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march 2019 memories and monthly favorites - vegan food, california, shingles at 23 lol

— Hello again my angels of the net..

Welcome to the 4th month of the year! 

How was your March?

If you don’t yet know, this is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. It’s a way for me to share more with my readers and to actually become more of a lifestyle blogger. Wee, let’s share some moments!

enjoy reading my march monthly favorites 2019

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Monthly favorites March 2019

Blog Posts:


Favorite March Moments:


The 3rd: Vegan Food Diary: Hot Dogs, Hot Chips and a bunch more

So the 3rd is my oldest brothers’ bday. Since I was in Cali, I did’t need to say anything to him or get him anything for his bday LOL. But me and my husband did enjoy some tasty vegan food and snacks on this day!


We ate Vegan Rob’s chips which are really close to being as good as the Hot Cheetos. My husband says they are better, but I’m a die-hard hot cheeto con limon lover.. it was very hard to go vegan cause of those babies.

Anyways, all month we were obsessed with these chips!

The icecream and pizza I will mention later in this post.

I decided to buy those vegan dogs you see in the pic above from Grocery Outlet and my my, they sure are worth the $1!

The 6th: Sad World, Shingles and… just spread love!

I was being emo pretty much all month because, one, I got the shingles (probably, I still didn’t get it checked from the doc). My husband told me I had to have gotten Chicken Pox as a kid to get shingles at my age, and I asked my mom and wouldn’t ya know, she said all three of her kids got Chicken Pox.

So, I did some diggin’ and learned that shingles can come back as an adult since it’s hiding in your spine until the vaccination wears out. It can come back through stress and yes, I was stressed and being emo during the beginning of the month. I assume I got this awful rash because of that and I was in pain, not even joking guys.

I’m glad I lived through it and will be able to go home and see a doctor so they can prepare me for the future so I don’t have to get shingles again! Read my caption on this instagram post to read more about that lol


Anyways, I ended up watching the show and movie 43 on Netflix.

It was a way to distract me from the rash/shingles I had and it worked. It’s very sad documentary, I will explain more down below in the movies/shows section of this post if you’re interested.

Kpop / Korean Scandal

Trigger warning, but if you haven’t yet heard, there’s a crazy operation going on in Korea involving government officials and even kpop idols and companies.

It’s awful what is going on there and police are in on it yet again, like in every country there’s corrupt cops.. I just wanna say that with all the negativity in the world, we gotta try to make ourselves happier and better people and spread love and light so others can follow in our footsteps.

I see people say “everyone is so mean, so I’m gonna be mean too”. Well I don’t want to be that way. Honestly it sounds cheesy but I want to be that positive person that passes by someone who is usually negative because I remember being that mean bitchy girl and having a girl pass by me and compliment me and it would instantly change me and make me want to be nicer.

I do like spreading positive vibes but I know I also spread news about injustice and negative crap, but… that’s just me. I want people who follow me to be aware too and not shut this crap off. Think about it, if it were you in the victims’ place, you would only wish for the world to hear you and try to help make a change.


The 14th: Working and NetWORKING

This day I was working hard on my blog and Twitter. I even made a new twitter for a group I made, but it’s not ready yet so maybe I’ll link it later?

I was responding to some emails about future collabs, commenting on bloggers sites’ and following new users. Wow I do a lot but it’s always messy. I wish I knew how to stick to my work schedule.



So I already, finally, did this recipe which you can read here!

We made lasagna this day and it was soooo good. Probably the best lasagna we have made and that I have ever had. Coming from me, a gal who can’t cook, and my husband who has always made the best foods for me.. im just so proud I can be a part of making this awesome tasty dish lol

vegan chorizo ricotta cheese lasagna by recipe

Random Vegan Food Diary

So I forgot which days we made these foods but here they are! (pictured below)

