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June 27, 2022

This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. Recently I have been working non-stop and neglecting this series, what a surprise! So this is a 4 month masterpost smooshed into one. 


From what I can remember of the last few months is written in a sheet of paper and a journal i write in while at work. if you don’t know yet, im a caregiver now and I’ve been doing that since around December. It’s fun but sometimes can get tiring! Later on, I’ll explain but my friend and i have this journal thing going on and I update her on my life in that journal! FUN!

my husband was laid off from amazon in feb, so he hasn’t been working lol im not worried (anymore) because he seems to have a lot in savings so whatever, im really just going to focus on me and try to get more money in my wallet because i dont want to be depending on noone. so i have been working nonstop which is why i haven’t been blogging. i slowly am getting back to it because I’m not working every day anymore. let’s chat more below!

enjoy my monthly memories june 2022! (feb to june lol)

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Monthly memories june 2022! (feb – june)

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The following are my favorite moments from the month.

animal crossing aesthetic credit unknown

feb 9th: cat appointment!

finally i got my cats a doctor appointment! my cat beba hasnt had a visit in so long, i actually never took her to see a doc when i got her as a gift (kinda, she literally just showed up in my room one day). anyways i took both my babies to the doctor. funnily enough, the kitten just got in heat 2 nights before her surgery! can you believe it! i was so happy because oh my gosh it was a nightmare, you could not sleep at all because of her crying! so luckily the next day i already had an appointment for her. then the vet told me to bring back beba a month later for a free booster shot (temper shot?) and so that’s why i got an appointment for march.

my annoying march cat appointment!?

so yall i had a horrible appointment. i was being charged $18 for a shot when the vet told me it would be free. so i brought it up and all the girls at the counter started to get defensive and saying, no this shot can NEVER be free. etc etc..

i told them well what was the vet saying about something being free today? its obviously going to be free if one of your vets said “come back and it will be free”, in the end it was free lol i actually did bimbofication… i acted like a baby, and they kind of fell for it. if you don’t know what i mean well, i found this trick on tiktok lol all you have to do is act like you dont know what anyone is talking about even though you know what they’re talking about but you just pretend you don’t so they can see how stupid they are. just basically match their energy in a less aggresive way? something like that. if you’re interested in learning more well let me know because i followed the tiktoker that explained this lol she’s actually really smart

anyways, these people…they DID not admit to their mistakes once or apologize but it ended nicely. i was left paying only $3 for a waste fee.

i dont want to rant much but i left them a review so everyone can see how petty they are, childish and unwilling to admit to their faults.

my other annoying march appointment!? GETTING MY HAIR RUINED

so i got another messy appointment and this one has to do with my hair.  i randomly decided to get a haircut at a salon my friend suggested because i asked her where she would cut her hair. she hasnt been to this spot because she moved away. so turns out everyone was pretty much new, and my hair got ruined by one of the new girls. i left an honest review about how the lady who cut me and my husbands hair sucked and how another lady nearby did her clients hair EXACTLY how i wanted mine, i even showed my hair cut lady pictures and she still did it like you see below. but while im editing this, i noticed my reviews were deleted. this review and my review for the cat appointments! I’ll be honest guys I never deleted a review when we got our restaurant so that just shows how sketchy those places are.

Here’s my tiktok video on the situation lol

@dearkiki 🥴 

so my hair was looking so cute beforehand.  now it is finally grown out so im super happy to get another haircut with my original stylist. i love her so much i take her for granted :/

opening a balance transfer card with citibank

so i opened another credit card to get rid of my bank of america bills. so now i won’t get charged much on boa and will have to pay off $4k I really am trying my best but it was difficult because of one of my clients i had i was driving her to work like a bimbo thinking i can help out someone but, nope, not possible. I’ll talk more about her in the next section.

my citibank card is great but i keep forgetting it isn’t a visa which means that i have to use my boa card whenever i shop at costco. so i have been telling my husband to let me use his card so that i dont have to use my boa card hehehe. that’s what i need to do because well he hasn’t had a job since february so he needs to help his gal out and not let me get these bills too high, right? yes. what are these men for? kidding but not really.

so now i have two credit cards to work on. i will be paying off my boa card fully because i don’t want them taking out so much interest fees :/ it’s okay, we got this!




