Collab | A Red x Pink Mood board (with Fiona

Fiona at Questions From a Teenager and I did this color-themed collab for ya’ll!

Read her post here.


Red & Pink Mood board

red and pink mood board collaboration post cute cat pink red makeup cake aesthetic


Pink –

When I was younger, I was a tomboy! I didn’t like pink at all. Now, if you see my clothes or my room, you will notice little hints of pink, but also red and blue and army green or camo.

I’m growing more fond of pink these days, but I don’t think I could ever leave the old neutral natural tones because they still seem great to me!

RED AND PINK MOODBOARD #pink #app #phonetheme

Even though sometimes I love natural earth tones, pink is just a color that I can’t ignore anymore!

This was my old phone theme.

Wow, so cheesy. Sometimes I really fall for cutesy looking things like that.


Red –

I feel like Red is just a cute color that I’ve started to appreciate ever since falling in love with bae LOL.

I’m not sure when it started, but it just happened. The color is so beautiful!


When these 2 colors combine it reminds me of Valentines day, Picnics, Cotton Candy and other cute things.

4,000+ people on also agree that it’s a cute combo lol

Thank you for reading!

Thanks to Fiona for this Collaboration! Check out her post here! Let me know what your fav color is and what combo’s you like too.


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