  1. I made this super good stir fry thing with the last vegan burger patty from Morning Star Farms. I added bell pepper, corn and cold mountain miso for some flavor. Also barbecue sauce and some lemon! I know it sounds crazy but it just works well together, trust me!
  2. Husband made these garlic breads with our gluten free bread we get from Grocery Outlet. It was so good and is a perfect late night snack, even though we shouldn’t be eating that so late.
  3. Alexander made the most delicious pasta! The cheese he makes always comes out perfect!
  4. I started making this breakfast scramble with the hot dogs and tofu. If you’re Mexican or Central AM you know what dish I’m trying to replicate. Alexander added the pineapples! 🙂



vegan food

The 15th: Whole Foods Pizza again, and bro in laws Bday

It was my bro in Law’s B-day Today! I actually also got my period on this day and me and my husband are so happy. I knew it was coming, but sometimes men just get worried when their gals period doesn’t come SMH. All I can say is he was being dramatic lol.

Anyways I worked early in the morning, did laundry, packed my suitcase a bit to not be so busy packing my last days in Cali.

Later on I played Apex Legends while Alexander played Smash Bros with his oldest brother and friends from Maryland.

It was fun being there with my husband while he’s playing on a different monitor next to me. I realized after playing Apex legends so much, that I kind of want to try being on Twitch and stream myself playing games. Is that the right way to say it? Maybe I sound like a newb but that’s okay lol.



This pizza was absolutely delicious! I’m not a fan of the Chorizo but oh my gosh, the bacon and pineapple is superb! They actually didn’t have bacon so they used Tempeh, which was so good I wish we had ordered the whole thing with Tempeh Bacon!


The 16th: Vegan Chocolate Brownie Ice-Cream and Vegan Rob’s Dragon Puffs

We went to the store today for some things for me and detergent, but like always when you shop, you end up going for more than what you planned.

We got chips — I decided this day I would try to get some of these Vegan Rob’s Dragon Puffs to take home with me cause they’re sooo cheap at the Grocery Outlet, and spoiler, I just took them on the car ride to the airport because I was too freaking nervous going into the Airport to even take anything else in my hands— anyways, I got that and also this AMAZING vegan ice-cream that ISN’T hagendaz!

 nada moo vegan icecream brownie fudge

It’s Nada Moo! Wow, if you follow me on social media you would have seen how much I obsessed over it!


Painted Lady Butterfly Massive Migration!

Also I didn’t take ANY pictures but these lady butterflies were migrating and it was so beautiful to see that. But here’s a video for ya’ll who aren’t in California. I’m from Chicago and honestly I’m so happy I got to witness this from this vacation I had.

Here’s a video of that from youtube:

The 19th: March, the month of being emo

TBH, this month has been so awful in terms of like personal life and mental health. At first I was fighting with bae and got so stressed that I got shingles, I mean I’m pretty sure that’s why it came out so suddenly.

Then I was just sad that I had to go home and Alexander was being mean too but more so because I had to leave, not cause we were mad at each other, we were just being negative!

So finally, a day before I leave, we cried, mostly him, because it’s scary to have to be apart again. This is why I don’t like visiting when I know I have to go back home.

Anyways, because of this month, I haven’t been on the net much. I have but not really in the blogging world commenting or really being here. Like, I’m here and reading some blog posts but not completely fully there, my mind was somewhere else LOL.

Just thinking of packing, cleaning, calling my doctor, figuring out if my friend is gonna meet up with me in Chicago and taxes. So I apologize but once I’m back home I plan to be catching up on posts and commenting back and everything I feel like I’m lacking in right now!

I have just been watching shows and gaming to calm down and love myself, #selfcare baby!!!!

The 22nd: Getting ready to go home

Today I blogged, cleaned more clothes. The morning was very sad, like, melancholy or something. I just took a longer nap and woke up at 11 am. Alexander was already back to sleep when I woke up. I folded his clothes which I don’t normally do, but I know when I just wanted to since it would be the last time maybe this year, lol.




We enjoyed this amazing vegan food from the lovely Sea Ranger Seafood Station!

I ordered bbq wings, although I really felt bad for not ordering the buffalo wings since we JUST ate bbq with fries my husband made earlier. Also the buffalo wings are the ones that come with vegan ranch so.. yeah i messed up. I also didn’t order the bacon cheese fries I was supposed to order. Wow, that was such a bummer.

