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I’m kind of joking with the title, “manifesting a free roadtrip across the u.s“, but basically it is true! Me and my husbo manifested this free vacation / road trip to see each other again and we happened to travel back across the country together to his crib in California. It’s not completely free since I’m going to pay for my plane ticket back home to Chicago, but it feels completely priceless to me. I’ll just start by saying I used a simple method to get this free, beautiful vacation to meet and live with my partner for just a few days in his home in California.  

manifesting a free roadtrip | how i did it 

The method: “acting as if“.

Sometimes I would get too frustrated and miss seeing him for a bit. But other days I would implement this method, and it just makes you feel amazing and like you have so much power in your own hands. It almost feels like you already have what you want.

  What I did was act as if I were already with him, living with him and always next to him physically. Sounds hard to do but if you really want something, that’s kinda what you’re going to have to do. Really immerse yourself in those kind of feelings lol   About a month or two after “acting” with him (by Skype or text), he told me he would be going on a trip to Maryland with his mom and grandma. Maryland is a bit far from Chicago, but since they were traveling by car, we did some research and found a way for me to meet them halfway. It was a very spontaneous thing. I just asked like, hey could I go? wouldn’t it be fun if we could hang together! and then it just happened!  

manifesting a free roadtrip | the amtrak

snapchat image of soyvirgo meeting her bae halfway manifesting a free roadtrip | soyvirgo.com
I dont crop my images because I’m lazy. Hopefully I’ll change. Also i’m a shy gal so I had to use snapchat images

So my husbo bought my train ticket, and there I was… on the 7pm Amtrak down to Missouri! It happened very quickly and I think it happened because of how we have been using the act as if method!   This is just like when I became vegan in a month instead of by 2020 like I wrote in my to do list. I noticed I wrote down in my journal “meet Alex 2019-2020”. I was luckily able to see him again this year and I seriously believe it was because of what I’ve been doing. Sometimes good things come sooner than you imagine!

manifesting a free roadtrip | 4 days in Maryland!

So I’ve never been to maryland and since this roadtrip was for a wedding my husbands family wanted to go on a roadtrip to the wedding. They’re originally from Maryland I actually don’t know many people from Maryland so I never imagined I would go. From first appearances, it was beautiful and so green. So much more nature compared to Chicago area. Even the suburbs barely have any greenery. We went during the summer time so it was awfully humid and sweaty outside, I felt like bugs were all over me. Luckily though, we stayed at a beautiful town home thanks to my husbands familys’ friend.

manifesting a free roadtrip | maryland eats


La Casita: pupuseria y cosina 

La casita restaurant food - manifesting a free roadtrip | soyvirgo.com maryland food la casita
Yuka and enchiladas, I believe. (Salvadorean, not Mexican, enchiladas. Shocked me because I didn’t know different countries had the same name for some dishes).

It seems I’m very shy, even on the web because I didn’t record our meeting. Honestly though, what matters most is the memories I hold dear in my big ol heart 💕 A lot of things happened in Maryland.

  • I heard a fox yell/howl for the first time in my life and it scared me a lot.
  • First meet with Alex’s dad, who is similar to my mom, but a dad/male version.
  • I had Yuka, which was the most delicious food I’ve had since trying pupusas, which Alexander got me into too.
  • and I met another one of Alex’s friends from when he lived in MD!
Maryland : a story of manifesting a free roadtrip across the U.S | soyvirgo.com
This was the little neighborhood we stayed at in Maryland. It was around 1 in the morning. We stayed at a super cute townhouse Alex’s family friend lent us while they went out on vacation; another miracle/manifestation for me hehe

manifesting a free roadtrip | el rio and meeting a friend

I met one of Alex’s friends who was his old coworker when he lived in Maryland. He told me a lot about her and how shes in a long distance relationship too. She was excited to meet us. She bought us a trader Joe’s dates bar because it said something like “let’s go on a Date!” on the wrapper. That’s when I knew I would get along with her really well. We fed ducks and Koi fish at this mall called the Rio. Jackie even made 2 koi fish kiss when they were going for the same piece of food she threw in. It would have been great if I got it on camera but I forgot my charger at home! Luckily Jackie let me use her powerbank later that day.

Soybb and Alexbb, soyvirgo.com! manifesting a free roadtrip
Hi, I’m cracking up at how we’re standing. Why are we so awkward?

manifesting a free roadtrip | soyvirgo.com couple long distance relationships Jackie is such a cutie too. She doesn’t know about my blog yet, but I’m thinking of letting her know about it. I’m such a reserved person, and I need to change! BTW, she snuck this picture of us, wow I love her. We had a lot of fun that day. It was really hot and I hate the heat but I just enjoyed spending time with someone. They were basically a third wheel but did not mind at all! I always get uncomfortable being a third wheel but im glad she didn’t mind and actually was happy to show us around. I would like that kind of confidence too!!

manifesting a free roadtrip | shoping and bowling

Mini shopping spree and bowling with bae – I love shopping because it’s just fun to see things in person rather than online. I really like buying stuff that you can’t really get anywhere else. I also love cartoons!  

manifesting a free roadtrip | soyvirgo.com hot topic spree
Alex bought me these. It feels so good to have a sugar daddy in my life. (kidding but he did buy them for me hehe)

  We visited some old malls in Maryland too. This road trip was originally meant for my boyfriends grandma and mom since they were invited to a wedding. Alex thought he should join them in case they needed anything. So, his grandma and mom had to make a trip to Lord and Taylor since they don’t have any in California. That’s how me and Alex ended up going on a small shopping spree for these dorky things I love.  

Afghan food Maryland | manifesting a free roadtrip | soyvirgo.com
Afghan cuisine at the mall we went to. Yummy!

One last thing we did was go bowling. It was so fun, but we really were rusty at it. Also, we saw Shape of Water and a new show we fell in love with and really recommend if you’re the mellow type. It’s a show called Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast / Hyori’s home stay. Here’s the synopsis :

K-pop idol Lee Hyo-ri and her husband, Lee Sang-soon, offer vacationers lodging, food and company at their home on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea.

I really recommend this show to anyone because it’s perfect to watch when you’re doing nothing at all!

Bae and soyvirgo at their townhouse in maryland hehe - manifesting a free roadtrip | soyvirgo.com
A pic of bae and me in our crib.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this very late update of my life on this amazing vacation! If you’re wondering how Maryland is, just ask me. I did only visit a few areas, but I think I have a pretty good idea of the place. Plus, my boyfriend was born there so I can ask him if you need me to lol. We have been to so many states and yes, we stopped at many! I’ll keep updating you will my time in each of these places. For now, you can check out my Instagram where I keep ya’ll updated. XOXO, you guys are so wonderful!



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