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my 1st spiritual awakening story

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my 1st spiritual awakening story

If you don’t know much about law of attraction, manifestation and spiritual awakening, that’s okay because I’m just starting to get the hang of it too. I wanted to share my spiritual awakening story for you guys to learn more and also for myself to keep track of my journey with LOA. Recently I’ve been posting more content on my IG stories about manifestation, spreading positive energy, and sharing affirmations as well. I haven’t been too active but I still post a few thangs here and there. For this blog post, I wanted to talk about one night in March where I experienced what I think was a spiritual awakening. (it’s not as weird as you think it is!)

enjoy reading my 1st spiritual awakening story!

my 1st spiritual awakening story ft this bunny miffy with headphones so cute
i was ready for what i was about to get into (miffy listening to my playlist)

my 1st spiritual awakening story | forgiving the past

  I was editing my playlist RAIN FALLS on spotify (follow here lol) and I was previewing some other songs to see which should go into it. These songs brought back some memories from when I was 6 or 8 years old. Some tracks on the playlist sound like elevator music. The kind that would play at this big laundromat my family would always go to. (Think elevator tunes, chill jazz/bossanova lol.) So, editing my playlist brought back some memories which then made me think of painful ones too. This music that played at that laundromat, which was the biggest laundromat around at the time, made me feel happy!

 art by Karla (milkyema)


lThe laundromat was a childhood memory and place we frequently went to. My dad would sit outside with us and we would listen to the music.. watch cars and people pass by. It was really wholesome and thinking about it gives me so much nostalgia and gives me a melancholy feeling. My dad left us when we were young because of you know dead beat dad reasons… so that’s why it was a big moment for me to think back on these memories and start to journal about why it’s making me feel bad.

I journaled about it, finally figuring out what was triggering and then the tears just started to flow…

I took a video of the moon on May 1st, a day after I did my first ever Full Moon Ritual

my 1st spiritual awakening story phase 1 – forgiveness

People who cause harm face consequences and I know this because I’ve finally moved on, while these people still aren’t where they may want to be. My dad for example, hasn’t been in our lives for a long time and he always tells me about how he feels bad when my siblings don’t talk to him. My mom doesn’t like him and hasn’t forgiven him really. Sometimes I don’t even respond to his messages because I’m too busy. It wouldn’t have been like this if he just accepted his role as a father from the beginning (lol, harsh but it’s facts). I think one thing he is missing right now is his kids and that’s why I think you need to forgive the mistakes of others.

If you take it upon yourself to find revenge for what others did to you, you will only be giving yourself more grief and stress. For a long time, I held grudges from all the people who hurt me in my life and everyday it hurt more because it was always in the back of my mind. Even on days where I was feeling my best, I had pent up anger, insecurities and sadness inside me. What I did this night in March was finally forgive and let it all go.


Lisa bonet forgiveness forgive GIF - loa my 1st spiritual awakening story |

I decided I wanted to forgive my dad and any one else in life who has hurt me.

my 1st spiritual awakening story | phase 2 – letting go

It feels good to forgive and let go.

To finally be free and let it all go means loving yourself, loving others, accepting the mistakes and pain caused and finding forgiveness. I always used to say “forgive but never forget”, but now I also forget. I know who not to mess with, but I don’t judge people like I used to just because they hurt me once. If you were the one who caused the pain, you will also need to forgive yourself. I have faced more pain from hurting others, even if I was hurt, and I too faced consequences. You will see that you will live a better life when you apologize for your mistakes, do good and also forgive yourself for the pain you inflicted on others.


No one is perfect and people can change. It’s not your job to continue suffering for what pain others have caused you. Your job is to enjoy life and let nature take it’s course because one day, those people might feel the exact same pain they put you through. Don’t go after that pain by taking revenge let nature take its course and fix it for you, you don’t have to lay a finger just live and let go.

angelic girl art - my 1st spiritual awakening story
by morickyyy

my spiritual awakening story | phase 3 – loving YOU

loving yourself is key

I believe this might have been my first spiritual awakening because some people describe theirs and it sounds similar to what I went through. That night in March, I cried from complete happiness and joy because of how good it felt to forgive and let go of these bad feelings!

I forgave family members for being toxic:

because we are all just people and although we think the ones close to us should be perfect, they’re not always going to be. Sometimes your parents are going to be toxic and you have to find a way to accept them for who they are and just live your life without letting them get to you. I’ve tried a lot to get the right kind of love/acceptance from certain family members, but it’s just not going to get to where I want it to be. I accept it and I am content with making the best of life while I’m still alive with them.

I had to start loving myself too in order to forgive and understand forgiveness..

