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May Monthly Favs 2019


We are halfway into 2019! 

— May was a bit crazy. I got a job, also started a new goal of getting an apartment and I’ve mostly been working these past few days, trying to get the hang of blogging and also getting ready for work and doing other life things… it’s getting there guys.

Has your year been going well? What can you do to make it better?

enjoy reading monthly favorites may 2019!

This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. 



Monthly favorites May 2019

Blog Posts:


Favorite May Moments:

The 10th: Blog Review by Khadija!

Khadija offers free services and in return you leave credit to her. I want to say thanks to her because she really gave me some insight on what I can do to make my blog look a lil more neat. Yes I have a lot more to do, but I’m grateful for the advice I was given. Thank you!


The 13th: First work orientation ever

I had my first ever orientation. Yes I was pretty scared and nervous but while there i was really excited.

It was kind of fun too. I met 2 other people who will be doing the same job as me.

Here’s a pic of my cute lunch bag my mom in law got me and also my reusable starbucks cup. If you’re gonna keep buying starbucks, I recommend getting this cause you get 10 cents off.

The 14th: Mom’s B-day

It was my moms bday and we didn’t do much. I was relaxing and blogging this day. Since I barely got a job, I spent a few bucks on clothes for work since I don’t really have any. She didn’t get gifts from me but later on I gave her some other gifts like taking her for lunch and giving her a essential oil diffuser.


The 18th: Monat Hair Products

I finally took advantage of buying Monat hair products from Lucy on instagram! The shampoo and conditioner I have are almost empty so I just need to finish those and then I can use my new products. I’m super excited to show you guys the before and after!



The 24th: Catch up with me!

Okay so I just wanted to share my few days at work. The first day, I kind of wanted to cry. I was pretty nervous and when I get nervous I act so nice to people so I was being super nice and goody 2 shoes lol

Day 1 at work:

A guy came up telling me he wanted to do something and since I’m new I was trying to understand how to do it. Anyway.. he got so mad at me for no reason and was getting loud and aggressive. It was the worst feeling because I didn’t feel like saying I was new because even though I’m new, you don’t yell at someone basically saying why do you not know what you’re doing.. and I was obviously getting shocked and speechless that I couldn’t even focus on what I was even helping him with.

He ended up calming down cause he realized he was being a complete a-hole. Anyways, I told myself that I will not let someone get aggressive with me next time or at least, I don’t know I will probably say well you don’t need to get aggressive?? IDK what would ya’ll say? That was literally my first day and this idiot who couldn’t even spell “resume” and was getting mad at me for just helping him smh. LOL.

Let’s forget about that jerk, later on in the day a lady actually called me an angel for helping her. It’s better to focus on the good things that happen to you instead of the bad things.

Day 3 at work:

I believe the second day was super slow since I work the afternoons. So let’s skip to the third day. This day was really busy since it was a morning shift. I believe a lady came in to do something so complicated and I never did it before, but anyways…

She was going to Mexico and had to come back for her husbands doc appointment and she said if she could find me she would bring me Mexican candy. No it’s not as creepy as it sounds LOL

Day 4 at work:

So this was the last day of work for the first week and it was pretty okay. This time I spent a lot of time with a guy who ended up asking me out for lunch. He was pretty much an old guy so I just took it as him saying thank you. I almost said no because I’m married but I didn’t wanna embarrass him so much so I just said my work doesn’t let me accept gifts.

Anyyways that was my first short week of work!

The 27th: Saving Money!

Well it looks like my bro got himself into some debt and doesn’t know how to save so i decided to save him some money! Not really, I just gave my mom a lot of change I had and we will help him pay off some debt. This is why moms need to stop treating their boys like the baby and feeding them and even making their daughters make food for them, that’s why you get mamas boys always saying ” I want a woman who can take care of me” LOL ok I’m just laughing on my own and ranting.


The 30th: Makeup!!

So now I got a new gig which is sell makeup that my mom’s friend gave me. I can keep what I want but I have to sell a lil to make a profit? Anyways I’m doing inventory now and seeing how much I have to make ahhh I hope it will work.


