Cheap and Simple Oil-Free Vegan Meals

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Here’s a quick list of oil-free vegan meals that are also plant based, whole food and sugar free.

My husband is getting me into the oil-free sugar-free lifestyle since sugar and oil really mess up his health. For me, it’s not so serious, but there has to be something going on with my diet if I still get bloated even with a vegan diet. So I’m trying this out to see what happens to my body. Also, I’ve been really wanting to lose like 20 pounds. I’m hoping this will help me reach my goal and help me lose some unwanted fat on this tiny body.

Anyways enjoy this list!

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10 Simple and Cheap Oil-Free Vegan Meals

All these meals have been made with sugar-free and oil-free ingredients. So if we used ketchup or mustard or anything along those lines then assume it’s free of oils and added sugars.

  1. Lentil Pasta

  2. Roasted Jackfruit “Chicken”

  3. Avocado toast (with beet kraut, spices, and more)

  4. Acai Smoothies

  5. Whole foods bowl

  6. Ramen / vege noodle soup

  7. Roasted platanos with beans

  8. Overnight oatmeal

  9. Eggy tortilla with mushroom

  10. Cheeseless Mac n “Cheese”


1. Lentil Pasta

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So this lentil pasta was made really randomly so I didn’t even really jot down what I used.

I remember just using the recipe behind the box of the pasta but it was made my own way.

What I used for the sauce:

some diced onion, green bell pepper, spices and boiled purple or red potato and carrots. Both carrots and potato were small. I also added some spicy ketchup and mustard because I didn’t have any kind of barbecue sauce.

So, with the water from the boiled potato and carrot, I reused to cook the pasta. My husband was making lentils on the side so we just ended up mixing the two to make it a nice meal.

It was so delicious I made too much which was great because we offered some to my husbands brother and he didn’t take any. The next day I was ready to eat my leftover pasta, and wouldn’t ya know it was all gone. I guess it was pretty good that someone else in the house ate it lol!

2. Roasted Jackfruit “chicken”

The Sauce:

cumin powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder, ketchup, mustard, tumeric, curry, thyme, rosemary, pepper, and all that jazz. Needed: baked purple sweet potato and platano.


canned jackfruit, roasted with the sauce mixed on it.

I really recommend trying this one because wow it was super delicious! The tortillas we used also made it delicious, they’re from whole foods, but if you happen to have the el milagro tortillas then you’re all good. Those are truly the best and they’re the only tortillas i know that come in paper packaging. Which beats plastic any day!


3. Avocado Beet Kraut Toast

So this can be made in many different ways, but the best way is truly this way. We use the Ezequiel Bread

These three spices:

Paprika, flax n chia seeds (ours have been mixed) and a random garden spice?

and of course avocado. Luckily we are blessed to have two different avocado trees in our backyard! I know, not everyone can be as lucky but that’s the reason why I moved with my husband. There’s so many more options for vegans here than in Chicago!

Oh, the beets are great and all but they don’t make this toast any better. I think all you need is what I listed above.

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4. Smoothies (yes they are filling!)

So basically all you need is frozen fruit. We also use Acai and Acerola sometimes. In the photo I used Acai peaches and some kind of chocolate powder my husband made.

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5. Whole Foods Bowl

This can be made many different ways. The way we did it was we made the Roasted Jackfruit Chicken like we did above, but in this bowl we added rice and beans and other goods and just mixed them together

You can pretty much add all your favorites into your bowl. Some ideas are:

garbanzos, lentils, mangoes or pineapple, other vegan meats, avocado, rice and beans.

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6. Ramen

This ramen was extra tasty because we used soup that had cabbage potato and carrots that was made by my husbands grandma. So what we did was add mushrooms frozen veggies spinach and a ton of spices into another bowl to make ramen. We also used the best tasting noodles I’ve had which were black bean and edamame noodles.

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7. Roasted Platano and black beans

So this image by is the closest I could find to what the food we ate looks like. If you have an oven, some parchment paper, use that to roast your platanos! The make some black beans too. Thats really ALL you need if you’re hungry. You can add some kind of cream and rice to make this even better, but I promise it’s not needed.

Sweet plantain and black bean bowl - Afrovitalityeats ♡₊˚༄˳ 𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕: ѕoyvιrgo┊ ♡ ࿐♡ ☆˖۪۪̥°̥.

8. Overnight Oatmeal


Matcha Overnight Oats Steps image by fitmittenkitchen |
Image by fitmittenkitchen

So we just ate this once but I didn’t take any pictures! But I really love this video by HoneySuckle showing you how to make different kind of oats. My favorite one is the matcha one of course, so I will definitely be trying that one.

9. Eggy Tortilla Breakfast

You can really do this your own way. I’ve done it a few different ways and the best tasting is including mushrooms and paprika, curry and cumin powder.


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This was a really tasty bowl of goodness! Rice and Beans are my favorite always, but they usually make me a bit bloated.

Anyways the egg came out really great. We used vegetable broth as oil. My husband likes blending spices into the egg replacer and this time he put too much water so the egg took forever to cook, so don’t add too much water!

I added paprika and curry powder to the tempeh and chopped mushrooms and onion and threw it onto the pan with the broth.

It started to smell so amazing! Once my husband was done with the egg, he just poured it onto the pan and we started cooking the egg!

There was already black beans made, so we made rice on the side from this microwave pouch we bought.

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We made eggs this morning and this is how it came out! Tastes so good with avocado slices.


10. Mac n Cheese

So this is a mac and cheese we have been making since forever! It’s just super good and easy to do and I guess it’s healthy too!

You will need: potato, carrots, onion, macaroni and thats it!

Boil the carrots and potato, put them in to blend with some water you used to boil the macaroni. Once it’s all blended, stir it in with the mac, and there you got it. Mac n Cheese! honestly it’s so simple, I almost want to make some right now!

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Thanks for reading my quick list of Oil-Free Vegan Meals. Let me know if you try any of these!

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