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12.20.23 It’s worth the wait
im blogging again tehe and not working bc the client.. she she .. so no work for now lol
dec.09.21 blog, youtube, art?
hi friends – i went to get food today, decided to work on my youtube account more, I want to start drawing because it really helps me feel like i am expresssing myself ya know.. and i think i have a lot of artistic creativity that needs to be unleashed!
im also working on my blog posts because i haven’t uploaded since october oopps i rlly hate that for me- but im grateful for everything because i paid off my bills, well i made a minimum payment but def my goals are to pay them OFF! HOPE I CAN GET THAT DONE BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS!
right now im listening to my soundcloud playlist. this one to be exact because I’m still feeling very deeply sad, and i don’t think anyone understands or cares. maybe they care, but they can’t care enough to do anything at all. everyone is so preoccupied with things, work, money, life, but when someone wants to end their life, what about that? they will only notice once you’re gone. everything keeps going on on and on in a circle.. nothing matters if you die. nothing. is it really meant for me? I really don’t like this world deep down, i’m literally one of the most emo people and i really don’t like wasting space. it’s like a disgusting feeling of being here. like, literally a skinbag lol kudos to revenant. yeah i want to be something else and someone else, so i try to be a happy girl on the surface. ..my fingers are cold, i feel like dying but hey.. im gonna play my video games and pretend like im human and try to ignore these horrible feelings that noone will understand. not even my husband who i feel understands me the most. — ‘i love u my honeyyyy…’
12.29.17 It’s worth the wait
I’m 22 now. I haven’t written on here because I completely abandoned this blog lol. not into journaling that much anymore but it still is very cute…
i graduated and now am persuing my goals/plans/etc. this is what i needed. an escape… i came to mexico and, theres just some things that need to be put in your path for you to make decisions and changes. dont be scared. dont be sad. there’s something here for you.
im thankful for my cat that i adopted… im thankful for this money that keeps coming my way im thankful for my mom giving me chances and opportunities. im doing my best…and it’s coming together. i love..my cute boyfriend lol!
had work and class today (mat105), work went greater than expected
i wasn’t as scared to speak up to students and help, im good
class was easy, i saw lydia at walgreens, the instructor will not come thursday so i just have class 1 day this week, thanks lort

01.09.17 Productive “.” Day
i washed clothes and will again work on my journal
finally im not that sick anymore– but now i have my period.

01.06.17 sick days
i’m still a little sick, nothing important has happened. just me thinking about making money lol
at least i made my doctors appnt

01.03.17 Hello
just made this blog to motivate me to write
was sick while doing it so bless me– i deserve to feel 100% better by tm.