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monthly favorites september 2021

Sept 28, 2021

Hello my friends. It’s finally October again. How have you all been so far this year? I can’t believe it’s that time of year again… all I can really feel and say is that I’m super happy that we have gotten through this messy year.. well maybe it’s a better year than last year, but this year was more of a struggle for me and it’s finally getting better and I see my life getting brighter! Let’s get started with my monthly favorites september 2021!  

This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. 



Monthly favorites September 2021

  The following section is where I’ll share my posts from the month.

Blog Posts from September

obviously I didn’t have many because I became active again really late in the month!

Catch up on my Monthly Favorites Posts: 2019: Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, I didn’t post until February 2020! 2020: Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep and I also stopped posting in September of last year… weird? 2021: August…. more to come!  

Favorite September Moments

The following are my favorite moments from the month.


monthly favorites september 2021 | cat life lovely cat lovers


the 1st: my husband returns!

My husband had made plans to come visit me for my bday earlier on in the year. It wasn’t actually set until later in August. I had made plans and written down ideas of what I wanted to do him. I ended up doing some of the things together, but this is how it went down, exactly:

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the 8th: pick up at the airport!

Okay.. This might be shocking, but I was so freaking nervous. First of all I was going to pick my husband up from the airport in my own car for the first time in my life. When we would meet up, I would normally take the train and subways. Now I have my own car and can easily just drive to the airport and pick him up which I honestly enjoyed. I was very nervous only because I had to drive with him next to me and I haven’t done that since back when we lived together in 2016-2017. I also had to pick him up from the airport and usually airports are busy and so stressful! Anyways I was able to pick him up fine and we went on our journey!  

the 9th – 16th: a week with my husband!

We had fun that’s for sure. I’m pretty sure we just stayed home for my bday and didn’t do much but play video games, make food, the usual couple thing!


The 15th: candyman in theaters

we saw candyman in the movie theaters and it was really crazy because we were on edibles wow.

The 16th: the lovely week ends

I had to say bye to my husband and I took him to the airport. Yeah, it sucked bigtime. We actually cried in the car. We took some time to just talk and hang out in my new whip and it was so nice. It makes me want to work harder so I can finally be an adult and live with him again!  

Read more about my week with my husband here! It was really cute and it might make you cringe


18th: job interview!

So I just did a job interview on zoom. I have never been so relieved! It was very simple and almost fun to do! The interviewer was very nice and it was great interviewing with her. I did get the job, the pay is awesome. There are some things I am hoping will go great and there’s some reasons why I still want to keep finding more options. Maybe I should keep this job for a few months since I have just started it and later on I can quit and just say I need to find a better company. For now, I will accept the job and do the orientation because the pay seems to be great. I want to get all that done so I can start getting to work and getting paid with them.  

20th: driving for doordash!

I started driving for doordash. I can honestly say it was fun and exciting! For someone like me who likes being alone and just listening to music, I thought it was great. I love driving, and I love listening to music while driving! I thought this was the perfect job for me. I definitely tried it and liked it starting off..


Finger prints, more DOORDASH

I went to get my fingerprints done for my new job. Afterwards, I decided to do some door dashing. It was pretty decent. I went to some mexican place on my way home, and that dash took me to someone’s house that’s literally right by my house. The pay was okay, but the person only tipped me $1! What.. thee.. f? Never again will I accept an order from someone in that area because I do not want to go back to that persons house for their $1 tip. Next, I went to Dunkin Donuts for lunch LOL I got my iced tea unsweetened with lemon.. I had a laugh with the lady because she sent me to the window because the guy behind me had a LOUD AF truch… like literally.. someone tell me why people gett basic trucks and then change the muffler to make it sound like a school bus. Anywayss, while waiting for my hash browns.. I got a DoorDash notification to go to Chili’s and to drop off the food in a cuter area that I have been wanted to doordash in. I accepted it. It was not a great idea. The Chili’s on the DD app said to park and wait for someone to bring the food out. I was literally a minute into having to pick it up, so I just called them and let them know I’m outside. They told me “you have to come in” I was like, okay even though the app says ya’ll come to give it to me? OK.

So now I know never to accept Chili’s orders.

