Versatile Blogger Award (7 facts about me) | A First for SOYVIRGO!

Hello in February I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! I have been nominated by the lovely and amazing Nzinga Ain!!! Her post here!   Thank you to @ThisBrillDay 💕 I nominate @soyvirgos @AutisticFitChic @franciscarockey @LydiaBlogs_ @womenwithgifts @faithnturtles @OneMoreLightLB @powerinstincts @justmominit @TSIGolden @CherishingFlo @indianaifill @coralleskye @myspottedblog @mindofmollyblog — NzingaAinBlog (@NzingaAinBlog) February 22, 2019…

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My Valentines Day Wishlist

Wednesday, January 30   — Good day internet friends. Here’s a Valentines day Wish list that includes basic stuff that I want and don’t really need lol. I wanted to post it in case my husband saw it. I’m not 100% sure he reads ALL my posts, but maybe he will see this one! Also,…

  • Im having a kind of difficult time right now I
  • I want my account to make people think my job
  • You would think that working at a gas station is
  • hi babes guess what i have no job! it looked
  • hello again hennys i want to thank u all for