so if you don’t keep up with the kpop world, don’t worry, i don’t either. I only got into kpop mostly because of this boygroup called nu’est. i also love a few other groups like lovelyz (they disbanded) wjsn, fromis9, etc. but i never liked a group like i liked nuest. they were true underdogs, but mostly because of their company. well, they disbanded in march and yes i was sad, but also happy because i don’t like their new company HYBE. They disbanded gfriend and i hate that they did that. they disbanded nuest the same month they debuted. it’s almost done on purpose so that BTS could be that group that has had their same members for 10+ years. Nu’est was the first one too do that, except they disbanded them. no hate on bts, its more so the company for trying to disband them in that time just for bts to get that title. but it doesnt matter, because apparently Korea hasn’t accepted their disbandment either, they still treat nuest as if they’re an active group. i wont explain further because its all over my twitter and i don’t really want to get into it, im just happy now that they are active and doing other things. although i do want more music from them, im fine with how things are now.

but, i ended up buying their last album! i also decided to sell some of their items that i don’t want and am trying to find items of theirs that i do want! do you happen to collect any kpop merch?

nuest disbanded? no you're wrong. monthly memories june 2022

my trump supporter ‘friend’ – meet trump queen?

so, i made a trump supporter friend (or did i?)

i became a bimbo around march.

i had a client that turned out to be someone i knew from college. what happened was we got a bit close since i always thought she was cool. i mean she has a cute service dog and she was just a cool looking lady, like she is chill. and it turned out i was right! she wasn’t like the usual clients i have that are elderly and white and usually racist (actually she was racist i just found out later). she didn’t shy from swearing or saying what’s on her mind in an honest way. the other clients are mean and basically become karens in 1 second to the point where i don’t want to work with them anymore. this lady was chill until i realized she found out more about me, since i felt calm with her like we were friends and able to talk and not just think of each other as caregiver and client. but she was able to find out i like helping others and i told her my drama with my friend and i then told her how i can work a lot because i have no friends lmfao and then she said well i can be your friend!

then, she told me if i can come back to work at night to “complete the hour”. what did she mean by that? well, my shift started at 6:30 and should be an hour long. this lady only needed me for 15 minutes! just basically to get her into her friends car to take her to work. so she wanted me to come back at night to put her in her house and complete the hour. mind you, i live 15 min from her house. so the drive there and back and then there and back again at night was more than an hours work. so that $18 the hour was more like pennies i was earning. i told my husband and then helped me realize it was not worth it. and i told her, but she made me feel bad for her that i just said ok!

it got worse.

later on, her friend who would drive her to work said she couldn’t drive her anymore due to work and so the trump queen asked me. i said yes sure for a little since my husband is not working and i dont need to drive him anywhere… but I didn’t mean for a long time!

but it was my fault for accepting and letting someone get me to help them again when I should be helping myself first.

anyways i found out she was a trump queen when out of nowhere she started talking about how she hates Biden and how trump made gas prices cheap when he was in office so biden is the one making the ukraine war and raising gas prices. i had to laugh (in my head) she also was telling me how she made her mexican house cleaning lady vote for trump (i doubt she did) because what mexican would believe trump actually likes mexicans lol

anyways me and my husband were shocked to know because, this lady is in a wheelchair and can’t really walk anymore, trump made ableist jokes. it just reminds me of my gay friends that would give their money to chikfila. it doesn’t matter because im not gay and im not in a wheelchair all i know is i would never support trump and if i have to explain why then why are you even following me?

୨୧ if this is too long i wrote a tldr below୨୧

so anyways i helped trump queen for a long time (only about 1 month and 2 weeks) and she only wanted to pay me $80 a month for driving her from work to home every day monday to friday. she also wanted me to work some mornings for 15 minutes (the drive to her house is 15-25 min depending on traffic) and then come back at night to “complete the hour” and the pay is $18 hourly by the agency (minus taxes and minus the mileage there, wear n tear on my whip?) so basically she completely forgot (or pretended to forget) the reason why i went to her house in the first place, which was for MONEY! it was a JOB not friendship.

shall i mention the one time she asked me if it would be a bother to pick up food for her and her friend from popeyes! honestly picking her up from work would take 30 min and then 20 min to drive back home. .. i just cant believe she decided to use me and when i said i couldnt or when she would talk about her friend who used to drive her, she tried to make me feel guilty and SHITTY for not being able to drive her/ help her. she would talk as if i wasnt in the room because she knew i was going to do the same (tell her i cant drive her or work for her anymore) soon enough because of the fact i brought it up literally the first week i worked for her.

i honestly just felt bad because she said one of the paramedics that went to her house when she needed help getting in the house ended up saying he would * shoot * her sweet amazing friendly service dog and i don’t want them to deal with that. it became bad though because i kept charging my credit card for gas and the gas went to driving her which i couldn’t afford especially since she only wanted to give me $80 a month!

she’s like 50 years old. she needs to learn how to spend her money. she kept saying how she would pay me more if she could all while ordering so many leggings and things her service dog doesnt really need. not to mention she had so many gifts on her christmas tree, i think she said for people that didnt come and pick them up. she also just had a party for her dog.. like yes, enjoy life, but remember to pay the caregiver who is literally doing more than her care plan says to do.. yeah im just venting.