Songs I loved:

When We Were Us – Lovelyz

I love this song! Lovelyz never seems to dissapoint with their comebacks! I’m really loving Su-jeong’s short hair, Jisoo’s loveliness and Mijoo’s dancing!


Superhuman – NCT 127

I really like this MV because it’s so artistic so it makes it more fun to watch. This song just reminds me of Michael Jackson tbh and before you roll your eyes, just watch the dancing and listen to it, it will remind you of some old MJ songs and dances too.


We Must Love – OnF

This song is a bit old but it’s really good. I first saw a clip of the song on these youtube videos my husband and I saw on youtube and we were like “ok that one sounds good” but we never got around to looking it up lol



From Now – VeriVery

My husband and I liked their first bop they released in January and now they are back with this one! I love it, it’s so catchy!


Bon Bon Chocolat – Everglow

When I first heard this song I couldn’t get over it. I don’t remember if I included it in one of these Monthly Favs but here it is again lol It’s just so good and I love my girl Sihyeon.


Talk To Me – Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne Remix

This song is currently on the radio and the only reason I heard about it was all thanks to the radio and old cars that don’t have bluetooth LOL. I recently had to drive an older car and I couldn’t connect my phone and listen to the Kbops. It’s been a while since I heard new music I like from the radio. This one is really catchy I missed lil weezy lmfao.


The Fifth Season – Oh My Girl

My girls always make amazing songs that make you want to cry! This is that song that’s gonna probably be in an anime cause it’s so pretty and inspiring.


Different – Nu’est

Here’s a b-side by nuest I have been listening to so much! It’s such a good song for clubbing but also just to sing to because the opening is so pretty and I really love Ren’s part in this song. Hope you like these!

Favorite Shows:

Here’s what I watched in May!


New Girl

I finally finished New Girl!!! TBH I kind of teared up at the end lol. It’s a pretty good show. I honestly wanted Jess to end up with his teacher friend… but it doesn’t go down that way hunnies!!


Well I ended up watching this show only because I used to be obsessed with it around when it first started, but I stopped watching it I think because I didn’t care about TV anymore?

Anyways I have to roll my eyes sometimes cause it’s so dumb and annoying and racist at times, but I’m really only watching it for Amber, AKA Mae Whitman, she was in Scott Pilgrim… yeah I love her a bit.


I have been working so I can’t watch much lol but I have been watching Lovelyz Diary Season 6! That’s it, when I have time.


I will add my stats again when I actually try to work on them lol



Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites of May!

I know I didn’t write much, but I was so busy this month, I just settled with a new job, also I had a bunch of personal family problems. Anyways, life is fun isn’t it? LOL. Love you guys <3

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  • Hope you get your new apartment soon! & that was so cool that you got your blog reviewed. I didn’t even know there were services like that!

    I LOVE your lunchbox, it’s so freaking cute!! & I keep telling myself to get one of those reusable cups from Starbucks but keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder!!

    I am the same way when I’m nervous– I act super nice & like a complete goodie2shoes lol. I’m glad you had an angel of a customer to make up for that asshole of a man!

    How nice of you to help your brother with his debt. LOL to be honest, I could never date a mama’s boy! I hope your selling makeup works out. 🙂 Sounds like a great gig if you get to keep some!!

    • Thanks! I think I might get an apartment soon now that you mention it! Not too soon but sooner than I expected!
      The starbucks cup is cheap and I love it BUT I asked one employee and they think it’s ANY reusable cup. So im gonna have to double check cause I would prefer to buy a reusable cup that doesn’t have a straw cause theyre hard to clean. But yeah lets hope it’s any reusable cup you bring to starbucks!

      • Aw yay! I’m so happy for you. 😀 <3

        Ooooh, you’re so right about the straw being hard to clean. Hmm. I’ll look into other reusable cups 🙂

  • Just found your blog and I am having so much fun reading it!
    Congratulations on your job! Honestly even if it is tough in the beginning you’ll be so much stronger in the end of it all! Working can show you a really dark side to humanity because some people think they can treat staff badly and get away with it. Don’t let it ruin your day though because these people have nothing better to do other than be mean. You’re so much better than that.
    Also I LOVE how you put some music recommendations!