Next I went to drop off the food so far away at an apartment. OMG, it was such a bad idea, but the problem was that I only looked at the price, not the miles. I ended up ignoring the miles. So I ended up driving far, with basically little pay because of the fact I didn’t see the distance. Oh well.

Next order was a Panda Express order.

I dropped it off literally a block away from my house! Doordash wasn’t letting me upload the photos, it was glitching. I was also tired since I was driving since 2pm for my fingerprints, so I just drove home (a block away lol). It was a nice afternoon of driving, even though I was getting hot and there was mostly traffic. I tracked my miles so it’s all good.

the 24th: zoom for work and vegan food with cuzzo!

So FINALLY I did something with my new job. They hired me the same day I did the phone interview. They told me that orientation would be every friday, so I didn’t have a job for a whole week. That’s why I took up other small jobs like doing stuff for upwork, and then door dash, instacart and more gigs. The process is strange because you get hired, but you have to do orientation and that takes place only on fridays, then they have to find me a client to work with. So I have been waiting to start working and making money for 2 weeks now. It’s worth it for me because I really want to do this job and I just can’t wait to start. Also, it just gives me lots of time to blog, do my other side jobs and youtube!   After the phone meeting I went out with my cousin!  

 DOORDASHING AND HAVING VEGAN FOOD WITH MY COUSIN!! monthly favorites september 2021   I prefer to door dash at night with someone because it’s a big help! I have been doordashing with my cousin just to play it safe and get some help. I am glad I did get help because the orders I got from door dash is NOT for your typical newbie driver. I had to pick up pizzas AND soups! Also drinks… can you imagine only me having to hold those drinks while driving and also using my phone’s GPS to drive to the locations? BIG NO NO. I will definitely be making a door dash post for beginners and writing a review because it’s something I wanted to know more about but there’s no way to do it right unless you actually try it and do a lot of research, but there’s not many blog posts sharing that kind of info. monthly favorites september 2021 vegan mexican food chicago Anyways, before we went to door dash around Chicago, we went out to eat at this vegan mexican place I love to go to. I really enjoy their TACOS. They are the best vegan tacos because they taste so much like the ones I would eat when I was a young meat eater. The Oaxacan tamales are the best tasting tamales ever. My cousins quesadilla was so disgusting. I’m not sure why it tasted and smelled so awfully. It was so strange. I never expected it to be like that. She did not eat it. She would probably rate the place a 0 but I really love my tacos so I will most likely still go here just for the items I like.  

the 28th: job update!

IN LAST MONTHS POST I WAS HOPING TO HAVE a job.. I DID GET 1 – BUT NOT THE ONE I APPLIED FOR.. I had to apply to many because I wanted many options. I did get many offers and call backs. I decided on one because the other one didn’t call me for my phone interview when they said they would. It was their loss. I ended up doing the interview with my second best option. The pay is amazing considering I have only worked $12 an hour jobs or less. I’m really excited to start. On this morning, my manager called me asking if I can be available for this woman that wants to work with me. I said yes to everything, I am available for 4 days a week to work with her and I think she will be the only person I work with. I have a feeling they will want me to work with someone else just to be full time, but I don’t want that at all. Just helping one person would be great and I will have time to do my other jobs like blogging, gaming, youtube, etc. I have a lot of income streams I want to work more on and to be able to be successful at them, I need to give my attention and work for it.

other days: income gigs and other random stuff!

I had worked for upwork this month and made some money for one small job! I also worked for doordash and made  $140! So far that’s all I really accomplished from my side gigs. Another thing I did was make a youtube video! I will link it below!    

Songs I loved in September:

I made this video… Yeah it’s kinda shit but I’m so proud of myself for doing it! I don’t have any experience making youtube videos I’m really just starting out and I want to edit more but let’s me honest, here I do not even know what software to use! It’s a struggle but I think for now I will stick to simple phone apps for editing.



THIS SONG IS ADDICTING The dance is so fun and it’s the type I will want to learn to workout to. The outfits for this comeback are really so futuristic and unique and out of this world. It’s definitely the type of fashion I will not be interested in at all, but I really like how they can pull it all off. I watched the MV with my husband. We were really speechless, it’s just very OUT THERE. I really didn’t care for the song at first, but it is really addicting and I can’t help but to sing and dance along to it randomly.  


honestly that’s all the music for this month because i was so fn busy with trying to make a freaking full time income hello!


