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my cute blog header

so what do you say?

i made a new cute blog header because I slowly want to update my site. what do you think?

i say slowly because you know me, im very inconsistent and a perfectionist procrastinator. it took me almost all night to finish this header. for me, i just like making something better than my last and i really loved my old one but i decided to change the name of this blog a bit. i really like the phrase because one time i was just thinking you know what, its great just living. just being alive, the little things, there’s so much to appreciate and be grateful for and i want to share it on this site! so that’s why i decided on that phrase. actually, i had that phrase on my pinterest bio for a while and i just started loving it more than “thoughts, adorations and notes from a girl in love” i recently cut it down to “thoughts, adorations and notes” but i believe the new phrase fits so well with everything in my life right now and my kind of aesthetic.


so as you can see i started off with my phrase being tiny and my domain name being the focus point of the header. I really like making my phrase shine more than my site name now. I realized after a while that i like my name, but my blog isn’t really about being a virgo lol that’s okay i still like the name


thank you for reading text graphic

thanks for reading about my cute blog header

so what do you think?

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