Anyways, we still enjoyed this delicious fish sandwich, strawberry shake and poke bowl which was sooo freaking good. Also you can’t forget the vegan cheetos, thank you to the UK people LOL.

It was super awesome and fun, I love doing basic binch stuff like this with my husband Alexander.

The 23rd: bye to Cali and hubby!

Anyways, we spent the last few hours together just kissing randomly and playing Splatoon and Apex Legends on and off. We couldn’t fall asleep so we stayed up until it was 4:30am, which was when we had to head to the Airport.

Before that, we ate our fav Nada Moo vegan ice-cream and made some popcorn. We watched 2 episodes of Terrace House and then we finished the last episodes of Hi Score Girl, both on Netflix.

The ending of it was absolutely perfect and I’m so happy we watched it together before leaving!


Anyways, as I am writing this, it’s 4:30pm Chicago time and I’m waiting for my friend who I mentioned in my Versatile Blogger Award post, Joe! She was in New York for like a week and luckily I got a ticket to go home the same day she would go home, so we thought to meet up.

I get the worst anxiety when I have to go on a plane because I worry of being late, being charged for luggage and passing through security.

The thought of meeting up with a friend really calms my nerves, and she is an OLD friend from 7th or 8th grade, so I feel comfortable with her.

Meeting up and catching up with Joe!

I found Jocelyne by baggage claim and we said hi and off we went to the trains to get back home. It was decided that we would go to her moms house and from there my mom would get me.

We rode the train all through Chicago, and I was so lucky it wasn’t cold like it is today or yesterday. When I landed in Chicago, all I was wearing was a light sweater! Of course, maybe dragging my 55 lb. luggage was what was keeping me warm but still, I’m so happy it wasn’t freezing!

Once we got to town, we headed over to a local store to get some snacks since we were super hungry! I was too tired to sit at a restaurant and I knew if I said yes to a restaurant, I would regret it later.

Anyways, that all happened, we talked until her mom and family came home and I decided it was time to go home too since they were going to wake up early the next day.

My brother ended up picking me up and we talked about Apex Legends! Turns out, both of my brothers play that game! I wish they were both on PS4 then I could play with both of them but too bad, one of them uses Xbox!


The 24th: getting a new tv for the first time in my broke girl life!

So when I got home on the 23rd, I fell asleep after unpacking my stuff. I decided ever since watching the Marie Kondo show that I had to donate more! So I really didn’t want to sleep until I unpacked and put stuff into a donate and sell pile.

First thing my mom and I did the next morning was go shopping and we went to get a TV for myself! I ordered an LG tv and I only got it because it was really cute and white, you will see it later!

You know, I might as well add my affiliate links lol, If you want to buy it, it’s right here! LG LED Smart HDTV in White!

After ordering my TV, my mom and I walked over to the Sprint section in Best Buy.

Our phone lease ended but we decided to pay for the month of march because well I barely got back home so I needed service while in Cali.

We realized we did not want to continue paying for Sprint service since they charge so much for just 3 phones, that’s why contracts suck! Also, I freaking dropped my phone for the first time ever and it cracked!

They would be charging us $200+ for a bill of march and a bit more for my cracked screen.

Yeah, Sprint is a scam.


Getting The New Samsung 10+ with T-mobile and how I got a discount with my blog!


We moved to T-mobile the same day!

He asked if we have a business, I said, well I have a website! To our surprise, we were eligible for a sort of credit discount. My mom decided that she wanted those prepaid, or unlocked phones that are under $200. She got one for herself and one for her “step-daughter” and with my business/website, that money will be paid back to me. TBH we forgot to ask how that money would be returned to us lmfao, but at least I will get credit somehow.

Anyways, I decided to get the Galaxy 10 plus because they gave me a pretty good deal, point is, we desperately needed to get away from Sprint!

P.S the guy told me T-mobile was going to buy Sprint in the summer. I hope he’s not lying cause Sprint is really scamming people out of their money, just like us lol.


The 29th: Working part-time and wisdom teeth consultations

So I let my IG fam know that I decided that I will try finding more work or a part time job to pay my phone off myself and to save up money quicker to move out and do adult gal things.