୨୧ too long didnt read ୨୧

one of my clients was chill until i found out she was a trumper, then she convinced me (made me feel guilty enough) to help her more than i could afford aka driving her from work back home and some days mornings for 15 min and then at night to “complete the hour” since she can’t afford me. i left this client in april 13 and have been supa happy and stress free since!

feb and april: hanging with nonis!

onto something less frustrating, i went out with my friend like 3 times. I ended up writing to her in a notebook like we used to in hs and i usually write about my day in there like a daily journal and more like a diary. when i see her again i will give her the notebook to read lol she will be overwhelmed for sure.

we went to a mall the second time we hung out and i found my true love, i heart mac and cheese!

it’s a cute restaurant that includes vegan items! i later brought my husband and we ordered from there for the first time ever. i didn’t take any pictures because it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing lol and also i was hungry. we ate it at a mall that i went to with my friend. that’s really it. i haven’t seen my buddy since, she lives like an hour away from me now.


girl eating pinterest aesthetic - monthly memories june 2022

vegan food i ate

chinatown food for husbands bday date (and other vegan foods)

my husband and i went out to chinatown and i wanted to show him this vegan chinese food place that’s really the best place ever! we both loved it so much and it’s honestly one of the best places to eat at, not just VEGAN places. SO haha surprise, i didnt take any pictures at all. not sure why, but here’s other food i had eaten around the same time!

  • first i had a whole foods sandwich. its so delicious has mayo avocados and tempeh. i decided to stop buying them because i found a hair in one of the bowls, im not sure if it was mine or not but i was kinda grossed out. also i had a weird thing happen with the pizza guy at whole foods and i even told the store manager about it, he def got reprimanded because the next time i saw him he was super nice to me! but i wondered if he possibly also makes the food other than pizza, so yeah don’t recommend
  • I got a wrap from the pantry and i added falafel
  • egg sandwich with sausages
  • impossible sandwich, i got the patty from the pantry! it was delicious but not as good as beyond meat.
  • in the second picture i ate pizza, it’s so delicious but my husband adds a bunch of stuff to make it incredible, like lentils, other cheeses we have spices and well you just have to try it to understand!
  • burger i made, i think it was a chicken patty.
  • another burger but from this vegan place called The Black Vegan Restaurant. Also ordered fries and a gyro. the gyro was delicious and addicting but it wasn’t as good as another gyro from a vegan spot. I will order it soon again to show you all lol. also ordered spicy mushroom nuggets.
  • in february i went to pfchangs with my friend, the bowl of noodles is what i had. it was pretty darn delicious


monthly memories june 2022 vegan food lover

MAY: selling my items new depop, vinted and (soon)!

i finally made a new depop. why? all because i wanted to collect my kpop merch lol so i made one and now i started to upload my stuff. i still hate depop because of them kicking me out for selling fake bags but theyre real lol i guess they believed ONE teen because i got upset at them for harassing me to sell her an item when i didn’t want to because she looked like a scammer. i should have just ignored her because 100% she was the reason i got kicked off depop after 5 years.

anyways, i made a new account and also i made a vinted account! im not sure why i do all this when i could just upload them on my shop, i mean, it would def bring more traffic to my site. i will be doing that to my more expensive items for sure. i made my first sale on depop by the way, but the person is ignoring me and won’t leave me a review. i hate when people do that but hopefully theyre just busy and haven’t even opened my package.

MAY 30: leaving another horrible client and getting a new one!

