monthly memories | january – april


Hello reader. It’s the 4th month into 2024! Today I’m sharing with you my monthly memories from the first 4 months of the year!

enjoy my monthly memories of APRIL 2024!

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monthly memories APRIL 2024


Posts from january to april:


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  2. coquette outfit ideas! – i shared some of my fav kind of outfits in the coquette fashion style (or at least what i consider coquette im not a fashion expert!)
  3. telling my bf about my skin condition and how you can too! – getting personal about my skin condition woo!! it took me forever to actually talk about this!
  4. 15 MORE deep questions to ask bae! – i asked my partner some questions that helps me get to know them more!
  5. how to make your room dreamy– i listed some ideas on how to make your house dreamy!

Blogger posts that I loved:

  1. can you actually feel it? – a relatable post by zaty rose!

January 2023

january 07: lots of thoughts on palestine!

i started the year with keeping in mind what is happening in Gaza, in occupied palestine, and all over occupied territories so much so that i started to fast every thursday (and fridays and sometimes daily) for the cause, for myself really just not to forget to talk about it online at least. i was inspired by people saying to fast/hunger strike for palestine and an amazing person i recently followed called


fasting for palestine awareness helps to remind me how grateful i am to have what i have, especially food. food is something everyone needs, but not everyone has access to and it’s really upsetting to me that there can be people who feed the homeless but some people hate on that action. like, why can’t we just share, when did we become so evil as a society where we believe everyone must work hard to be able to eat. some people do not have the time or luxury truly.

well anyways that’s what i was doing during the beginning of the 2024 year

do you condemn murdering children poster on wall gaza mexico sudan turtle island protest

january 21-28: global strike for palestine

one of the journalists in gaza who is a 27 year old named Bisan asked us to go on a strike and i did just that. I did go to work, but my job is basically to help someone who needs it, i don’t work for a company that doesn’t really need me.

So i went to work that week like usual, but i did no shopping whatsoever. Worked on changing my bank to one that doesn’t support the murder/war. I want to leave earth as pure as possible, i want to leave earth as kind as possible and if i can actually change that, i will do what i can to achieve that.

ceasefirenow free palestine times of gaza
i came across the video of this girl in the image, she explains that they ran her over, squeezing them in a tin style home they were in… i just saw the society of snow, about the Uruguayan rugby players who had to resort to eating the dead after their plane crashed, watching the movie just helped me imagine more clearly what this girl and her family went through, they are living in a movie and we just watch them…

february 2023: finally updating my youtube channel!


february was kinda boring, i didn’t do much i just worked… but I did upload 2 youtube videos!

I uploaded a realistic “week with me” which you can watch below:

then I uploaded my mexico travel video that i never posted because let’s be honest, im a super lazy “content creator” / blogger / vlogger. I’m not sorry for it anymore, there’s just some people who are good to themselves and their audience and I’m just not that girl pretty much!.. hopefully if I don’t have so many bills and have to focus on only work then I will be more consistent with content creation!

Anyways… enough ranting!

Here’s my mexico VLOG!

yes it does say watching twilight and shrek because we watched pretty much all of twilight and watched shrek too lol I also made my cousin watch hereditary! she screamed on a certain part, you guys know which one!


march 7th: my first baby “gender reveal”

so my brother is having a baby! I feel like I may have mentioned it already but I forget… anyways, I attended my brothers baby gender reveal party, it was a small and intimate event with just the close family. Me and my mom (since my other brother couldnt go he was working) and my brothers in laws, the sister in law and her husband and their new born baby Zoey!

It was so fun cute and sweet and I’m happy to say they are having a girl

୨୧ WERK WERK WERK: blogging and being a caregiver ୨୧

work is fun, it’s fine, it makes me happy sometimes because i can help someone who needs it. while working, im usually on social media, journaling, or creating something in some kind of way as long as i can quickly put whatever i’m doing down and help my client.

blogging is fun actually, and it’s fun finding out ways to make more and more money. i’ve been working on my notion account but i mostly used it for note taking, possibly might share my notion pages on youtube since its a popular trend!




here’s my tiktoks showing my food i’ve been eating!

tiktok vid 1:


another vegan food diary 😁 birria taco pizza 10/10 sauce 4/10 burrito 10/10 i frget what else but yeah thats the vegan junk food i love n enjoy. 😁 #vegandiary #fooddiary #fooddiaries #vegantiktok

♬ Aesthetic – Audiolist Productions





    • i liked the fried dumplings more, they were just tastier thats all! I give the whole order 4/5 stars because its just MEH i feel like i’ve had better sushi before. sweet potato is just sweet potato, it doesn’t have that jenny say quan!

