short monthly memories january, i got another cat!

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feb 09, 2022 This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month.


Hello lovers! Can somebody tell mua how is January already over? How is it already Feb? Is life real? yes baby, it is so real and fast, lets just enjoy the ride amirite!!!

I’m super inconsistent but i think im like the only blogger out here that’s like this lol i truly do not care because i would prefer my blog to be personal, yes i want to make money with it, but im currently happy with my job that i dont mind blogging for fun right now. i just love documenting things lol but anyways, hope you guys dont hate me too much for my late posts!

It’s february and here i am with yet another monthly memories but this one will be short since I just uploaded a 3month version of monthly memories recently…


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Monthly memories january 2022!


Blogger posts of January that I love!

New Section! The following section is where I share my fav posts that I read this month!


The following are my favorite moments from the month.

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using notion!

so thanks to a blogger, i started to use notion. i can’t remember where i found the blogger since i follow people on here and blogspot, bloglovin, etc, and i cant remember who it was! but thanks to them i started to use it and i started to use it on the daily.. i will be making a whole blog post and video about it and how it’s helped me organize my life digitally. it’s really amazing and in the near future i really want to be sponsored by them lol

7th: my new job

i got another caregiving job and i absolutely love it! i get to meet so many different people and it’s awesome. i have to help a lady that im pretty 100% sure her ancestors were nazis and she happens to be racist, but what can you expect from a german american 80-year-old?

there are people that well, most of them give me stuff for free because they are old and trying to get rid of everything lol, i love it its exactly the type of job i have wanted all this time so im incredibly happy for the change. my last job was a caregiving job and i enjoyed it but i was basically stuck with one person and their family members were the main reason i wanted to leave as well as the distance and not having any other options, but this new job is different. i can go to many different people’s houses and im on the search to find the perfect person to care for so i have many options to find the right one. notion helps me with figuring out which one i should choose to be a permanent caregiver for.


hanasaku iroha anime girl maid lifestyle blogger 2022 monthly memories january 2022
this is how i feel i look when im working lol

getting a new cat!?


babes, we got another cat!

what happened was that my old landlord who is a cat lover and basically savior called me up one day and told me about this cat a family is getting rid of. this was a KITTEN i haven’t had a kitten since 2012 when i was gifted my first fur child!

i will be showing more of her on youtube and tiktok and even my ig but instragram hasn’t been working for me at all, like it’s been 4 days and my story hasnt been posted lol im giving up on that…

closing my bank of america checking after idk 10+ years!?

last memories post i shared how i changed banks, i forgot to mention the mess and warn you guys about BOA.

so where the heck should i start?? let me just copy and paste my notes from notion lmfao:

ive been on the phone for over an hour. these are #s of the departments i was transferred to:

  • 800 892 3219
  • 18004272399
  • 8882991158
  • 8666019490
  • 18008923219 

(bold numbers are the same because i started with the first number and then an hour later i was transferred to that number even though it was the first number i started with!)

So i called they kept transferring me, telling me they can’t see the charges im talking about so they gotta transfer, the last guy i could barely hear him, he sounded high and like he was watching tv or eating or everything all together, i was pissed but the type of pissed where u have the calmest voice, almost laughing, like the calm before the storm

transferred me back to the last number you see which is the first number i started with!!

i was with a lady i said hey i been on here for over an hour explaining the same shit over n over… the last guy sent me to you saying you can reverse payments. (Explained the whole situation for the 10th plus time)

she said “ok ill send a form for that charge so they can return your money from the november charge, but the charge from October i do not see it.”

i told that bitch wtf you mean you cannot see, i can see in my bank app so how can you not see any of this and what’s scary about all this is that all these people have my social now…

i thought do i really have to physically go AGAIN to the stupid bank and show them proof that they took 2 amounts from my personal checking? i went to them in december to talk about it, they gave me an appnt to come in again because i needed a notary so i went twice in one week! after that second meet they said everything was fixed and my money would return in 7 business days! they were on the phone the whole time with im pretty sure it was the same departments i called, but i went home so happy. i was getting my $600+ back!

