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Welcome to July!

— In June I did very few things again lol I mean I work now so I’m gonna be even more of a hermit than before. I will hardly be going out again and chilling with friends, but that’s usual behavior, nothing new. Enjoy reading my June Monthly Favorites! 


This is a blog segment/series where I share what happened in the last month. 


june monthly favorites highlights

Monthly favorites June 2019

Blog Posts:


June Moments:

I changed this from Favorite Moments to just “June Moments” because not everything is a favorite lol, it’s more like a highlight.


The 5th: Vegan Snacks and …CATS

I visited my ex-landlord/family friend because I pick up my old mail from there. Since I move a lot I thought it would be a waste to change all my mail and even my ID’s to my current address. It’s like, I’m gonna move anyways, so…

Don’t worry this time I move I will most likely change it even though it’s something I don’t like to do, like I really have to update my mail to a new address, also get new ID’s,  and pay a price? LOL no thx

Anyways when I went to pick up my mail, I was invited to see the old stray cats that my landlord ended up taking in.

The kitties names are midnight and meow meow! If you follow on IG you might have heard of them. Meow Meow has a short tail and is a boy even though we thought he was a lady. or maybe it’s the other way around, I forget lol!

Midnight was such a loner with the cat colony in our street. He would want our food but the other cats, like meow meow, stole all the food.

It’s cute that they live together now. Meow Meow used to want to be pet all the time but now he doesn’t even care. He is just happy to be living in someones house.

Also, I got a whole foods vegan pizza afterwards. It was good!


The 20th: Staying home for another year!

So our landlord said that in 2 years she will raise the price of our rent. It’s gonna be 2 years in November but she told my mom that she will give us another year!

My guess is that we never bother her. She’s like our friend. Right now the fridge doesn’t work so great, the washer sucks and my brothers side of the house has a bathroom for him and his girlfriend, but the shower drain is clogged or something.

We don’t really ask for help but for this we need her to fix it. The house had mice but my mom had to get rid of them herself. When we go to the landlords, it looks like she deals with mice herself and she doesn’t care LOL

The reason we don’t move is because we don’t pay for any utilities so it’s like a win-win for our family and hers.

It’s a good thing because we will have another year so that my brother can pay off his car debt and raise his credit so he can get a house and my mom and him will probably live there, hopefully a 2 or 3 story place. I think I will want to live alone in Chicago with my husband by then.


The 24th: Work Catch up!

Everything at work has been great! There’s people who offer me money but I have to decline because I can’t accept tips, money gifts, etc. I’m not sure why, maybe the company I work for is just evil, no biggie.

Anyways there’s 2 people I help who I really don’t mind helping and who are also regulars. The rest can choke. JUST KIDDING. I really have no problems with anyone except the people who come in rarely or who I’ve never seen before so they treat me like crap cause they think they’re never gonna see me anymore. What asses. It sucks I have to help them again and they wanna be rude everytime like what do they want, no help?

I mean I can probably just tell the manager their an ass and they will tell them they can’t ask for my help anymore and that’s it, but, I don’t wanna have to do all that either.

The 25th: UGLY Supervisor

So this day… let’s just get to the point, my supervisor almost made me cry and i was shaking.

And im 100% okay now but like geez i was not expecting a douchebag of a supervisor. The truth is this program/ thing I do at work is always being updated I guess, so nothing is really clear for me or the other people who work in my position. So this supervisor comes to see me for around 2 hours and those 2 hours makes her assume the worst in me. Do I make sense? Like everyday is going great but these 2 hours she finds the smallest things to judge me on. She is soo picky. and it was just awful how she talks to me. It’s like I was being lectured by my mom at some points in our conversation and other times it’s like a high school girl giving me weird / judgy faces. In other words, what kind of a childish prick of a supervisor is that? She is also very childish and unprofessional.

I barely noticed the company I work for (staffin company) has 2 stars on google, but noone has complained about my specific supervisor, or the lady who interviewed and hired me.

Luckily I don’t feel the need to quit my job because I don’t ever see her! This was just a check in kind of meet because I just started working and she needs to come in and check up on me.

I was sooo stressed about that little lecture afterwards. When I got home I had to talk to my husband so I can cry a little and vent and he was so helpful ahhh I’m so glad I have someone to help me de-stress!


The 28th: Meet up with Alondra

So I met up with my buddy from High school! We met up earlier in the month but I didn’t take any pictures from that day oops. She didn’t either and we both felt that today we should because she actually has pictures of us from like 2012!

We should take more pictures of each other because we are the camera-shy type, but we also feel sad that we don’t have many pics from our past.

