Update: I’m no longer in a long distance relationship – moving to cali to be with bae

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I decided to make a big change in my life recently, so I moved to California to live with my boyfriend aka my husband of 4 years, Alexander!

Just some important info of our journey:

  • We met on a dating site (okcupid)
  • Started messaging on august 2014 and we really started “hitting it off” in September of 2014
  • I shared my tumblr with him and we started messaging each other every day
  • Soon after, he told me he loved me ( but i was into someone else at the time :/ )

drake meme - soyvirgo.com

  • We decided to be boyfriend/girlfriend in January 2015
  • He visited me once in September for my birthday and we got married 2 days after
  • We moved in together in April 2016 with my baby cat, Gati!
  • Decided to be long distance again (i.e, to mooch off our parents lol) to save up money
  • I went on a road trip with him this summer (read about it here lol)
  • Recently I felt really stressed at home and Alex’s mom said I should live with them, so I did!

I’m not officially a Californian, all I brought was my clothes, devices and myself. We also won’t be living here forever, we just decided that it could be easier to live together and save up money to move out – together!

Cute couple art by soyvirgos man
My mans made us into art lol, just long distance relationship thingz

If you guys want to do something, even though it might seem like a big change, you should give it a shot.
I’ve only been here for a few hours and I instantly feel relieved and excited. Big changes can be good for you and can help you become more of an adult, I guess? I feel more motivated to be more responsible and being away from my mom is really helpful.

Basically that’s why we will live together now. Being together is really motivating since we can boost each other’s mood.

eating with bae, im so lucky (btw ben n jerry’s has vegan flavors)
look at that ring finger

Anyways, that’s the update guys!
I’m going to go back to Chicago in March to hopefully get my wisdom teeth out.

Follow my Instagram if you miss me too much. lol Now that I have my sorta photographer boyfriend, becoming an instagram BADDI wont be too hard anymore xoxo

Pocket camp long distance couple soyvirgo
Long distance lovers no more (lol)

These few weeks were so busy because I was packing and figuring out what to say to my mom. But it’s all good, kids aren’t supposed to be with their parents forever! Anyway’s enough bout me (lol this is my blog tho?) let me know what’s new with you all <3



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