monthly memories | July and August (work, play, eat)

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august 28, 2022

This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. (I smooshed 2 months into one because im just a working gal, not too much excitement happened so I will just update you all with what I did that is noteworthy.)


Hello besties, it’s September! Virgo Season, yes, my bday month, yes.. what more can I ask for ? This month is gonna be more fun than usual because of my bday, so i will be doing a tiny bit more exciting stuff, promise!!

enjoy my monthly memories august 2022! (july and august )

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Monthly memories august 2022 ! (july to august)

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The following are my favorite moments from the month.

animal crossing - not my pic |

july: my used clothing sales  baby!

so i mentioned on the last monthly memories post that i made a new depop, vinted etc. but I recently made a new instagram because im absolutely TIRED of the fees for posting my USED items online. it’s like, whats the point of selling online when there’s such huge fees, the point is to get rid of my items for a good price. so anyways, you can now buy my items for cheaper on my new instagram account at kikitasdeliveryservice, no spaces! for now im thinking of only doing paypal and zelle by the way but im open to anything SAFE


july 6: taking care of my old landlords pets (first time dog sitting!)

so i got a wee little job! this job was pretty fun! i also mentioned this last month, i did the job in july, i think and then got paid for it in august (my fault, i took a while to go to her house to pick up the payment)

my old landlord asked me if i could take care of her moms pets for a week! it’s amazing that i got the chance to do this because it is something i have been wanting to try lately.

im not sure why but im just really happy that i can work different jobs and people trust me enough to do jobs for them. this is one of them! i’ve never really dont pet sitting this seriously. i was given house keys, given tasks to clean dog waste lol, feed birds and stray cats and even squirrels lol!

my old landlord is more like a family friend so they didnt give me much but im grateful no matter what. now i will update my resumes to include dog sitting and charge $50+ lol


monthly memories august 2022 | dog sitting!

by the way i only took care of 5 dogs, a bird, stray cats and even a squirrel LOL it was the first dog sitting job i have done and it was for a family friend so i will take it! but i will def charge way more for a job like this one. i also had help from my husband so, there’s that!

୨୧ werk werk werk : caregiving is fun? ୨୧

so i keep working as a caregiver on the side and i love it! reasons? great pay, few hours, you need pretty much no experience, and you can find great clients.

august: sleeping over my cousins!

lately i have been driving my husband from work at 4am! he gets out at 4:30 so sometimes when i decide to hang with my cousin i will just sleep over her house and drive to pick up my husband from her house. in august we decided we would hang out and watch CHANGE DAYS together! has anyone been watching? we are really obsessed with it. it’s just so much drama and im not sure why im into it. it’s just fun to see people dating because i don’t date and never did. it’s just crazy to watch dating life, im glad im not part of it. it all just seems so messy and not for me.


cute kitty reading magazine not my image | monthly memories august 2022

anyways, we ate chips pig out on our vegan food and gossip about our family. it is fun it’s funny that my cousin is like my bestie now! we are so similar and have the same exact sense of humor!

she’s thinking about getting a switch so eventually we can play animal crossing together too. we also drove to a korean market to buy some goodies! i bought a huge jar of kimchi and i cant wait to open and try it!

monthly memories august 2022 | vegan food i ate


  • sandwiches: i have been making my sandwiches using free pantry bread (origanally costco bread, one of my fav breads too), kimchi, lettuce or some type of greens, butter, mustard, i was using trader joes sauces i forgot the brand but dang it was so good!! and the chicken is a vegan brand that’s sold at costco although i havent seen them in a while! I also kind of got over it.. i always get over fatty vegan foods/processed vegan foods
  • curry / thai food from my new fav vegan thai place in chicago! i will most likely be going again in september and will dine in! they are giving free boba and its perfect timing for my bday
  • trader joes korean beef bulgogi! its the first picture… im absolutely obsessed. i eat it with herdez guac salsa and lettuce. yum… and yes i eat a whole box by myself … probably not healthy!
  • the chicken is also from the chicago thai place. its called golden chicken and they came in slices. next time i will be ordering the nuggets.. they’re so fn good!


monthly memories august 2022 vegan eats of august

by the way, as i mentioned earlier i slept over my cousins house and she wanted the vegan thai food again! she was craving it! she isn’t vegan but she will eat vegan foods every so often!


august: playing one of my fav games AGAIN, animal crossing pocket camp!

so i might have mentioned i started playing animal crossing new horizons. if you want to see more of my gaming life, my gaming insta is @imkikita i only recommend it for gamer geeks. i play apex and that’s the game that literally has me SCREAMING and swearing. but i started playing acnh to calm me down lol

then i started playing pocket camp because i saw my husband playing it again! so let me know if you play either so we can be friends! i will post more gaming stuff on that insta but geez i just do too much every day i always forget!

animal crossing pocket camp monthly memories august 2022

other days: income gigs and random stuff!

  • i sold 2 items on my redbubble account!
  • i sold items on a local app ($40 and $10 on another item that i got for free lol)
  • my microwave broke but i bought a huge lightly used one for $75 (after buying a new one at target for $70 and it was so tiny. no thank you)
  • my old landlord paid me for the dog sitting
  • i cant think of anything else but august was decent money wise

life goals and accomplishments:

(this section was inspired by Weird Louise’s monthly wrap up posts!)

last month’s goals that I achieved (or didn’t)!

1. eat less sugar go on losing weight journey

completely didnt work on this again lol

2. stretch, yoga, meditate

also ignored

3. grow blog and youtube

ignored as well



life goals and accomplishments for September:

eat less sugar,  stretch yoga and meditate, take more pics, have a nice bday, and post more on youtube

im going to try and eat less sugar again and oil, i liked that diet i was on back when i was in california so i will work on doing that diet so i can fit in my cute clothes for this bday month

these  are some other things i will do..

  • go on an amazing date for my bday!
  • research accounts to leave chase! (im thinking of capitalone since they dont charge if you dont have a daily min balance! i dont want the banks to have my money anymore!)
  • invest more in stocks maybe $20
  • take my baby to the vet she has acne on her chin!
  • buy stuff: werk shoes ($20-50), phone cases (iphone and my zflip $50), straw cleaners($10-30), car tint($50-100), haircut($30-40)
  • apply for food stamps again (i was getting $400 a month which helped a ton but they cut me off because i guess my husband makes too much? but no girl, he needs to pay me for driving him around!)
  • do taxes for oct! ( its that time again! i can’t believe i have to do this im so annoying, why is the u.s the most annoying place ever. im def going to try to do it for free but i doubt i will be able to)
  • pay off credit card
    • debt is 3k as of end of august


Monthly Favorites august 2022 (july and aug) | my blogging world

  • i have been growing more again on pinterest and im thinking of hiring someone to fix my site. it needs an upgrade! my theme was $2 and i edited it myself so there’s obviously some flaws here and there, especially for mobile users.

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Thanks for reading monthly memories august 2022! (july to aug)

so september is my bday month and i can’t believe we are already 9 months into this year… it went by so quick! i definitely have had a bit more fun this year than last year. i have been doing life as a wifey as an adult and alone too.. its interesting since most my life i have been my moms lackey lol! anyways how was your July and August! let me know below babes

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  • Don’t get down if you didn’t complete everything. Every month is a chance for a do-over. We are human and by no means perfect, so you’ll get there, and the mean time and in between time, enjoy life.

  • Awesome post and thanks for linking my post. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! All the vegan food looks so good, especially that sandwich and the Thai curry. Thai curry and rice is usually my go-to vegan meal. Good luck with your goals for next month!

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