How to add a Pinterest “pin it” button on blog post images

This is for those who want their readers to only pin a specific image from your blog post, not the cover photo. Lifestyle/Personal bloggers who want to keep the blog cute and “aesthetic af” .. keep reading.

I was so happy when I finally found a way to add that dumb “pin it” button to my blog images.

When you press the pinterest share button, you end up sharing my cover/featured image which isn’t the image I want shared. So I stopped making those Pinterest worthy so my blog will look cuter. Ahh the struggle of a wannabe personal blogger who also wants to give ya’ll blogging tips.

Nowadays I just add a graphic within my blog post that I want to be shared on Pinterest, like what you see down below.

pinterest pin it button
pin this image!

This is also a method I have been using because I don’t want to install something to do it for me because I’m lazy! Even though that might make it easier for me, but I really don’t want people to pin ALL my images from my blog posts, so, this will have to do for now.

I did my best looking for this and I was so close to crying. I got high school math homework flashbacks again.

Add a Pinterest pin it button onto blog post images!

So, here it is blogging babies, the Pinterest Url Generator.

All you need is:

  • Landing page url (ex:
  • Image url (I just right click over the image I want shared on Pinterest, and click “Copy Image url Address”. )
  • A description (this will be the description that comes up on Pinterest)

I love this generator because it gives you a preview of what the pop-up page will look like to people once they click the button.

adding a pin it button to blog post images

The preview is so precise! I love this website so much.

Lastly, I copy and paste the generated link into the caption of my Pinterest image. It automatically turns into a button.

I’m not certain if that’s because I have pinterest code in my theme, but if it stays as regular text I recommend adding pinterest code in your theme. I’ll help you out if I can!

Do any of you use Pinterest to share your blog posts? How do you deal with wanting to post personal/lifestyle articles, but also blogging tips without making your blog pictures look messy? How do you stop being such a perfectionist? Help me out ya’ll.

I literally am just using a wordpress image for my featured pic cause I don’t know what to use instead lol It’s still a cute pic tho

Please share this post with ur blogger besties, if you have a Pinterest, please save that one pic above! You’re all amazing!

Also, happy July. I’ve been watching Produce 48 and editing my blog so that’s why I made such a short post today. I’m such a busy bee ha


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  • Oooh, thanks for this tutorial! I might have to add a Pin It! button to my blog images.

    And to answer your question left in my cbox, direct linking means just using my image URLs instead of uploading to your own server. The reason why I ask people to upload images to their own server is so that it doesn’t use up all my bandwidth. 🙂

    I’d love to add you to my button rotation! Do you have a 88×31 button I can use?

    • Yes it’s great for getting pinterest users to find your blog!
      Ooh… I guess I should mention that too if anyone wants to use my images ha. I had no idea why sites say “no direct linking” and I tried google but they get too technical, I just wanted a simple explanation lol, so thanks! That makes sense.

      I was just about to make my own but I was having trouble, it’s like 1am so I think I’ll finish them later. I’m so picky and a bit of a perfectionist so I take long with these things smh. I’ll let you know when I have one ready though! ♡

  • okay, YOU FREAKING LIFESAVER. I’ve wanted “Pin It” buttons for AGES but i’m not self-hosted so can’t install any plugins…I’ll have to give this a try x

    • Ahh! I’m so happy! Yes, you don’t know how excited I was to find that site I was about to cry due to frustration. It’s so easy to use I love it so much.

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