November, I miss you.

It was October like last week, what happened? I’m shocked at how quick time goes by. There must be a word for that specific feeling. Some days it’s as if the days go by so slowly like when you’re in school, every day waking up to do the same things going to the same places, they go by so quick. When I was at work and at school, the year ended so slowly, but since I don’t dread anything during the day, it seems like everything is going fast…
I’m probably repeating myself too much but anyway, my November Song of The Month will have to be Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet. I love Red Velvet, they somehow got their poppy songs into my heart. I got to thank Joy for that, she’s just too amazing not to fall in love with. I choose this song because i was anticipating this song so much and when it finally came out, I had to stream it. It was so catchy, not just this song but their whole album was amazing. The video shows the girls luring a pizza guy into their mansion and eventually they do something to him. The song is so good and I am just obsessed with a music where the only singers are girls. Here is my Song of the Month. I hope you enjoy!

Almost forgot to mention, the image I got from!

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