Then I decided I would get myself a PS4 and a PC cause ya girl loves having more than one thing. I have a laptop, yes, but I love to use it only for blogging purposes and other basic things. I would like to get a PS4 to continue gaming with my husband while we are long distance, and I also decided to be a streamer on Twitch! For fun and for money purposes! The PC is for… I’m not sure yet LOL.

So yeah, all this can’t come to me through my blog, just yet! So that’s why I decided to look for a part time job or even freelancing on freelancing sites.

I also will continue working on my blog because I love it. If you don’t follow my instagram, I’ve been asking my followers if they want to write for my blog. If you’re interested in being an author, you can check out my Collab tab! Or email me at!

Also I’m selling my samsung galaxy s8 and my moms since we got our new phones already. I decided I will buy them from Sprint, unlock them and resell them because they are going to charge me anyway for the tiniest crack :/


Songs I loved:

Neon  – YUKIKA

I know this song has sampled the exact beat of that old Japanese bop, I think it’s called Plastic Love, but this girl is japanese so she has a pass.

Focus on Me  – Jus2

This music video and the song is just so amazing! It’s really unique and I think everyone can enjoy it.

The video already has 28m views, but I thought it would have less. I’m impressed!


Like it – CLC

I’ve been obsessed with CLC so much this year. This song is so good and I like it more than their Title track, which I mentioned in last months Monthly Favs.


*NOT KPOP, finally* Fake ID –  Kah-Lo

I only know this song thanks to my husband. I think he was watching an animated drawing on IG and this song was on the background of the animation. Honestly I thought it was Azealia Banks because it sounds JUST LIKE this song called 212. Look it up if you like this bop!


Enough –  SF9

This song is pretty good. I love SF9’s last bop too which was called Now or Never. If you like this, you might like that song too!


Favorite Shows:

So since I got the shingles a.k.a the worst thing that ever happened to me, I had a lot of time to watch TV to calm myself down.

Here’s what I watched:

My Cosmic Diary (watch here)

This is a show about a kpop girl group named WJSN, or Cosmic Girls.

Here’s the description from Youtube:

To all the fans all over the world! Kim Dukkhoo, who thought he was going to take a break from being a Dukkhoo(fan) since the end of Cosmic Girls’ last performance, Begins to write a new diary of Cosmic Girls as a fan. The charm of twelve Cosmic Girls, revealed with the lens of their biggest fan, Kim Dukkhoo! Reality show ‘Would You Like Girls (My Cosmic Diary)’ is dedicated to the fans, for your thirst for more!

WJSN Show (watch here)

Another show with the same girls from above! It’s about the girls from KPOP group WJSN. They have fun and do games and they’re just so cute and funny. I love watching them.


CLC in Seongdong-Gu (watch here)

This is a show about another Kpop Girl Group called CLC. I love them so much they’re so boring but relatable just like me lol


The 43 (watch on netflix)

There’s only 2 episodes but they’re filled with so much info. This is the description:

43 is a true story about 43 activist/farmer students who went missing. Many students from this particular school went to get buses since the government doesn’t provide them with any, so they could make it to an event to protest every year on October. Anyways, it’s been 5 years and those 43 people are still missing while 3 others (also more!) died at the hands of Mexican police/authorities. No one has been charged but it’s freaking obvious what happened.

Ayotzinapa, el paso de la tortuga (watch on netflix)

This title basically translates to the pace of a turtle. It’s saying it’s taking a long time for the Mexican authorities to do investigations on what happened to the 43 students. It saddens me that governments and people in power ALL OVER THE WORLD can get away with murder and crimes. What happened recently in Korea with the CCTV’s pisses me off too, also the doc about Madeline Mccan.

Anyways, here’s the description of this movie:

This documentary explores the disappearance of 43 university students in Mexico and seeks to bring justice and give voice to the victims and their families.

I know it’s not great to watch traumatizing crap that happens in the world, but I love to stay informed. That’s why I watch these kind of documentaries. I mean, I’m Mexican, I have to give a crap about my own people and I really care when any kind of injustice happens to innocent people just trying to survive.

