born pink world tour 2022 | i saw BLACKPINK live (vlog)

blackpink in chicago vlog 2022 dearkikita

Hello readers. How have you all been? It’s been a minute and i always say i will be more active, but i was working 2 jobs for a moment hehe and now i quit one, again! Employers HATE her! jk im an all rounder…

Anyways I just wanted to update ya’ll with my BLACKINK IN CHICAGO vlog (not really a vlog mostly concert). Guys, I went to see my first kpop group and it was amazing!! I went with my cousin and we were so far away but it was still super fun!

I’ve actually never been to a concert, I’ve been to many venues to only see small bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The sun, etc, and I also went to music fests like lalapalooza or jamboree and saw bigger bands there. This was a bigger scale type of concert, literally the tickets were over $100. thanks to my cousin she bought them for me for my birthday even though it was in september and her bday was 2 weeks away from the concert lol (it’s okay we did something else for her bday and i treated her to a movie lol)

Anyways, lets just get to the concert!


Born Pink World Tour My Blackpink in Chicago vlog 2022


I ended up buying a tee at the merch table and i love it but i ended up putting it for sale because i want the gray one you see jennie wearing

shes a jennie fan as you can tell.. but they’re all amazing. anyways tell me what you think of the concert hehe talk to you all later!

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Thanks for reading my blackpink in chicago vlog 2022

have you ever been to a concert? who did you see? let me know in the comments!

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  • I attended the Blackpink concert here in the Philippines last March 2023 with my Mum! She came with me cos she wanted to see Lisa (her bias). It was so fun indeed! <3 i realised i wanted also to share about it in my blog too (:

    Although I am a Blink for life, some songs I didn’t find so well like Tally.


    • Hi Kai! thats awesome you went with your mom! I want to read that blog post so cant wait to read it! same with me well idk if ill call myself a blink since i wouldn’t buy their albums and my cousin paid for my tickets soo lol but same for me theres a few songs thats a skip for me lol

  • That’s so great you were able to have fun at your first concert. That sounds like a lot of fun you had with your cousin. I would have always said the Live Oak Bluegrass Festival as my first concert tbh, but if you don’t count festivals than middle school grad night lol.

    I been to the Bluegrass festive 2-3 in my childhood, it was at a campground it was super fun even though I don’t like bluegrass music lol. Grad night for middle school was at Disney and the only music performer I remember was O-Town and that was also the only one I cared to see. Grad night for high school was also at Disney (I think lol) and the performers where Ryan Cabrera, Ciara, and Yellowcard. I loved Ryan’s performance and he was sick and still did amazing, Ciara’s was okay but I’ve seen other performances to know that was rare, but I loved Yellowcard before the performs but it was so bad I stopped.

    After that I went to two performs when I was in the Navy done by the USO one because it was mandatory which was Gary Sinise Band in Illinois, I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t my thing. Then in Japan was Seether and that was really cool. My twin, some friends and I met the band on base before the concert and they were so cool. Then the last one I went to was in Panama City Beach was the Gulf Coast Jam and I forget who was there because it was older bands but The Band Perry was there and I loved them. Sounds odd but I am not really into the concert thing in general because I don’t like crowds.

    • Ryan cabrera sounds familiar im gonna check them out, i used to love ciara but have never heard anything about her performanzes.
      Damn u sae seether in japan that sounds epic!! I seen them on tv i like the band perrys live singing
      Thats understandable i hate crowds too but when i was young i wa srealllu into them because of how i was with strangers listening to the same music it was so fun. Thank u for sharing!!

  • Glad you enjoyed the concert. I haven’t been to a concert in a long time…Like a really long time. Last person I saw was Prince, and well worth the $150 ticket and that was ages ago.

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