I don’t want to say other pains and how I forgave the people who caused them since it’s personal, but here’s what I did to get to experience a spiritual awakening through forgiving.

my 1st spiritual awakening story | how to get to the point of forgiveness

How I was able to find forgiveness, let go of the past, and manifest happiness:

When I was super depressed (around the middle of 2017), I sometimes didn’t brush my teeth, shower or clean my apartment, so …

  • being kinder to myself helped me in loving myself more (which leads to loving others too)
    • cleaning my apartment or “environment” helped me feel less like I was filth living in filth lol
      • being in a messy environment can keep you in an ugly state of sadness, messiness and can make you more depressed.
    • getting facials, brushing teeth regularly and showering helped me get out of a toxic habit of being sad a lot
      • i started brushing my teeth 4 times a day when i was in mexico so they can get extra white and that made me feel so amazing!
      • i used a face mask once a month to keep my skin pretty (aztec clay mask!) which helped me feel better when i looked at myself in the mirror
      • i stopped skipping showers because that definitely kept me in a bad mood
      • i got facials when I could because my skin matters my beauty matters and i matter, so if i can afford it then i will spend money on myself!
    • drinking lots of water and tea
      • water is helpful for you, stop ignoring it bb! tea has some flavor so if you don’t like water, just have teas
    • treating yourself like you would treat a best friend, a cute kid, or a bunny
      • I would think of my boyfriend and how sometimes he would say mean things to himself. I didn’t like when he did that so I shouldn’t either. (neither should you!)

    • stop bullying yourself, i.e, saying “i’m so stupid”, “im an idiot”, “im useless/worthless”, “I shouldn’t even be alive”.
      • instead of bringing yourself down, learn to say “im so cute”, Im so silly”, “I’m so pretty”, “im smart!” (I accidently said “im so fat” and I used it as an insult to myself, but quickly changed it to “im so pretty”. Being fat isn’t an insult but I was using it as one to myself because i was not really even fat, I just didn’t like myself.
      • It’s a great way to shift your thoughts to think better things instead of making you toxic to yourself!

I started treating myself better and wouldn’t ya know, I ended up being a lot more happy. Like most people, I still have some problems with accepting a few of my flaws, but I don’t point them out and hate on them anymore. I embrace what I have and try my best to accept myself fully. I can say that now that’s really my only problem that I’m working on, accepting my flaws and loving them.

  • getting rid of what was not serving me anymore
    • a lot of clothes and junk I had cooped up in my room was just making me sad and frustrated. I always carried around a bunch of stuff I don’t use, so I put more things up for sale and donation on my depop
    • holding grudges was a habit that was not serving me, because they only caused me more pain. the past is in the past!
    • becoming a minimalist has helped me a bit because not only am i getting rid of things I don’t need, but I’m only surrounded by what actually serves me.
  • writing down goals and figuring out your future
    • I write a lot now that I have to be organized as a blogger. this brought me to finding what’s important in my life
    • writing journal entries helps in finding yourself, who I really am isn’t a messy girl moping around about the sad things in her life. journal entries helped me be a friend to myself. (get a leaf leather journal)
  • being grateful for everyday things, like:
    • takeout you ordered,
    • a tip from work,
    • being able to purchase something from your fav shop, etc.
      • i now have a gratitude journal where I talk about all the great things I was able to do and things I got for the day, like a ride to somewhere or a depop sale.

These steps helped me be a happier person. After going through these phases and realized I had a spiritual awakening I decided to share this.

Hopefully you all can get to this point in life! If not, it should come soon!

Just a few months ago I was completely lifeless, and not even my cat could stop me from feeling like my life should end. Honestly, I didn’t even think of my cat and didn’t care that she existed. I was really wondering why I was still alive at that point, but I’m so thankful that I had my bestie bae husband on the phone. He was able to make me feel better and even make me laugh while I was crying too I was happy but still sad, but 100% happy I finally forgave people.

thank you for reading text graphic

Thanks for reading my 1st spiritual awakening story

Have you ever had a spiritual awakening? What was it like? Do you consider my story a spiritual awakening, because I’m really not 100% sure lol. Please share your thoughts and stories!

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  • I cannot tell you how much I love this! I definitely agree with you that holding onto anger and grudges is far worse for your mental and spiritual wellbeing…let it go, move on and focus on all the good. Also, I’m glad you’re feeling better – depresseion fucking sucks xx

    • Thanks, I’m so happy you enjoyed!!
      Yes, it’s bad I barely realized that it’s not good to hold onto those things, but its cool. Better late than never! (sorry for the late response but this comment was in my spam box wth!)

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