Favorite’s from the Blogging World:

200+ follows on SOYVIRGO.COM and

K so I probably had 200 followers since the end of February but it’s okay to celebrate it now!

I’ve also gotten 230 Twitter followers and I’m so blessed!


Goals Met

Some goals I had recently were to collab with others and that’s what I did!

  • I interviewed Cynthia Juhailey which is an Artist from Florida. She’s really cool and I’m glad I got to do this.
  • I’m planning to collab with 2 other bloggers, and I’m excited for that!

Another goal is that I’m working on having writers on my blog! I never thought I could do this other than having guest bloggers, but this will actually be writers who can sign in and write a post! I’m really excited and hope to start this up this April!




So since this month I was being really emo because of leaving my husband and also I got shingles, I didn’t do much engaging on the net. My numbers didn’t grow much again, but I’m happy with the new connections I have made nonetheless!

Last month’s Stats: 408 Today’s Stats: 422
Goals for the end April: 530 followers 



I’m going to try my best to do better this month on social media, because, traffic!! And potential lifelong blogger friends 🙂

Last month’s Stats: 208 Today’s Stats: 230
Goals for April: 330 followers



My views went down a bit but went back up again. Sometimes… it be like that.

Goals to reach:  2.5m monthly views, 180k engagement


Guys I just checked and noticed I did much better this month on wordpress! My views and my visitors have been the highest this month! Congrats to you guys for checking out my site that’s a lot of work too lol.

My biggest referrers have been:

  • Pinterest
  • The WP reader
  • Search Engines
  • IG
  • FB
  • Twitter

I’m honestly shocked because I never ever log in to facebook, I just set up automatic sharing so my blog posts show up on there!

I guess I really have to work harder on Pinterest 🙂

Today’s Stats: 45 average daily views, 1,400+ monthly views, 208 WP followers
Goals to reach for the end of April: 50+ daily views, 2k monthly views!



Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites of March!

That’s it for from this month bbs. Just want you all to know that I am so grateful to have readers like you guys. I hope to become more connected with all of you because honestly, ya’ll are cool, not gonna lie. I felt so bad this month due to my back rash and leaving my husband/becoming long distance again. Let’s be honest though, I feel so freaking happy and like, not depressed or anything. Ya gal is motivated to succeed!! 

Let me know the highlights of your month!

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  • Mmmm all this vegan food looks amazing! I’d love to try the ice cream & dragon puffs.

    Playing video games with your husband on two different screens sounds like a blast! I would love to have a setup like that. & my boyfriend always plays Apex, too! That’d be cool if you started streaming on Twitch. 🙂

    You’re doing so good with your stats & goals, Kiki! Congratulations!

    • Me too. The ice cream and puffs are so cheap in cali but they don’t sell them in chicago for cheap/ I miss them so much! lol
      Thats cool! I’m glad to hear a few of my gal blogger friends say that, it motivates me to want to do it sooner!
      and thanks that makes me happy to hear 🙂

      • Really? That’s so weird because everything seems to be more expensive in Cali usually. I wonder if I can find the puffs & ice cream around here. 🙂

        I honestly don’t watch Twitch but my boyfriend does! It’d be cool if he came across you on there lol.


  • OMG, the vegan lasagna looks amazing, I’m going to have to try that out one day!!! Even though I love meat but I always find vegetarian food to be equally delicious (i don’t adopt that lifestyle due to the complete lack of options here in Singapore) and also I heard about the whole burning sun saga, and it terrifies me how corrupt that nation is!

    • Aww im glad it look sgood enough in the pictures for my meat eater friends 🙂 Yeah. It was so hard to go vegan at first because my area is full of meat lovers!!!
      Thanks for reading <3

  • Woahhh this is PACKED with info I love it. There’s so much food here I’m literally watering at the mouth omg, also yay to Focus !! I’m so impressed with the view count hehe I’m so happy & proud of them. Also so cool you managed to get a discount with your blog!! X

  • I love love love these monthly wrap up posts from you, I find them to be so insightful and interesting and also a great way for both your readers and you to have a summary of your blog in a month! x

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