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hello here’s another playlist for you guys.. i really playlists because sometimes when im feeling down, i forget to listen to music and make myself feel better.

Just a reminder to take a deep breathe, you have been through worse haven’t you? You can get through anything! This playlist can help you out, because music is healing!

p.s this was supposed to be uploaded earlier but i didn’t want to half-butt it so i worked on it more. sometimes i am so into making a post, and then i stop and my juices don’t flow and i just get too lazy to work on something. also, today i was assembling ikea furniture and didn’t work on this post when it was supposed to be uploaded a day after. procrastinator at her finest!

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 songs to make you happy instantly | izone pd48 pd101 nuest nu'est loona playlist fromis 9 pentagon teni day6 kpop music stevie wonder, crush, red velvet, joy crush
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Songs to make you happy instantly!


songs to make you happy | kpop songs


dkdk – fromis9

I promise I am not only choosing this song because baekho from nuest helped produce it/wrote the lyrics. I didn’t know he did that at first, I just fell in love with the song and later found out about that through the comments on the music video!

This song is really cute and I fell in love with the dance too. I have liked fromis 9 before because of their song to heart and glass shoes.


love me – nuest

you guys know how much i love nuest! this song is from their last comeback in 2019! it was really awesome and they even won 5 awards from the music shows. when you win more than one award for your comeback on music shows, that means the korean audience really loved it. at least, that’s what i think it means. 

anyways its a really cute song and always makes me happy even the dance.



we together – produce 48 / izone

im not that happy with izone’s lineup. I really wanted MIYU to make it and haeyoon! You might say haeyoon’s voice is just flavorless, but to me it has that sort of.. jenny say quan (comment if you know where that’s from).

it’s one of the most iconic songs ever to the kpop world, which was also made by nuest baekho and bumzu who is his friend but i think is part of PLEDIS (their company).

This song and performance has so many amazing parts! I love NAKO, MIYU’S highnote and the dance break, and I especially love the lyrics of this song. It’s such a motivational and happy song that makes you want to keep going. Even without knowing the lyrics, I felt THAT. 

here’s the izone version:

the only parts I really care about are nako’s part and yujins, and I love that hye-won made it to izone because she loves anime. I just really miss haeyoon and miyu’s high NOTE and miho’s voice. they should have debuted in izone instead of the tall young girl, and i never really cared for juri i know people would hate me but that’s how i feel.

i also don’t really care for the leader. there, that’s how they could have fit haeyoon miyu and miho without ruining the whole song 🙂 – yes im bitter!


smile – pentagon


here is another boy group doing the cutie concept i love it so much! im really into the cute concept because in america we have hella money, “hoes”, weed, being popular, having cars, cheating on your boyfriend??? etc concepts. if it happens to be something else, then it’s either rock that i can only enjoy.

i don’t like american pop because a lot of artists here are racist. i might have liked lady gaga, but i could not get past her problematic past. i kind of like ariana grande but not enough to buy her albums. so if you know of any western artist who can do this kind of cute concept, let me know. i might give them a shot lol

i actually love the dance so much too if you want to check that vid out, which is the only live i can find of this dance/song here it is: smile live

mayday – crush featuring joy

again a song I have been obsessed over lately. especially joy’s part. it’s really the most angelic thing i have ever heard!

one two three – nuest


you guys might not know about this song but I highly recommend it! It’s like one of those songs to listen to when you’re just out walking with your friends, or having a picnic, or driving around trying to find a place to eat with a pal and with no rush!

here’s them singing live at a concert! I wish i could go but i would need to save up a lot to even go to korea in the first place. it will be hard due to covid of course but hopefully soon they can come to the u.s


gas station – june

i recently found this song! i found out JUNE is actually in PLT and lots of people heard of them before even me, but i barely found out he’s in PLT lol.

This song is another one of those night time songs, or good songs to listen to while driving around hehe

its beautiful -stella jang

i listen to this song usually almost every morning from my morning playlist. it’s so cute and the video gives you the beach walking vibes, love it so much!


you and me together – loona

i literally always have this song playing when im driving! i have it in almost all my playlists because i want to keep hearing it over and over. it is truly a song i can never get over!!


how to be a pretty woman – lovelyz

i have been listening to this song since i was in highschool. i was really obsessed with lovelyz around 2016.

this song is cute and talks about how to be a pretty woman lol. i think it makes me happy just because of the beat. it’s the type of song I would listen to with my cat playing around in my apartment. so I just love listening to it whenever it comes on my playlist.


i keep posting this song but i just love this version. it’s a live version and it sounds more sweater because of the edit of it/special stage.


lp – red velvet

this truly is that stuck in an elevator vibes the type of music i really enjoy is elevator music and when they put you on hold on the phone. this is truly my style of music. i listen to this music loud when im driving too lmfao how cheesy, but just ignore me if you see me driving like that.


chocolate – day6


this has been my fav song since forever jk, i just cant remember when i heard it but its one of my fav songs by a kpop group that i barely ever listen to. actually i don’t know many of their other songs other than this one.


milky way – red velvet (boa cover)

this song is super sweet, light, fun, and dreamy. you guys might know by now that i love red velvet.


different – nuest



okay i know you guys might hate me since i always mention this song lol! but dang the lyrics are just so fun and the song is so hype it makes me have no choice but to be happy…


more kpop songs to make you happy:


songs to make you happy | j-pop songs


super anime groove – android52



doki doki no disco – nanidato

i will always include this song in my playlists especially if it’s related to songs to make you happy! it’s such a cute song and right away when i first heard it, it made me feel good and even made the husbo feel good too. 


songs to make you happy | other


do i do – stevie wonder


power rangers – teni


with me- plastic plastic

i included this song in this songs to make you happy list because of the music video and because of the memories i have. 

i remember listening to this song in mexico with my cat chibi! 

more songs to make you happy:

  • splash by chon

  • fiona coyne skylar spence


more songs to make you happy in playlist version:


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Thanks for reading songs to make you happy instantly!

what are some songs you think i missed? list them below!!!

i know this was a bit short but i got uninspired because i realized i had like only kpop songs lol oh well, guess i’ll cater to the kpop fans heheh


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