★★★★★ SOUL VEGAN LUNCH BOXES (my fav snacks ever so they’re always a 5/5)

tiktok vid 2:

life goals/ accomplishments:

my goals were mostly to lose weight and save money but i also did other things, these are for the next few months!!!

be a healthy pilates girly and go on a whole food plant based diet again, become an amazing aunt, and post more on youtube

be a pilates girly bc i love the fits but also i just want to go back to my healthy ways and go on my whole food diet that i was on in 2020. i have been eating vegan junk food and it doesn’t do my body any good!

whole food plant based diet i want to go on this diet again to hopefully feel good and fit into a top for my brothers baby shower!

be an amazing aunt i want to be an amazing aunt and i think… so far so good I will update more on this in the next memories post!

post more on youtube because i noticed how much youtubers make so much money and for what? just being themselves and doing whatever they want? im in!

other things i want to do from may to the end of the year!

im going to try and eat less sugar again and oil, i liked that diet i was on back when i was in california so i will work on doing that diet so i can fit in my cute clothes for my bday month

these  are some other things i will do..

  • research accounts to leave bankofa and capone! (im thinking of capitalone since they dont charge if you dont have a daily min balance! i dont want the banks to have my money anymore!)
  • invest more in stocks maybe $20
  • be a better cat mother (i want to give them an amazing life!)

Songs I loved:

motto – kim jonghyeon (nu’est)

this has been my fav song for the start of the year! im really addicted to it


xg performance in china – girl gang song

i am in love with XG!

many songs by  girl group CSR

I’ve been so into these girls songs, well me and my husband actually have been obsessing over some of them.. here’s my favs

just like that and temperature and love fire by  psychic fever

this group and XG are my new favs for 2024!

Favorite Shows/ Movies:

magia record

madoka magica is my fav anime currently and i ended up watching their second season which is like a different universe in their world


wishing stairs korean movie

this movie was one of the scariest movies i’ve seen, it was so gross and the whole time i was creeped out and just felt so uneasy like when I watched the original JUON movies. This Korean movie is probably the scariest out of all the korean shows and movies i’ve seen. I really recommend it for anyone who likes old school horror.

blog goals/ accomplishments:

  • Reach 3 million monthly Pinterest views ✔
  • Reach 21k follows ✔
  • raise engagement on Pins ✔
  • finally reach 300 wordpress follows (hopefully by the next update i can complete this but also follows aren’t necessary i think what’s important is readers/commentors?)
  • get 5 comments on all blog posts regularly
  • reach 3000 monthly blog visitors (ive reached 2k views but i want visits because i think that means people engage with my posts)
  • 500 IG followers  (IG isn’t as important as my blog right now *excuses*)
  • 50-100 daily blog views (I did meet this goal *yay*, but not every single day)
  • Build my community of 1,000 true followers (I can def check this off by next year)



thanks for reading monthly memories of april 2024 goals

hope you all had a great new year and continue to grow into the best person you want to be and also have a great 2024! I also want to mention i’ve been working on my gaming content a bit so i stopped being active in the blogging world again. I just love doing multiple things at once dont i? ahhh well until next time!!

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  • I enjoyed reading your monthly memories! I’ll check out your YouTube too. 🙂

    I’m also an XG fan, my fave songs are Tippy Toes, SHOOTING STAR and PUPPET SHOW. I’ve been watching a lot of “dance in public” covers of PUPPET SHOW  in recent months! I also just discovered PSYCHIC FEVER and like Just Like Dat. I haven’t heard of MOTTO or anything by CSR. Thanks for sharing the videos.

    I watched Wishing Stairs a long time ago. I can’t remember all the details but I know it was creepy, lol. I’d like to watch more Korean horror again.

    Hope your May has been going well. 🙂


  • It sounds like you’ve been deeply engaged with important issues and also making strides in personal growth and goals. Keep up the good work!

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