then it’s January, nothing changed. that’s when i made these calls.

anyways, $438+ in november and $206.88 in october. not too far apart so how the f could the lady not see it?

i waited and waited as i was waiting i decided to leave BOA.

the lady on the phone said ill put you on hold to find the right person to ask about this, a whole 40 min passed, she said she will transfer me and i was like whats the number in case they disconnect? she said there’s no number its an inbound number im like ?? literally wtf does that mean but whatever just transfer me then… guess what? SHE HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME.

lets not be mad, lets just continue with this story…

i had to make an appointment because the next lady finally sounded bad about everything and said the best thing is to get it done by the bank and not over the phone that way someone at the bank can help. so I made an appointment…

bank meeting: the last straw!

so i got there 30 min early i was seated n told she knows im here

i go there explain everything n the bich is like i cant see nuthin cant do nuthin but we can call them and see – ok whatever thats what they do at the other location i normally always go to but im trying to save gas that’s why i went to the closest location to me

.. also only reason that i went there first was bc the usual location that i love going to was all booked on monday and i wanted to get it fixed asap!

anyways she said lets go to the other room to call – we called but she said ima leave u here alone n u tell them everything. i was like ok whatever im sure she will come back to check on me and all that, but i was on my phone while waiting for someone to answer the phone there, and i saw my email and my appointment, the one i was literally waiting for since 1pm and i was literally already talking to someone for, that appointment – was cancelled!

like how could you see a client, tell them ok you got this, then cancel their appointment? i was like wtf is this? im not waiting here to be on the phone, i could have literally done this at home by myself, i didn’t make an appointment to be left alone and do it all myself because that’s literally what i did before as you read.

as i was leaving, i saw her with another client. she was in another room helping another client when she said if i needed anything i can ask her she will be right next door, like how does that make ANY SENSE? can i just interupt the client you’re seated with even though you’re supposed to be attending me? help? am i wrong? no don’t even answer that cause i 100% am not!

i got sick of it my guy i had to go it was complete bs and i told the first lady i saw when i arrived, i thought she was the manager, i literally interupted her and her client because i didn’t know who else to tell.

i explained to her how she left me alone in the room and she told me to tell them on the phone everything myself and how if i needed her she would be next door, but she’s with another client anyways.. i said that’s bs if i wanted to be put in a room alone on the phone i would have done that at home! and my husband said a man was walking up who looked like the manager, but i told the lady i dont give a f if they fire her i don’t even want to talk to her because im leaving BOA im just gonna get this fixed at berwyn cause they help out more there…

bank of america meeting at the main location: the icing on the dam cake!

so turns out, the work i did the first 2 times was never done. at this main location i always go to, i had to speak with the manager because she saw i had been going many times. she said WITH A SMILE “no, they didn’t do it” when i asked ” so i have to do everything all over and nothing happened or was fixed like the guy said? i was so shocked. whats worse is the lady would talk over me!

i was so fn done.

she even said the best thing to do is file bankruptcy, but i told my lawyer who i have due to the restaurant i was working at, and he said do not file bankruptcy just close your account.

they didn’t do shit the first 2 times i went with the dudes so it was a waste of time and gas money.

they’re not giving me my $600 bac…

climate chaos banks to avoid 2022 banks funding fossil fuels 2022 monthly memories january 2022

bank of america horror story conclusion

i left those biches, jk i still have their credit card but im on the hunt for one that gives me better cash back deals for gas, but i closed my checking account with them and went to….

chase bank!

I decided with chase because my mom in law recommended it and so did my instagram peeps, thanks especially to nancy for the advice!

im really happy i finally left that nightmare of a bank. it was just too many bad things happening in the course of just 3 months. i went to chase not knowing that it funds fossil fuels even more than boa lol!

im doing research to change my account again so, chase will be temporary

read more:

Fossil Banks | Fossil Banks No Thanks!

