting mad right away for the tiniest things! Glad you liked the post! <3

  • I’ve actually never considered writing bad experiences or thoughts down – However, since reading this it truly sounds like a genius idea. I sometimes let situations or experiences like this affect me a little bit too much – So thank you so much for making this post, I’ll be a whole new girl now (well, maybe not – but it will definitely help me) xx Have a lovely day

    • I know some people think ” what’s the point in writing negative things down, you’ll only think about them more!” and I agree! But when it’s something you can’t stop thinking about, you have to give yourself a lil pep talk and face the negativity. Writing it down I guess is a way to de-stress.

      Thank you for reading. I’m so glad this helped you, Karen! <3

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