I ended up leaving a client i had since february and told them my last day would be May 30th. i was tired of them (mostly the daughter) treating me like a maid. nothing wrong with that, but being a maid wasn’t my job.

i was a caretaker for the mother and doing a good job at it too. the daughter one day asked me to start cleaning just so they could pay out of pocket to make the pay $20 an hour. i agreed, but you should never agree because they will always turn it against you.

she let me have the house key even though they had a code to get into the house and when i thought i lost the key she got mad at me and said it costed $200. when i saw her in person again i told her keep the key because if i actually do lose i am not paying $200. who in their sane mind would give away a $200 anything without warning? she’s stupid but thinks im just as stupid as her.

another time she yelled at me through the phone because some roofers were at her parents when they shouldn’t have been, that was not my problem and i hated how she would treat me like i was her daughter? like babes, aren’t yall embarrassed? it’s like, why get a big house for your 80+ year old parents if you hate having to upkeep their house for them and if something breaks down, they have a meltdown! legit it was so stressful working for them. they’re just old privileged big babies with money. i would love to have my life over theirs even if they have way more money than me lol


onto a better note, i found a new client super quickly on facebook. she’s great, but noone is perfect. i will work with her until the wintertime, then i will start searching for a new client.

they pay me less but it’s ok because she’s chill! i also get paid privately so no more agency! i do want to go back to an agency but it’s hard to find a good one. i decided i would leave that client in the winter because the drive there is awful, i almost get hit by someone every time i drive that way. and the parking is awful so once it’s wintertime it won’t be easy to find parking where people use chairs to save a parking spot. do people do that in your neighborhood?


vegandale 2022 monthly memories june 2022 vegan food blogger



i went to vegandale! i just randomly saw an ad on instagram and decided to go, i just had to! i never even thought there would be a vegan fest, it was my first-time hearing of them. in late May, I decided to buy the tickets!

it was okay because it was hot, i couldn’t find the park because there’s literally no signs. we have to walk in the heat, it’s not big enough, the lines were long after 3 hours. I went to see these places and i recommend them:

  • Penelope’s Vegan Taqueria (@penelopesvegantaqueria) • i had an elote and dragonfruit horchata the elote was seriously amazing and im gonna keep eating them! the horchata was also super delicious
  • Ida’s Artisan Ice Cream (@idasartisanicecream) • the icecream i had were like a blueberry flavor and lemon flavor. i loved both! they’re just so different than every other flavor there is, at least the ones they sell in stores.
  • Vegan Thick Eatery (@vegan_thick_eatery) • i had birria tacos (pictured) and an elote. the elote was just as good but they are a different style that i don’t really like, i prefer the ones from my childhood, i guess im just obsessed with them since i had them young. they’re the best thing ever. but the birria tacos were absolutely delicious! the sauce was so amazing too
  • bz tea: i had a delicious chicken wrap. i hate wraps so that’s how i know this wrap is AMAZING. I also took a hibiscus drink. the drink was better than the ones i make, can you believe it?

it was a really fun time but at some point i was feeling bad and wanted to leave but im glad i had that delicious food. i can’t wait to go to another vegan fest!


other days: income gigs and random stuff!

  • I am really happy with my caregiving job!
  • I was able to sell some kpop merch that I’m trying to get rid of hehe i also set up my depop again and other apps to sell my stuff.
  • also, my old landlord told me to dog sit! i will finally be paid to take care of animals! i want to also try house sitting or pet sitting so this will be my first client!
  • my cousin is going to mexico and said to drive her family to the airport this is another job i got for the month of July!

life goals and accomplishments:

(this section was inspired by Weird Louise’s monthly wrap up posts!)

last month’s goals that I achieved!

1. cat appointment (get cat fixed)!

2. go to chinatown

i wanted to go to chinatown for my husbands bday and that’s what we did!

3. work on taxes

i scheduled to finish doing my taxes in october so im super happy. i just hope i don’t owe anything lol

other things i worked on include: make my physical vision board

i made a vision board i love it but i need to print out actual photos and tape them up one by one lol

life goals and accomplishments for July:

eat less sugar, go on a losing weight journey, stretch yoga and meditate, grow blog and youtube

i was supposed to go on a weight loss journey in february but it’s july now… oops.

Monthly Memories june 2022 | music:

i decided i would make a seperate post for this because this post has gotten so long i want to shorten it for yall lol

Monthly Favorites feb – june 2022 | shows:

i decided i would make a separate post showing what i’ve been watching lately because there’s a lot

  • one hour photo with robin williams (this one was pretty good i love slow creepy movies like this. i never expected robin to be so good at being scary)
  • alladin (i finally saw this and wow i can’t believe i ended up loving the genie the most!)


Monthly Favorites june 2022 (feb to june) | my blogging world

  • really none because you guys know i havent even posted much. now that i only work with one client, i hope i will make more time for this business idea of mine lol

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