Favorite Shows:


I’m fine, thank you and you?


  This show really got me more into Hyuna and Dawn and to see more of them. They are a cute couple and interesting and fun. These are other videos I’ve been watching (2) ♨핫클립♨[HD/ENG] 예쁜 사랑 중인 현아♥던(HyunA♥DAWN), 설렘 세포 자극하는 연애 스토리 공개! #아는형님 #JTBC봐야지 – YouTube (2) [HyunA&DAWN] ‘PING PONG’ MV Behind The Scenes – YouTube


Lil waynes story

So i have loved lil waynes songs since I was in middle school. Lot’s of his songs are fun and some are cool. When I was in high school and he was doing his rock stuff, I really appreciated him for being a rapper trying to branch out to different genres. It was cool. Anyways I really love watching celeb stories because sometimes we forget they are human!  

Paris Hiltons story!

I just recently saw this and I loved it. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before in a blog post.. I really recommend to watch it just because it might be empowering..



Alicia Navarro Unsolved cases!

I am always interested in knowing about unsolved cases. It’s really scary and confusing. Why do people go missing, where did they go, or were they kidnapped? Are they still alive? This is one of those cases. This story makes me very sad for this young girl and her mom.



Creepy Stalkers being caught!

I have been watching this stuff and it makes me so sad. Why does this happen. Why are not safe just having fun. Gotta be honest.. sometimes this is the reason why I dont go out alone anymore. Being a girl, it can be kind of scary and yup I have yet to go to defense classes.

Jelani Day missing case

Another story I have been watching and following is the case of Jelani Day. What is going on with this investigation? The reason I got into this story was because of tiktok. Everyone was talking about a random girl being hurt by her boyfriend. I was confused as to why this girl was all over the news, youtube, social media, etc. So I saw the story of Jelani Day because he needed some eyes on him too since he was also a MISSING PERSON. There’s so many missing people but it’s strange how some stories are picked up by media more than others.

  The thing that scares me about these stories is that we dont know much about what happened to these people. This can be me, or someone I know. I like to learn what is happening to these people because you can learn what to know so that you don’t go missing or just get some more knowledge on how to protect yourself. I don’t like these stories because they’re fun at all. Anyway’s I really hope that we can find out what happened to him.  


Like I said earlier, I went to go see candyman with my husband. I freaking loved it and will watch it over again and mention it again in my posts in the future!

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therapist react to films! Youtube

This youtube series was very addicting! They are so funny and knowledgeable. I really watched through so many of their episodes, my favorite ones are listed.  

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hyewons !youtube channel!

I really love hyewon! She has been my favorite idol since Produce 48 I’m glad I can watch more of her from her own youtube



Favorite’s from the Blogging World:

This is where I will share my goals related to my site/ working hehe.

Goals Met

nothing has really changed from last month. All I did was blog and take pictures for the blog. I def am working more on updating my pages and I think I will work on changing my blog theme soon. I’m still working on all of this. I have a lot of ideas in mind but to be honest, I can’t do anything I want without, you guessed it, MONEY. So in order to give my blog my full undivided attention, I need money to come in in order to live, to pay bills, to eat, etc. Like, wow, when did life get so … hard? has it always been this way? Probably. If you see an influx of blog posts with affilate links, you will know exactly why! At this point can I even say my blog is making me money? All i know is that it can 100% make me money because I’ve made it before, the thing is right now I can’t. The fact that I’m waiting for my job to call me and give me work to do is crazy, like babe, am I an employee or not? So that’s why I have started so many side gigs. Anyways the main one is definitely TWITCH / YOUTUBE. I do it every night but I need to work on making youtube videos that are fun. It’s just something that makes me happy. Having a blog makes me happy too, but it feels more like a hobby now and a hobby I can’t give any of my time to.  

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Thanks for reading Monthly Favorites september 2021 –

how was your september? what are your plans for next month? lmk!

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  • Really interesting recap! I’m glad you got to spend time with your husband even though it wasn’t a lot of time. The vegan food looked so delicious!

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