  • A new job can already be so nerve-wrecking but then there are these damn asses! Its alright though, keep on soldering on and I hope you get to a good and comfortable place at your job eventually! Good luck!

  • Congratulations on the new job! The first few days are always super daunting because you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing and where you’re meant to be, but it gets easier as time goes by! xx

  • Awesome post! Can’t wait to see your reviews on the hair products I want to buy some and if these are good I’ll get them.

  • I enjoyed reading your monthly update. Sorry to hear about your rude work colleague. 🙁 Hope work is going well otherwise. 🙂

    I like EVEGLOWs’s Bon Bon Chocolat too. I saw them perform it for several weeks on Simply K-pop (we get that on the TV channel Arirang in the UK) and every time it would stick in my head! lol. Thanks for the other K-pop songs you shared. I haven’t heard them all, so going to check them out. 🙂


    • Thank you!! It’s okay. it wasn’t a coworker but it was like a customer. Luckily I know how to set boundaries and will not let them yell at me next time lol
      Ahh I love that song and I would be watching it on TV too but I only have a smart TV, no cable hehe
      Thanks for commenting Zania <3

  • Congrats on your job! It’s a shame about the rude guy on your first day but at least you met some nice friendly people too 🙂 I hope it is still going well and have a wonderful month! Thanks for sharing your May favourites! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • I’m obsessed too I love the MV it’s so much fun to watch and the song is growing on me. Sometimes I don’t really care about the song too much but if the MV is good, usually the song will end up growing on me. lol THX for reading!

  • Work orientations are always so nerve wracking, I remember at one I was so worried because my company had the orientation at one place, so even if you were from store A, you had to do with the orientation with everyone from stores A-Z, and I had just to do the drug test and a guy who was getting hired from another store came in there like he just went through a binge, and I was praying not to have to do the orientation with that guy, and luckily I didn’t have too lol! Love the cute lunch bag.

    Sorry to hear about that jerk at work, sadly it always seems like there is one. I hope that you reported him to HR, there is never a reason for someone to do that to you. It’s good you had the nice lady who helped make that day better. What crazy is a lot of people are either jerks or extremely understanding of a new person. I always hope for more of the second. Getting proposals and date request are always a problem for most women I think, especially when they are unwelcomed. I always acted like I either didn’t understand the proposals or said it was against the rules of my job.

    Congrats on the new job and side job 🙂

    • TY Tiffany <3
      I don’t think I have to report to HR, at my work I feel like I need only report to my supervisor. It’s a very strange job honestly, well it’s a great job, I’m just still not sure when I can report a patron to my supervisor. It’s all up to be to decide when is the right time to not be okay with someone’s behavior lol
      Yes, I agree! Geez. I never go out and I used to work at a school with my coworkers all around me and no one really got the nerve to ask my out when it was too awkward to do that, I did get a student my age touch my shoulder (yuck) and now this guy asking me for lunch lol I’m glad I have an excuse about work though 🙂
      And thanks a lot, I’m excited for these lil jobs <3

  • Congrats again on your new job! It sucks that someone at work got wrongly angry at you. I mean you’re new so…. People should spend the time and patience to get you up to speed. There will always be mean people. Hope he won’t be a big issue going forward. Ok, I can relate to you about sisters having to take care of their brothers because I am here having to pay for his university tuition and this boy decided to go to an expensive school. Hope June will be a grat month for you!

    Nancy ♥

    • Thanks Nancy I agree. People can be so mean sometimes, for no reason! Cuz like, I’m helping him out FOR FREE. He seemed like the type who gets mad at anything tbh.
      Ahh honestly that sounds awful :/ I would hate that. What’s sad is both my brothers are older and have much more years work exp but this is really my second job ever and my mom still looks to me to help them get out of a rut, like geez they’re supposed to help me since theyre older and I only finished school LOL
      Thanks for reading nancy <3

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