We talked about having a 10 year friend anniversary for next year lol I hope we can do something, maybe try weed together LOL I read it’s going to be legal here by 2020. She drinks and I don’t but I’ve had edibles before and she hasn’t so it’s something that could be fun to do together. I don’t know what else is fun to do because I’m not much of a party girl and neither is she, if you have any suggestions let me know!!!


The 29th: Selling makeup

I ended up selling $460 worth of the makeup omg it is so hard to be a seller when you got no friends! I went to some local hair salons and sold some to the makeup artists there.

Also, I sold some at the flea market. I hope to sell all of it as soon as possible to my moms friends daughters cause apparently teens are all over that makeup especially her daughters. They might be happy to know we will sell them for cheaper.

I’m probably going to use that money to buy my gaming set up so I can start streaming. I found an amazing deal on this app I use called offer up!


Let’s hope we can sell more though!


Songs I loved:

Breakthrough – Twice

I love this song! Lovelyz never seems to dissapoint with their comebacks! I’m really loving Su-jeong’s short hair, Jisoo’s loveliness and Mijoo’s dancing!


Hide and Seek – SF9

This is one of those B-sides that are usually better than the title track!



rpm – sf9

I like parts of this song but it could have been better. It has a fun drop and I like the singing a lot. The MV is okay but I heard someone say they look like they’re playing laser tag and I can’t get it out of my head now, it would have been cool if the theme were like motorsports or something lol


Breathe – Ab6ix

I used to not care about them but I might be okay with them now after I seen them supporting nuest lol I checked out this song and I actually like it. It’s really my style of kpop



Favorite Shows:

Here’s what I watched in June! I def was more into shows and watching TV than new music videos

First and Last

This is a jail reality show? It just shows life in jail for people getting into jail, not able to pay their bond and other drama.

Girls incarcerated

This is another show just like the last one and it’s okay. Some girls make me so mad. I mean I know all people are human even the ones in jail, but when it comes to hurting an innocent person, i have no heart for those people. Some of these girls, teens, like to beat strangers up for fun. It’s disgusting. Anyways, it’s good that their in this practice jail, i guess. It’s almost like their having a vacation sometimes lol

Parks and Rec

I started this show again! I first started to watch it when I had a TV. Now I have a TV but it’s only for netflix and youtube.

For a while I didn’t have a TV and all I would use is my laptop so I wasn’t too interested in regular TV anymore but now that I have a TV…. I’m watching… Tv lol (well not really, I’m using Netflix)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

I started watching this along with everyone else on the net who has netflix cause I started it without finishing it with my husband!!

Well, maybe we did finish it but that was back in like 2015…

I forget what we watched tbh and i want to refresh my memory.


TBH I am so close to finally having 50 daily views. That makes me so happy. I really need to work on making it to 100 daily views though, that’s my next goal!




Thanks for reading my Monthly Favorites June 2019!

This month is just so boring cause of work lol. My main focus is working because I’m saving up to move out and be with my husband and also buying the gaming set up. So I’m not really going out and having fun tbh other than, make money..

What are your monthly favorites from June? 


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  • I love when I heard stories about people taking in animals, it warms my heart <3. I personally am taking care of my twins two bunnies (and once she takes them back I want another bunny) but they hate cats or dogs, and I am not a big dog person but I still hate when they are mistreated. Someone dumped an unfed abused pup in my yard, and the neighbors took him in, then I think the same person dumped another dog at another neighbors house like two days later.

    Also, hooray for vegan pizza! 🙂

    It always sucks when the landlord doesn’t do what they are suppose to do. I can understand staying, sometimes the timing is off and it’s working at the moment. I actually live with my dad, because neither one of us like living alone and we are both really difficult to live with, but we know each other well enough not to get on each other’s nerves like other people would. I don’t see a big deal if you live with parents or family or whatever, it’s whatever works for yall. 🙂

    My last job didn’t allow us to accept tips either, so if a customer was insistent on it I would take it and put it in the donation bucket for the children’s hospital. Customers can be rude af though.

    That really sucks, if the company has a big turn around with employees she is probably one of the reasons while.

    It’s good you got to see your friend, and good job with selling the makeup 🙂 Also love Parks and Rec.

  • So sorry your supervisor seems like a massive dick, honestly some people can be so unbelievable !! “there’s 2 people I help who I really don’t mind helping and who are also regulars. The rest can choke.” made me laugh SO hard. & as always, seeing Kpop songs always makes my lil heart sing !! Great post as always xx

  • ugh, your supervisor sounds like a total prick.. that’s a misuse of power right there. It sounds like (aside from that) June was a good month though, so that’s lovely to hear 🙂 xx

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