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Which banks are increasing and decreasing fossil fuel financing? (

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almost being scammed by amazon scammer?

so my husband works for amazon, i know yuck, but we got rent to pay!

and he told me about this job where amazon pharmacy would wrap my car and i could drive a certain number of miles for 500 a week! well i got the check, and it looked 100% fake! i was so sad.. but anyways… if you get sent a check, just make sure you double check it and even take it to the bank first and ask them about it. im a wee bit smart so i saw it and right away felt it was sus that i got this check so quick and also the writing was so ugly like if it was really amazon, they would at least type up the information with the same font throughout the page lol

other days: income gigs and other random stuff!

  • i have been working on my youtube channel and plan to make videos for each blog post or at least each monthly memories if my month was exciting…



life goals and accomplishments:

(this section was inspired by Weird Louise’s monthly wrap up posts!) 

last month’s goals that I achieved!

1. finding a good job!

i currently have the best caregiving job i could have lol cant complain (although i def was when i first started)

2. getting rid of all my junk

so i planned on getting rid of my stuff and yes we got the ball rolling guys! I sold something for $300, then plants for $40! another item for $20 so yes we are happy.

i didnt have many goals i made for jan tbh lol

life goals and accomplishments for feb:

eat less sugar, go on a losing weight journey, stretch yoga and meditate, grow blog and youtube, go on a date in china town! make my physical vision board get my cat fixed and start working on taxes!


Monthly Favorites January 2022 | music:


umm no comment? i actually dont remember listening to anything new, how sad!




Monthly Favorites January 2022 | shows:


familiar wife on netflix

i freaking love this show and i just started watching it! it’s so funny and cute and has good life advice, i mean it just makes you think ya know?

are you married? would you want to go back in time to try again? maybe you want to see what life would be like if you chose a different partner. these are the questions these shows make me think about, like what if i chose someone else and would life be better if i ended up with someone born rich?

im actually on episode 4 and i am confused and have so many questions that im mad at how the show is going now, like it truly isn’t making sense… someone bls explain!

all the xmen movies on disney+

so i saw all the movies in January and well i got some thangs to say about it…

why on earth are most of the characters white? honestly once I got to apocalypse, I was over it. it’s to the point where it is SO unbelievable, like, that would never actually happen if it were real. two british white men are the most powerful mutants in the world? no, it is honestly not believable. dont get me wrong, i love charles and magneto and i can’t think of anyone better to play them, even Logan… but it just doesn’t make any sense. it reminds me of the Doctor Strange movie and how “The Ancient One” is a bald white woman.

like think about it, jean, scott, freaking Mystique… like it never ends. it’s just not believable that the only black person is Storm. and you can’t really tell what nightcrawler is because he’s always blue! so yup, you best believe i got tired of it all once i was on Apocalypse. Even Dark Phoenix had only whites. I didn’t know poc and black people were a rare group of people in the 70s in America.

murderville on netflix

this show is pretty hilarious i especially liked the episode with kumail nanjiani!



  • sorry nothing else lol



Monthly Favorites 2021 | my blogging world

This is where I will share my goals related to my site/ working hehe.

Goals Met

  • umm wasnt really working on my blog too much hehe..



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Thanks for reading monthly memories january 2022!


well this month was much more exciting for me. I’m glad I worked more on myself this month and realized some great things for myself. What I hope for october is to work more on finances and make more income streams, and also build my confidence!

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  • Wow you’ve had a busy month! I’m glad you got a job you enjoy although sorry about the racist old lady. Tbh a lot of old people are like that so not surprised lol. I saw the trailer for Murderville a while back and I’m taking this as a sign to start watching it!

    • lmfao i was really close, like REALLY because they sounded so rude too, and the last lady who just hung up on me. she lied and said she sent me a form to fill to get my refund lmfao i came to the conclusion boa employees are all liars especially the ones on the phone! im glad it’s over. the whole time i thought maybe god or the universe was giving me a challenge so i did my best to stay calm lol

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