New moon ritual: My June and how I’m taking control of my happiness

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First off, thank you so much for being here and reading my post!

I’m thankful to have people who follow and support me. I hope to support everyone back as best as I can too. This is my new moon ritual 2018 – I wanted to share what I did and what helped me out into making me happier..


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A post from Brittany Byrd’s ig story. It’s strange how I randomly follow people and they end up being into what I’m also into. I feel like I’m manifesting them… (She’s a designer who happens to date Lil Uzi Vert, check her out!)

New Moon Ritual 2018

The new moon ritual means ask, and you shall receive. This is a positive way of getting what you’ve been wanting and a way to start new beginnings. The new moon for June was on the 13th.

I know I’m a bit late, but the new moon ritual still kinda works until around June 20.

If you are yearning for a new love, health, or even just bettering yourself, you can ask for it. There’s a new moon every month, so it’s okay to ask for simple things too. Just make sure it’s something positive that will benefit you or others in a good way.

Process / Ritual:

Start by finding a peaceful calm place.

Surround yourself with fairy lights, calm music, candles, incense, crystals or all of the above. You should be in a quiet area like your room, where you feel safe and positive energy. It could even be outside under the moon.

Here’s a playlist of mine that I like to use while doing rituals.

  1. Begin meditating or doing some slow breathing and don’t think too much about trivial things.
  2. Think about where you are in life to help you decide what you most wish to receive.
  3. Write out a short list of intentions, dreams, wishes and desires with clear details. Write your intention with a positive focus.
  4. Say the intentions/desires out loud to the moon if you like.
  5. Visualize your intentions being complete. How does it feel to have completed them?
  6. Give thanks to the Universe/God/Goddess/ whatever you are dedicated to.


New Moon ritual steps
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Keep reading your list every night and visualize already having completed them. Do this until the full moon arrives. (Usually around the end of the month)

Then you can burn your paper or get rid of it somehow and let the Universe/God/Etc. take care of the rest for you.

If you need help choosing your intentions, just go by these phrases:

I am ready to receive ______ into my life for my greatest good and well being.

I will manifest this new [ ______ ] that I’ve been wanting.



New moon ritual affirmations |
image from tumblr – RoaRW

Desires – Dreams – Wants

You can choose to receive anything your heart desires. Here’s a few:

  • Love
  • New Car
  • Money
  • Health
  • world peace (reach for the stars bb!)
  • better relationships
  • A new job

New moon ritual 2018, On Another Note…

I just went on a road trip with the love of my life and spent a few days living with him, going on adventures with him around California and the rest of the country (kinda). Life couldn’t be better.

Now I’m home and completely missing him!

Here’s my short blog post about that trip.

Journal entry - soyvirgo

Of course you have to be grateful for all that you have, but new moons and journaling are meant for becoming the best version of yourself.

Write down whatever it is you need and want right now. Watch it come to you sooner than you ever imagined!

Like how I wrote down how badly I wanted to see Alex again. I was able to see him sooner than expected.

new moon ritual
me being anon as always. In the movie theater with bae

I decided, though, that even if we are apart now, I can just do my best to be with him again as soon as possible.

We just finished watching the drama Good Morning Call. It’s about a boy and a girl who get scammed into living in the same place through high school. It’s very funny and cute. The second season was such a sad mess. But, the couple overcame everything.

I want to be like that and overcome this hard time of being apart from someone, a.k.a the only person I really truly love. (yuck)


I’m going to work hard to finally live with him forever. I sound like a child but relationships be like that sometimes lol

How am I going to do that? Well, I’m going to work on my intentions and make them come true. They’re simple things, but can be hard to accomplish for some people.

Anyways, please check out that drama if you have nothing else to do.

Both seasons are on netflix. I hope you can get through the cheesy and dramatic acting, because it was a struggle for me. You end up falling for Nao after a few dramatic scenes though.

new moon ritual 2018 traveling with bae! |
Eating some vegan food at the veggie grill. I will do everything for some mac n cheese. I’m so lucky I can still enjoy this food as a vegan.

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